Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing: Clear, Transparent, Smooth!!

In a little time, Lofree has made a good reputation in the industry. Not only mechanical keyboards and other computer peripherals, but the brand is also into artistic table gadgets such as table fans, atmospheric lamps, and more. We at Mechkeys bring you the entire catalog of computer peripherals being offered by Lofree, this includes mechanical keyboards and mice. Just a few weeks back, Lofree added a rather unique 65% mechanical keyboard to its collection, the Lofree 1%. Released at a price of 219$, the Lofree 1% is a premium 65% mechanical keyboard. What makes it unique is its special design, the entire keyboard is transparent. Right from the chassis to the keycaps and the switches, the entire keyboard is clear and transparent. Today, we have brought you an unboxing of the Lofree 1% mechanical keyboard, so without any further ado, let’s begin.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-1

About Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard:-

Each and every single product from Lofree is one of its kind in the market, but the 1% is something special. It has taken the 65% compact form factor to all-new heights with a seamless transparent design. The keyboard brings a unique experience with its fully transparent look and a bright white LED backlight. The keyboard boasts a 68-key layout, making your keyboard as compact as possible with the arrow keys. It uses Transparent Cherry MX Jelly Fish switches and supports dual connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth V5.1 and USB Type-C. Lofree 1% Transparent Mechanical Keyboard is a premium keyboard priced at 219$, you can check out more details on the keyboard here. We have also shared the unboxing on our Youtube channel, you can also check it out here.

Let’s Unbox The Beautiful Keyboard:-

Lofree shows full dedication in designing its products. Their package reflects that too. The latest 1% mechanical keyboard comes in a silver cardboard box with a small transparent slip-on cover. Every part of the package has got “To be the 1%” printed on to them. Inside the beautiful keyboard sits firmly in its place. Apart from the keyboard, there’s also some documentation like the user guide, warranty cards, etc are also there placed right under the keyboard. There’s also a USB Type-C connector cable placed at the bottom of the package. That’s all about the contents of the Lofree 1% keyboard.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-2

Package Contents:-

>The keyboard itself.

>USB Type-C connector cable.

>User guide.

>Warranty card.

Design & Build:-

Well, what can we say, the Lofree 1% has got an impressive build. It’s just spectacular to look at. You get transparent chassis, transparent keycaps, and transparent switches. At the bottom, there’s a black casing inside so that it doesn’t become completely see-through. The keycaps have bold printed legends. The keyboard has an angled build, it’s a little high on the top side making it ergonomic and comfortable to type on. At the back of the keyboard, we have feet that will allow us to adjust the height of the keyboard on the table. Alongside the feet, you also have two sliders, One for Bluetooth/Off/On functions, and the other with Windows or Mac system options. The keycaps here on the 1% look so beautiful, they are completely see-through. On the sides we again have the “To be 1%” printed, it also reads Designed by Lofree. There’s also a metallic plate with the Lofree logo at the center on the back of the keyboard. With its transparent design, we think we will have to take some extra care of the keyboard, but man it looks so worth it.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-3

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-4

The keyboard also has a white backlight that makes it easier to type in dark environments. Transparent keycaps allow the light to peep through beautifully. Lofree always design beautiful products, we loved unboxing their Lipstick and Milk Tea keyboards. The latest 1% Mechanical keyboard takes our belief in them to an all-new level. It’s just spectacular. Pretty sure we are going to add this to one of our systems at the office.

Connecting The 1%:-

1% keyboard has dual connection modes, Bluetooth and Wired Type-C. Bluetooth connection can be used to connect the keyboard to different devices including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS systems. For our testing, we have tested the device mostly with our windows PC and MacBooks. It worked flawlessly, typing was a breeze and showed no lag to us.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-5

Usage Experience:-

Lofree has equipped the 1% keyboard with the specially designed Kalih Jelly Fish switches. These have a red-switch-like linear and smooth feedback operation. The keyboard feels wonderful to type on. Each keystroke is linear and shows smooth feedback. It has a slightly thick sound, not sharp but a soft thick sound that is produced mainly with the impact on the switch’s base. Lofree has designed the keyboard well, it doesn’t wobble or vibrate even upon applying some extra force. The stabilizers are perfect and work flawlessly. It’s bliss to type on the 1% keyboard. The angled design on the keyboard makes typing on to it comfier. In our usage experience(of about 2-3 days), we didn’t notice the keyboard lag even a single bit. It performs quite well in both wired and wireless modes. The backlight offers seven different lightning effects which we can choose from.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard-6

Final Words:-

Lofree aims to create a unique experience with its products, and the 1% does the job pretty nicely. We loved using the 1% in our day-to-day tasks. It looks wonderful, while on the table, our visitors were also intrigued by the keyboard. Everybody simply liked it. Apart from stunning looks, the 1% keyboard also has a superb build, smooth operation, good backlight, and nice battery life. Would you like to know more about the 1%? Feel free to visit our website here. For any questions or queries, feel free to write to us at support@mechkeys.com.

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