• VGN Dragonfly F1 Series Mouse Review Roundup

    VGN Dragonfly F1 Series Mouse Review Roundup
    If you are in search of a new gaming mouse while on a budget, you have probably seen the VGN Dragonfly F1 pop up as one of the first recommendations on online forums, youtube reviews, and other peripheral enthusiast spaces – and for good reason! The VGN Dragonfly F1 Series is a lineup consisting of high quality, lightweight wireless mice with a single shape....
  • Waizowl OGM Cloud + 4K Dongle Review

    Waizowl OGM Cloud + 4K Dongle Review
     Author:esper_(community reviews)   UNBOXING The waizowl ogm cloud comes packaged in a nice thick box with a side door that slides out to access all the contents. It's similar packaging as the ninjutso sora and vgn dragonfly f1. There is a box that contains the 1k dongle, white cable, an extra large pair of skates, and matching red griptape. The 4k dongle, which is...
  • Zaopin Z1 PRO 3395 Mouse Review Roundup

    Zaopin Z1 PRO 3395 Mouse Review Roundup
    The Zaopin Z1 Pro, first introduced in Q2 2023, is one of the most popular Chinese-branded mice in the peripheral enthusiasts market, and one that caught the community by storm on release. It features a well-beloved oval style shape commonly referred to as an "egg" shape by enthusiasts, and sports a variety of color options to personalize and fit your setup. Some other key...
  • Fantech Helios II Pro 4KHz Reviews

    Fantech Helios II Pro 4KHz Reviews
    Author:esper_(community reviews) UNBOXING It's been a few years since I've used an s2, so I was pretty excited to try this out. The yellow base reminds me of the old yellow fk2. kinda makes me wonder how it would look if they commited to the yellow aesthetic and went with a yellow scrollwheel as well. Specs: Dimensions: 120x64x38.3mm Weight: 55g Switches: TTC Gold 100M Optical Encoder: F-switch Coating: UV...
  • Zaopin Z1 Pro Reviews

    Zaopin Z1 Pro Reviews
    Author:esper_(community reviews) UNBOXING The z1 pro comes packaged in a classy-looking black textured box, and the interior is organized in the same style as the darmoshark m3-s. It comes with a small drawstring pouch for the mouse, an extra pair of large skates, and 36 dot skates. The unboxing experience is very straight forward and simple. Specs: Dimensions: 110x62x38.5mm Weight: 46g (standard), 51g (500mAh version); solid/regular...
  • Darmoshark M3-S Varun Reviews

    Darmoshark M3-S Varun Reviews
    Author:esper_(community reviews) UNBOXING The darmoshark m3-s varun comes in very stylish packaging. In the box, it includes a 2khz compatible dongle, a regular dongle for 1khz, an extra smaller pair of skates, and grip tape. The regular dongle is in the storage compartment located on the bottom of the mouse, so don't forget to take that out. I almost left it in there after...
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