Nine Improvements That Make A Gaming Mice Better Choice!!

A computer mouse is one of the core input devices for any given system. Just like a keyboard, a mouse is required to easily give inputs and navigate anywhere on the screen and system. Whether you have a Windows device, a Mac system, or a Linux-based computer, you need a mouse to properly navigate and access different functions on your system. But when you watch gaming streams you notice they use different kind of mouse which look and feel like a regular mouse only but has many different functions and features. These mice are usually referred to as Gaming mice. Gaming mice are very similar to regular mice in many aspects, but they have many different specialized functions as well that make them stand apart from regular ones and also make them the preferred choice for gamers. Nowadays regular users also prefer using gaming mice simply because of these added features.

Today, with this blog, we are going to share a comparison between gaming and regular mouse. Let’s begin and later we will showcase some amazing new gaming mice as well.

Nine Improvements With Gaming Mice-1

High-Precision Optical Sensor:-

The primary difference that you get with a gaming mouse is a high-performance optical sensor. This helps the users with smoother, precise tracking and accurate aiming. A high-precision optical sensor is more reactive to movement. It captures even the slightest of your movement and responds accordingly on the screen. This helps in getting better accuracy control in games and ensures a better gaming experience for the users. A high-quality optical sensor usually has better tracking resolution, speed, and acceleration. A regular mouse usually has a DPI fixed at the 800-1000 range, but a gaming mouse offers more versatility with an adjustable DPI, exactly our next feature for a gaming mouse.

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Versatile Control with Adjustable DPI Settings:-

You can completely adjust your experience with a gaming mouse with the ability to adjustable DPI settings. DPI or Dots per Inch is the standard used to measure a mouse’s sensitivity. With an adjustable DPI, you can instantly adjust the speed with which the pointer moves on the screen with your mouse movement. It is highly useful to get a personalized experience. Some people prefer using slow tracking they can opt for lower DPI sensitivity, and others who prefer faster pointer movement speed, can opt for higher DPI ratings. On higher DPI settings, you see your pointer travel more space with a small movement of your mouse, and you can expect little movement with large movements on lower DPI settings. Usually in a high-end gaming mice as of now in 2023, they feature PAW3395 optical sensors or equivalent customized sensors that provide a wide DPI range of 400-26000DPI.

Nine Improvements With Gaming Mice-3

Along with DPI, some mice also allow for adjusting CPI(Sampling Per Inch), which again helps in adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse. There is no such setting possible in a regular mouse. Adjusting sensitivity gives full control over the performance of a user, so DPI and CPI adjustments are highly useful for gamers and also casual users.

Faster Response Time with a Faster Polling Rate:-

Gaming mice usually have faster response time and also have faster return rates known as polling rates. Traditional mice have a return rate of anywhere between 500Hz-1000Hz. But a gaming mouse packs a 1000hz polling rate as the default setting in most cases. Some premium high-speed mice also offer a polling rate of 4000hz or even 8000Hz. A faster return rate drastically improves their response time, a mouse with a 4000hz polling rate has a response time of 0.25ms only. They are smoother and ultra-responsive as well. A faster return rate and response time greatly reduce the input lag and latency issues usually faced by wireless mice.

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Better & Improved Comfort With Different Grip Styles:-

Gamers usually have different grip styles based on their personal preferences. Some like to grip the mouse using a claw grip, some use a fingertip grip, etc, Gaming mice are designed in such a manner to provide a comfortable grip for most of the different gripping styles. We can’t get such a comfortable experience with a regular mouse. Gaming mice also have anti-sweating grip patterns on the sides and sometimes on the back cover as well. Gaming mice ensure the user to get a more comfortable grip and usage experience.

Adjustable Weight:-

Again benefitting the user’s comfort, many gaming mice offer weight adjustment feature. The weight of a gaming mouse is very important. Everyone has their own preferences with their peripherals. They have metallic weights that users can add or remove as required. This allows the user again to have a comfortable experience. A light mouse will allow the user to flicker easily, and a heavy mouse is suitable for precise movements.

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RGB Lighting Elements:-

Most of the gaming mice feature dynamic looks with interesting RGB elements. These can be customized easily using different lighting effects and create a perfect gaming atmosphere. These look really amazing and match perfectly when you pair them with RGB keyboards.

Built-in Memory For Different User Profiles:-

Gaming mice offer built-in storage that allows the user to store different profiles based on users. Different RGB settings, DPI settings, and connection options can be set using dedicated driver software. Different users can save their personal profiles on the onboard storage. Users can set different settings based on different games and access them easily when required.

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Multiple Programmable Buttons:-

Usually a regular mouse houses two simple buttons(left/right) and a scroll wheel, but a gaming mouse usually have more buttons ranging anywhere from six to nine buttons. These extra buttons can be programmed to access different functions and settings on the go like DPI adjustment, forward/back function, RGB adjustment, etc.

Premium Quality Switches:-

Gaming Mice adopts high-performance premium mechanical like micro-motion switches. Brands usually associate with famous brands like Omron to develop micro-motion switches for their mouse. Apart from having long durability, these high-performance switches also have a satisfying clicking experience.

Nine Improvements With Gaming Mice-7

With all these features, a gaming mouse is a better choice not only for gaming but also as a mouse for day-to-day usage. The only con which you can notice against a regular mouse would be the price difference. A regular mouse is available from anywhere between 10 to 20$ but a gaming mouse will start at around 50$. Gaming mice tend to have a better user experience with better precision, better accuracy, and better control. Now, let’s go ahead and have a look at the current top sellers in the gaming mice category.

DELUX M800 Pro:-

If you are seeking an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse that has a high-speed optical sensor, the DELUX M800 Pro might fulfill your requirements that too at an affordable price tag. The mouse adopts the flagship PAW3395 optical sensor with adjustable DPI up to 26000 DPI. It also has three-mode connectivity that allows you to pair your mouse with three different connection modes including Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired modes. It weighs in at just 68 grams. M800 Pro also has an outstanding battery life to help you game for hours and hours with a single charge. DELUX M800 Pro is priced at 49.99$, you can check out more details here.

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G4M Pro is a fantastic gaming mouse from EDIFIER. It is equipped with a flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor that enables high-speed 650IPS tracking with adjustable DPI up to 26000DPI. It supports three-mode connections with Flash Speed 1ms ultra-low latency performance. The G4M Pro also has a dynamic design with multicolor RGB ambient light!! EDIFIER Hecate G4M Pro is available with us for just 69.99$, feel free to check more features and details here.

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MSI GM51 Wireless Mouse:-

MSI Clutch GM51 is an exciting new wireless mouse with a three-mode versatile gaming mouse designed with top-quality components for excellent performance. The mouse adopts a flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor enclosed in a beautifully designed lightweight chassis for a comfortable grip and accurate performance. It features a unique Diamond Light Side Strip design patented by MSI. MSI has equipped the GM51 with their in-house developed features including SwiftSpeed three-mode connection Technology, SmartShift accuracy technology, etc. MSI GM51 is a high-performance gaming mouse that greatly enhances your accuracy and tracking!! MSI GM51 is available for 115.99$, check out more details here.

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ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition:-

ROG and Aim Lab have come together to create the ultimate esports gaming mouse with ROG’s ultra-performance High-Speed AimPoint Optical Sensor. Be ahead of your competition with its outstanding resolution, fast acceleration, and precise aiming. It enables smooth operation with swift gliding on your mouse mat. With three-mode connectivity, the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse is widely compatible with multiple sources. The mouse features ROG’s in-house developed AImPoint Optical Sensor that offers full-resolution tracking with 100-36000 adjustable DPI, high-speed 650IPS tracking, and 50G acceleration. The mouse achieves industry-leading <1%CPI deviation for ultimate precision. It is available for 169.99$, more details can be checked here.

Nine Improvements With Gaming Mice-11

Final Words:-

These above-mentioned features make a gaming mouse an optimal choice for both gamers as well as casual users. The high-precision sensors not only benefit gamers but also help a regular user to get a precise tracking experience and a lot of customization options as well. We have also listed some of the current top-selling gaming mice which you can check out on our store. For any further questions or queries, you can write to us at

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