Our Guide On Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards!!

Mechanical Keyboards in the industry are available in different shapes and sizes. We get multiple options when we look for different layouts and switch options. But when it comes to different heights for keyboards, there are only two options mainly available in the market, Standard and Low-Profile. Standard Keyboards we have been using since the beginning of the time, they are of average height. But for the past few years, we have been getting some new keyboards with lower height, these are known as low-profile keyboards. Let’s dive into some more information about Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards today.

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What is a Low-Profile Keyboard?

As we stated above, a keyboard with a shorter height is considered to be a low-profile keyboard. These not only have a shorter chassis height but also have shorter switches and also have shorter keycaps that collectively lower the entire height of the keyboard. A low-profile keyboard has multiple benefits of its own that include, better ergonomics, slightly faster trigger response, comfortable typing experience, and more. Have you ever noticed the Magic keyboard available for MacBooks and other macOS devices? It’s a low-profile keyboard. Notice the amazingly low height and ergonomics of that keyboard. Not to mention, the typing experience on the keyboard is extremely comfortable mainly because your palm area will rest on the table as the height of a low-profile keyboard is very low you just don’t have to keep your hands in the air while typing.

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Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards Vs Standard Mechanical Keyboards:-

Now after we understand what a low-profile mechanical keyboard is, our main question is does it has any differences other than height compared to a standard mechanical keyboard? Well, the answer is yes, in order to achieve a low-profile design, multiple changes have to be done to the keyboard chassis. Here’s a list of the differences between a low-profile and a standard keyboard.

>They have specially designed shorter switches. Multiple brands including Kalih, Gateron, Cherry, and more all produce specially designed low-profile switches.

>Since the switches here are shorter in height, the trigger point or the actuation point with the switches used here is usually shorter than normal switches and hence a low-profile keyboard has a faster trigger response.

>Low-profile keyboards also have keycaps with a shorter length. These are also specifically chosen here to achieve a low profile.

>With their shorter profile, they are usually comfortable to use without using any palm rest.

>Faster trigger response makes these more an ideal choice for gaming and other day-to-day tasks.

>With their elegant ultra-slim design, low-profile keyboards are great for office use.

Now, these were all things in the favour of Low-profile keyboards. Now on to some things that are in the favour of a standard keyboard over low-profile ones.

>There are plenty of options to choose from when buying a regular-sized keyboard.

>Since these use standard height switches and keycaps, the replacements or upgrades are easy to find here. There are plenty of switches and keycaps we can buy from. For low-profile ones, our choices are limited.

>Hot-swappable design is a rare sight with Low-profile keyboards.

>Standard keyboards have more space available to implement gasket, silicone padding structures, and stabilizers. All of this helps to provide a precise typing experience with controlled acoustics.

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Some famous Low-Profile Keyboards Available Today:-

Keychron K7 B Ultra-Slim Keyboard:-

Price: 105$.

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Keychron is one of those manufacturers that offer us a crazy range of mechanical keyboards at pocket-friendly prices. Among their collection lies the K7 B Ultra-slim wireless low-profile keyboard. It’s a 68-key 65% keyboard that has a super slim design. The K7 here used Gateron Low-profile mechanical switches and has an ABS+Aluminum frame. Keychron K7 also happens to have a full-backlit design with an exciting RGB backlight. Keychron K7 is designed to use with both Windows and Mac systems straight out of the box. If you are looking for an ultra-slim low-profile keyboard in a rich Keychron finish, the K7 B Ultra-slim offers you crazy value for your money for just 105$, check out more details on our product page here.

DAREU EK868 Low-Profile BT5.1 Wireless Keyboard:-

Price: 59$.

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DAREU EK868 is an ultra-slim low-profile 65% mechanical keyboard that is available in multiple switch options. The keyboard uses short-length custom-developed switches with a stem length of just 3mm. It supports dual connection modes, Bluetooth V5.1, and Wired USB type-C. At one time, you can connect the DAREU EK868 to three Bluetooth devices and switch between them easily. It has a large in-built battery that will provide you with an extended battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge. With its thin and smooth design, DAREU has chosen shorter-length keycaps to provide an extremely comfortable typing experience. It Alsop allows you to adjust the height a bit with the help of magnetic suction scaffoldings. DAREU EK868 is available for just 59$, yes an amazing low-profile keyboard at a friendly price point. You can check out more details here.

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Final Words:-

Low-Profile Keyboards are designed keeping ultra-compact office spaces in mind. While saving up on deskspace, you also get faster response time and a comfortable typing experience so it’s a win-win situation for the users. Although the variety for both low-profile keyboards and their accessories is very limited in the market, this makes it difficult to switch entirely to low-profile keyboards, but surely they are an excellent addition to a keyboard enthusiast's collection and someone who is looking to get a comfortable keyboard for daily tasks. You can check out our collection of mechanical keyboards where we have everything from different layouts to standard and low-profile designs here. Be sure to check them out.

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