Our Top Recommendations For TKL Mechanical Keyboards: Under 200$ Price Bracket

Ten-Key Less mechanical keyboards are in huge demand in the market. Commonly known as TKL keyboards, These are an absolute favorite for both typing enthusiasts and gamers. With their compact 87-key layout housing everything except the Numeric Pad area, TKL Keyboards offer the best balance between usability and a compact form factor. Ten Key Less keyboards actually have the perfect functionality for gamers with arrow keys and for a casual user, they have an almost complete key structure with the alphanumeric keys, function row keys, Home cluster keys, etc. The only thing we don’t get in a TKL keyboard is just the numeric pad.

The market for TKL keyboards is ever-growing and it is super huge. We have got a huge collection of TKL mechanical keyboards available at different price points. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner keyboard enthusiast or an experienced mechanical keyboard user, one might easily get confused with the plenty of options available in the market. To ease your trouble, we have curated a list of our top recommendations for TKL users under the 200$ price range. We have tested hundreds of TKL keyboards, and these turn out to be our absolute favorites, so without wasting any more time let’s begin with the list.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL OPX

Corsair K70 OPX TKL:-


Corsair has always rocked our world with the outstanding quality of its computer peripherals. Just recently, Corsair launched an OPX optical switch variant for the famous K70 TKL keyboards. This is among our absolute favorite TKL keyboards in the market today specifically for their ultra-fast response time, super build, smooth mechanical switches, and excellent functionality. With high-speed Optical Switches, K70 TKL OPX takes you ahead of your competition while gaming. Even though the keyboard has per-key RGB lightning but you can turn it to a non-disturbing single color effect with the press of just a single button. Corsair K70 TKL OPX keyboard can save up to 50 user profile settings with its onboard storage. Not to mention the amazing Volume control roller and multimedia keys that just makes using the K70 TKL OPX a better choice!!


>High-speed OPX switches.

>AXON Hyper-Processing technology, ultra-fast response time, and polling rate.

>The backlight is just amazing.

>Volume roller.

>Multiple user profiles and settings.


>Designed specifically for gamers.

JamesDonkey RS4-1

JamesDonkey RS4:-

Price:- 99$.

Who said you have to shell out the full 200$ to experience high-quality mechanical keyboards. JamesDonkey RS4 delivers you exceptional performance with its premium Gateron pro switches, triple connection modes, multi-media volume knob, and extended battery life. The RS4 is a compact 87-key TKL keyboard designed for our day-to-day usage with high-quality components. It has high-quality aluminum alloy chassis that gives the keyboard a lightweight and robust aesthetics. On top of all this, you also get high-quality PBT keycaps. With the JamesDonkey RS4, experience a rich TKL keyboard at just 99$.


>Excellent linear and smooth feel with Gateron Pro Yellow2.0 mechanical switches.

>Triple connections(Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, Wired Type-C).

>Multi-media volume knob.

>Rob backlit design.

>Great battery backup.

>Crazy value for money.


>Only one color option is available.

Keychron Q3-1

Keychron Q3 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 174$.

How can any mechanical keyboard list be complete without adding a touch from Keychron. For the past few years, Keychron has come out to be a highly trusted computer peripheral brand specializing in mechanical keyboards. The Q3 from Keychron is a fully-assembled QMK keyboard with an 80% 87-key TKL layout. The main attractions of this keyboard are the CNC machined Aluminum body, double-gasket structure, OSA profile double-shot PBT keycaps, high-quality Gateron G Pro switches, hot-swappable PCB, etc. It’s one of the finest keyboards designed with high-quality components promising the users nothing else but an excellent experience everything they type onto it. If you are into TKL Mechanical keyboards, we suggest you do give a look at the amazing Keychron Q3 here.


>Excellent build quality.

>Premium Gateron Pro switches.

>Double-gasket build structure.

>Smoothly operation of pre-lubed switches.

>Hot-swappable PCB.


>looks quite simple.

>RGB effect should get more exposure.

Varmilo Warrior Soar 87-key keyboard

Varmilo Warrior Soar 87-key Keyboard:-

Price:- Starts at 162$.

Varmilo is a boutique brand for keyboards, Like seriously their keyboards literally have got the best designs in the industry. The Warrior Soar keyboards are their latest offering that they released in both full-sized 108-keys and compact 87-key TKL form factors. This special edition mechanical keyboard is designed in collaboration with BUGERWORK, the keyboard has a military-related theme. They have implemented war elements like Fighter planes, Propellers, etc. And that’s not the most interesting part of the Warrior Soar keyboard from Varmilo, the most attractive part is the image of a huge shark printed on the back cover of the keyboard.


>Beautiful Military Theme.

>Multiple mechanical switch options.

>Available with the latest TTC Speed Gold Switches.

>User experience with its unique design is just fantastic.


>Slightly on the heavier side(approx 2 kg).

>No wireless connectivity.

FL-Esports CMK87-SAM


Price:- 128$.

Available in five stunning color options and four different mechanical switch options, the amazing FL-Esports CMK87 SAM makes it to our list of recommended TKL mechanical keyboards. This triple connection keyboard uses a high-quality aluminum alloy frame that houses a hot-swappable PCB design. Keyboard enthusiasts can completely personalize the CMK97-SAM TKL keyboard to their own liking. CMK87-SAM mechanical keyboard boasts excellent performance with three-connection modes, premium Kalih Box and custom-developed switches, ISSP Silencing & Shock absorption sandwich cotton, bright RGB backlight, and several more advanced features. FL-Esports CMK87-SAM is an excellent keyboard for just 128$.


>Candy color looks so great that we have kept one in our collection.

>Premium build with Aluminum alloy frame.

>Hot-Swappable PCB design allows one to easily change the switches.

>Full RGB backlight design.

>Excellent battery life.


>It’s hard to find cons in this beautiful keyboard. Just looks so good.

DURGOD K320/K310

DURGOD BLUE K320/K310 White Light Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price:- 105$.

DURGOD Blue Taurus K320/K310 mechanical keyboards are simply amazing. They are available in a variety of switch options, the one mentioned here with the White Backlight design is a limited-edition corona series keyboard. DURGOD has crafted this keyboard with great excellence using high-quality PBT keycaps which feel pretty rich to touch and feel. It has a white-backlit design with multiple in-built lighting effects. The K320/K310 White Light Keyboard is a pretty good choice for people looking for a simple and elegant TKL mechanical keyboard. If you explore further, the K320/310 mechanical keyboards are also available in Cherry MX switches.


>Premium switches, the keys are soft to touch and faster in response.

>With PBT keycaps, the keys feel rich and premium.

>Integration with Zeus software.


>Single color white backlight.

>Looks super simple(some people can take this as a pro too).

Well, the choices were quite difficult to make, but the above-mentioned TKL Keyboards are among our top favorite ones in the given price range. The Corsair K70 OPX is an absolute delight to use while playing competitive games. It just creates the right atmosphere with each key backlight design and provides us with a super-fast trigger response. We can say similar things about the other mentioned keyboards, simply loved the Varmilo Warrior Soar, JamesDonkey RS4, DURGOD K320/310, Fl-Esports CMK-87SAM, and the list just goes on and on. If you are in the market looking for your next TKL keyboard, we suggest you have a brief look at our recommendations, we are pretty sure this will help you find the best one for you in minutes!! We at Mechkeys have a huge catalog of products that includes everything from Mechanical Keyboard to its accessories, be sure to check out our website www.mechkeys.com!!!

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