Top 65% Mechanical Keyboards: July 2022

For many keyboard enthusiasts, the 65% form factor hits the sweet spot between functionality and compactness with the arrow keys included. Actually many users, both enthusiasts, and casual users rely on arrow and navigational keys for day-to-day tasks. 65% brings the perfect balance for such users with its ultra-compact structure. The 65% form factor got so famous among the enthusiasts that many well-known brands have now started to launch 65% designs for their keyboards. Today in 2022, There are thousands of 65% mechanical keyboards to choose from, which actually creates confusion in the minds of the buyers. But to ease all the trouble, we are here. We at Mechkeys want to offer the best customer service where we can easily help you out for anything related to Mechanical Keyboards, Switches, Keycaps, etc. You can always write to us at for any questions or queries. For today, we have brought you this guide with the Top-Selling 65% mechanical keyboards in the market today. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 219$.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree 1% is not just a keyboard, it’s a piece of art designed with great precision and best quality components. This ultra-compact 68-key keyboard brings a completely transparent design. Lofree has crafted each and every single component on the keyboard with high-quality transparent components. The keycaps are transparent with bold, crisp legends, the switches are specially crafted in a transparent manner, and the entire chassis of the 1% Mechanical Keyboard from Lofree has a transparent look. The Lofree 1% mechanical keyboard is something which you will see nowhere else!! Lofree 1% is among our list of top-selling 65% mechanical keyboards!! Feel free to check out more details here.

AJAZZ AC067 Cheese-Themed Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 219$.

Ajazz AC067-1

What if we tell you there’s a mechanical keyboard with a Cheese-theme, it sounds exciting right. Well, meet the AC067 from AJAZZ, a 65% mechanical keyboard that features a striking Cheese theme. Actually, the design inspiration for this stunning keyboard comes from the love of Cheese for Jerry in Tom & Jerry. AJAZZ has used top-quality components to make this stunning keyboard remarkable with its premium finish and rich typing experience. AC067 from AJAZZ is a one of its kind of keyboard, be sure to check it out here.

Varmilo Minilo:-

Price: 139$.

Varmilo Minilo

Have you checked out this amazing keyboard yet? If not this should be on your checklist. Varmilo as a brand has got years of experience in designing exquisite mechanical keyboards. The latest Minilo is their take on the ultra-compact 65% mechanical keyboards. You get a unique experience with high-quality Varmilo custom mechanical switches, the soothing color tone of the chassis and the keycaps, etc. Varmilo Minilo has been launched in multiple variants starting at 139$. If you are looking for something mellow, soft-themed design with advanced modern features, Varmilo Minilo offers you the best quality at the best price!! Do check out the Varmilo Minilo here.

FL-Esports CMK68-SAM:-

Price: 99$.

FL-Esports CMK68 SAM

Who says good keyboards are always costly, grab the amazing FL-Esports CMK68-SAM, a nicely-designed 68-key 65% mechanical keyboard available in two attractive color options. One of the colors has a soft-mellow look while the other has a bold and charming theme. The keyboard adopts a high-quality ABS frame with metallic counterweight, premium dual-tone PBY keycaps, and many more advanced features. One can simply grab this well-organized keyboard for just 99$, feel free to check out more details here.

KBDFans TOFU65:-

Price: 339$.

KBDfans TOFU65

TOFU65 is a fully assembled high-end 65% mechanical keyboard from KBDFans. KBDFans TOFU65 offers full customization to the users, they can easily swap or replace any component and create a fully personalized experience with the keyboard. TOFU65 is among the top-level products designed with the best internal components for the best typing experience. It’s like a no-compromise keyboard designed for enthusiasts who want nothing but the best from their pre-built keyboards. Make sure you check this one out when you are in for a high-end keyboard, more details here.

Ducky One 3 Yellow SF:-

Price: 129$.

Ducky One 3 Yellow SF

Ducky is a leading name in the keyboard industry. They manufacture some of the best mechanical keyboards in the market. The One 3 Series has brought a bold Yellow themed design and the One 3 Yellow SF is their 65% variant designed with all advanced and modern features of the One 3 series. It packs Cherry MX switches along with highly-durable PBT keycaps and a full-RGB backlit design. Yellow 3 SF is one of its kind of keyboard with the best typing experience at a pocket-friendly price point. If you want a 65% keyboard with wired connectivity and a bold RGB backlight, One 3 Yellow SF is the one to consider. Check out more details here.

Shurikey Hanzo 65%:-

Price: 129$.

Shurikey Hanzo 65%

Feeling arcadish? Want something Retro-themed? Shurikey offers the amazing Hanzo 65% mechanical keyboard in three amazing color variants. Its retro-themed design elements include multi-function volume knobs that offer unique looks with this beautiful keyboard. Shurikey Hanzo uses custom Varmilo mechanical switches for smooth operation and better durability. It supports dual-connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Hanzo 65% brings a unique experience with its unique design, be sure to check out more details here.

Final Words:-

65% form factor has become famous among the users for its ultra-compact design and complete functionality. These are actually quite practical for both casual as well as professional users especially gamers with their included arrow/navigational keys. Above mentioned keyboards are the top-selling 65% keyboards that offer the perfect value both in terms of design as well as performance. We hope with this guide, you will be able to decide better for your next purchase. For any further assistance or queries, feel free to write to us at

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