Top Seven Gaming Mice With 8000Hz Polling Rate Support

With the rapid development in the tech industry, Gaming has grown quite extensively. Especially when we talk about competitive titles, the fast-paced world is at an all-time high now. There are countless events all-across the globe where the competition is at international level now. In such serious scenarios, the demand for high-performance gaming peripherals such as high-speed gaming mice, quick response Mechanical keyboards, has increased quite drastically. Brands have recognized this demands, and they are constantly working on making the tech faster and more accessible to the masses. A few years ago, Gaming Mice were limited to 1K or 1000Hz Polling rate only, fast forward to 2024 today, and we have an amazing collection of ultra-fast mouse with 8K or 8000Hz Polling Rate support. 8K polling rate offers ultimate performance with ultra-fast response suitable for hardcore gamers and esports enthusiasts alike. An 8K mouse responds to your PC at a staggering 8,000 times per second, It is about 8 times faster than a standard gaming mouse with a response time of as low as 0.125ms. At such fast-polling rate, you see almost instantaneous response with precise, silky smooth tracking performance. This results in better aim control, faster aiming, and instant trigger registration.

Currently in the market, 8K gaming mice are in high demands. Afterall, who doesn’t want super-fast performance that will obviously help you get better at your video game. So, we currently have a wave of choices for mice with 8K return rate support, today with this blog, we are going to cut through the clutter of choices and bring you the top gaming mice in the market with 8K wireless polling rate support. So, let’s begin and dive deeper into the blog finding your next perfect weapon of choice.

Incott GHERO 8K Wireless Mouse: Ultimate Performer!!

Price: Starts $49.99.

We recently launched the INCOTT Ghero 8K wireless gaming mouse on our webstore. This is an ultimate high-end gaming mouse at an affordable price. Featuring high-end PAW3395 sensor in a customized manner, the Incott Ghero offers a maximum sensitivity of 32000DPI. It has pixel-precise DPI adjustment allowing the user to adjust sensitivity in 50DPI intervals. It has full 8K wireless return rate support, do note that the 8K wireless receiver has to be bought separately. With its flagship PAW3395 sensor and 8K return rate, the INCOTT Ghero is one of the best gaming mice in the market today. Make sure you check this one out as your next purchase.


AULA SC680 8kHz Wireless Mouse: Powerful Performer With Lightweight Aesthetics!!

Price: $43.99.

AULA SC680 is a lightweight high-end wireless three-mode gaming mouse that packs the goodness of 8K Polling rate support. The 8000Hz return rate on the AULA SC680 ensures super-fast trigger response and silky-smooth tracking accuracy. It features a Broadcom KB3633 master control chipset that ensures stable connectivity and efficient power management. It comes equipped with a PAW3395 sensor that promises a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. AULA SC680 is crafted for enthusiasts and gamers who want pixel-precise accuracy along with lightning-fast response. Featuring Huanuo micro-movement switches, the left and right clicks on the SC680 are smooth and have a nice tactile feel to them. Aula SC680 is perfect for competitive gamers. With the SC680, you don’t have to purchase the 8K receiver separately, it comes as stock with the mouse.


DAREU A980 Pro/Pro Max: Futuristic Gaming Mice!!

Price: Starts $59.99.

Next up, we have this futuristic mouse from the house of DAREU, the A980 Pro and the A980 Pro Max. Both mice bring noticeable improvements over the A980 including three-mode connectivity, NearLink Wireless connectivity, Mg-Al buttons, 8K Return Rate, etc. They have a futuristic design with a TFT colorful display screen on the Pro Max model. The DAREU A98 Pro series boasts excellent build quality with top-level Mg-Al buttons, ergonomic design, and responsive Kailh Black Mamba GM8.0 mechanical switches. They have an extended battery life of up to 130 hours on the Pro Max model. The DAREU A980 Pro series support up to 8K polling rate featuring 8000Hz in wired mode and up to 4000Hz in wireless mode. These are our favorite mice models in this category!!

DAREU A980 Pro

RAPOO VT9 Air: Ultra-Lightweight Wireless Mouse!!

Price: $59.99.

As you might have guessed from the name, the RAPOO VT9 Air is one of the lightest 8K mice currently available in the market. RAPOO has equipped the mouse with a flagship customized PAW3398 sensor, a high-end version of the widely acclaimed PAW3395 sensor. It enables fast tracking with precise accuracy and silky-smooth performance with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. It supports a lightning-fast response time with 4000Hz wireless Polling Rate and 8000hz Wired Polling Rate. The VT9 Air mice adopt some of the top-quality features such as V+ Wireless gaming technology for stable connection, Omron micro-movement switches for satisfying clicked feedback, and much more.

Rapoo VT9 Air-1

ThundeRobot ML903 Nearlink: Ergonomically Comfy, Extremely Smooth Tracking!!

Price: $69.99.

THUNDEROBOT ML903 Nearlink is one of our favorite gaming mice in today’s market. It’s actually the first wireless gaming mouse to feature NearLink Wireless Technology. While it looks like any other 2.4GHz Wireless mouse, but it features a new NearLink chipset that offers super stable and ultra-fast wireless connectivity. The ML903 NearLink supports a 4K polling rate in wireless mode, and it supports an even faster 8000Hz Polling rate in wired mode. Featuring a PAW3395 flagship-level sensor, the ML903 NearLink has a super responsive configuration with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. So if you are looking for a fast, responsive gaming mouse, the THUNDEROBOT ML903 Nearlink is the perfect choice.


MACHENIKE L8 Pro: Excellent Performer, RGB Charging Dock!!

Price: $59.99.

MACHENIKE L8 Pro is a recently launched three-mode wireless gaming mouse. it supports a maximum of 8000Hz polling rate in wired connection mode and up to 2000hz polling rate in the wired connection mode. The L8 Pro comes equipped with top-quality hardware components like PAW3395 optical sensor providing a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, Realtek smart control chipset for signal stability and smooth user experience. The MACHENIKE L8 Pro has an outstanding battery life rating of up to 85 hours with a full charge. It comes with an RGB charging dock which can be used as a stand as well as a charging device for the mouse.  MACHENIKE L8 Pro offers exciting clicking feedback with an 8000hz lighting-fast polling rate in wired connectivity and ensures smooth and precise accuracy with the flagship PAW3395 sensor!!


DELUX M800 Pro: High-Speed 8K Mouse in Sassy Color Options!!

Price: $59.99.

DELUX recently introduced the M800 Pro, a high-end variant to its famous M800 model. The M800 Pro supports 8K polling rate in the wired connection mode and up to 2K polling rate in the wireless connection mode. It adopts flagship PAW3395 sensor for ultra-precise tracking accuracy and a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The M800 Pro features Huanuo micro-motion switches, the mouse also has glass-feet stickers for a smooth glide. The mouse is available in multiple color options, each looking dashing with a bright and vivid profile. DELUX has treated the M800 Pro mice with premium sub-UV coating for a rich and premium in-hand feel. DELUX M800 Pro promises quality performance with fast response time. It is a fantastic mouse for everyday gaming experience.

DELUX M800 Pro

Final Words:-

Well, this completes our list of top-performing gaming mice that support up to 8000Hz polling rate currently available in the market. With faster response time, you will notice faster and more responsive trigger function, and smoother tracking as well. 8K polling rate is not being featured in top-level products only, thankfully they don’t necessarily have to burn a hole in our pocket. If you have any questions related to the 8000Hz polling rate or any of the above mentioned mice models, Feel free to write to us at

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