2023 Top7 Gaming Mouse With 4K Return Rate: Unleash Great Precision With These Mice

In 2023, Technology related to PC Peripherals has shown immense improvements.  Professional Computing, Gaming, everything benefits with enhanced precision. Precise, accurate connectivity, fast response time, and instantaneous triggers are paramount in terms of premium performance for the input peripherals. As the technology is advancing, the demand for high-performance gear is increasing day by day. When it comes to PC Peripherals, Mechanical Keyboards, Gaming Mouse, both these categories have shown great advancements. From simple wired keyboards and mice, we now have versatile wireless gaming peripherals with RGB lighting and, a smooth typing/clicking experience. The latest in both categories is a faster response time in wireless connections. Many famous models today have excellent performance with pixel-perfect accuracy. There are many models with 4000Hz return rate support. In today’s blog, we are going to showcase some of our favourite models in the Gaming Mice category that bring us unparalleled performance with fast 4K return rate support. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin with our today’s blog. Let’s understand what is 4000Hz return rate first.

What do we mean by 4000Hz/4K Return Rate Support?

Every input device, whether it be a mouse or a keyboard or anything else, will have a return rate or polling rate of the said input device. This return rate basically tells us the frequency at which the said device communicates with the computer and reports its position. A gaming mouse with 4000hz or 4K return rate support reports its position about 4000 times per second to the computer. The standard polling rate for a regular mouse or keyboard is usually between 125Hz to 1000hz. The new-generation mice bring us revolutionary performance with a maximum return rate of up to 4000Hz or 4K. With high return rate, like 4000Hz in current premium mice, results in a more responsive, more accurate input. Clicks are also registered faster, and scrolling is also smoother.


For gaming mice and keyboards in 2024, 4K has become kind of a standard thing now. Most new premium-level releases bring high return rates, particularly benefitting the users with reduced input lag, faster trigger response, and highly precise input tracking. The faster return rate has allowed us to unlock new potentials in terms of performance with the input devices. We hope you have now understood the importance of faster response time in input devices. For gamers especially, gaming mice with a 4K return rate can bring noticeable improvements in the user’s performance. Let’s explore our Top-Seven gaming mice that are now available in January 2024 with fast 4000hz return rate support. For any further assistance on this topic, you can also ask any questions or queries at support@mechkeys.com.

Let’s explore our top-favourite gaming mice with 4000hz return rate support that you can grab today. We have listed our top seven models from different brands, we hope you like this list.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro: Blissful Performance, Comfortable Design!!

Price: $46.99.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is our absolutely favourite flagship-level gaming mouse that comes loaded with features but goes easy on the pocket. The Z1 Pro features an original phase PAW3395 sensor for precise tracking, a 4K return rate for ultra-smooth tracking and fast overall performance, and we also have NORDIC 52840 as the main core chipset for efficient performance. ZAOPIN Z1 Pro offers best-in-class performance, the return rate is perfect, the tracking is highly accurate and the trigger response is fantastic as well. It has a symmetrical design for easy and comfortable grip and weighs in at just 46 grams making it one of the lightest premium gaming mice that you can purchase today. ZAOPIN Z1 Pro grabs a place in our top recommendations with its amazing performance.


MCHOSE A5 Series: Something For Everyone!!

Price: Starts at $39.99.

MCHOSE A5 series offers three mice with feather-like lightweight design and dual-mode/three-mode connectivity options. The series adopts a PAW3395 original phase sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The A5 Pro and A5 Pro Max, Premium models in the series come equipped with a NORDIC high-efficiency chipset that enables 4K return rate support on them. The 4K receiver has to be bought separately available for just $12.99. MCHOSE A5 series offers something for everyone, the three models cover different sets of features and will appeal to both gamers who want precise and accurate performance and office users who just want a silky smooth and precise tracking device.


VGN Dragonfly F1 Series: Great Elegance Brings Great Performance!!

Price: Starts at $39.99.

VGN Dragonfly F1 is a top-seller in its category. We love this mouse for its sweet, elegant form factor, and excellent performance. The F1 series actually has multiple options, one standard variant for 39.99$ and others starting at 49.99$ for the 4K support. The 4K return rate is supported by the F1 Pro and the F1 Pro Max. They use the in-house developed SmartSpeed Wireless Technology. Both of them feature Nordic high-performance and high-efficiency core processors. VGN has equipped them with a PAW3395 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. Other features of the mouse include Dual-mode connectivity(Wireless 2.4GHz, Type-C), premium Kailh GE8.0 switches, comfortable grip, lightweight design, etc. The 4K receiver has to be bought separately. It is available for $12.99 and supports both F1 Pro and F1 Pro Max mice bringing out their full potential with maximum return rate. If you are looking for a simple mouse and want it with the best loaded features, VGN Dragonfly F1 Pro Max should not be missed!!

VGN Dragonfly F1-1

WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K: Superb Accuracy, Silky Smooth Tracking!!

Price: $99.99.

Get an impressive gaming performance boost with the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K gaming mouse. This amazing mouse features an ultra-lightweight design, WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed Technology, Up to 4K return rate support, Excellent low-latency, lag-free connectivity, a special competitive mode for enhanced performance, and many more features. WAIZOWL Cloud 4K has got stunning finish with a delicate skin-like texture, the grip on the mouse is super comfortable and super satisfying. The mouse adopts a NORDIC 52840 core chipset for efficient performance and customized PAW3395 sensor promising a silky-smooth and highly accurate tracking. The 4K return rate enables excellent tracking accuracy and also enhances the trigger response time, making the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud a great choice for everyday users!!


FANTECH HELIOS II Pro XD3 V3: Comes with 4K Receiver!!

Price: $99.99.

FANTECH HELIOS II Pro XD3 V3 is the ultimate mouse that packs great performance in a simple and elegant design. The mouse comes equipped with a top-quality internal setup featuring a PAW3395 sensor, NORDIC core chipset, 5 Macro Buttons, etc. The mouse is available in two colour options with an asymmetrical design for great comfort. It has an ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at just 55 grams. The HELIOS II Pro XD3 V3 gaming mouse already comes with a 4K receiver so there’s no need to buy a separate one.


AJAZZ AJ139 Pro 4K Dual-Mode Mouse: Easy Connectivity, Ultimate Performance!!

Price: $55.99.

AJAZZ AJ139 Pro 4K brings you excellent performance with easy dual-mode connectivity and a comfortable lightweight design. The mouse has a sleek form factor, and the grip on the mouse is going to be firm and comfortable. With the help of a NORDIC 52840 chipset, PAW3395 sensor, and 4K receiver, the AJAZZ AJ139 Pro 4K offers silky smooth tracking, deadly accuracy, fast return rate, stable, lag-free connectivity, and many more features. Its sleek build makes it a great choice for everyday use. AJAZZ has also equipped the mouse with a high-capacity battery that provides exceptionally solid backup with every full charge!! The AJAZZ AJ139 Pro 4K is among our top-favorite mice with 4K return rate support!!

AJAZZ AJ139 Pro 4K-1

IRONCAT HPC01M/HPC01M Pro: Premium Performance & Hot-Swappable Buttons!!

Price: Starts at $79.99.

IRONCAT HPC01M Pro is one of the most unique mice we have offered so far in this blog. Along with the amazing 4K return rate support, the mouse also has hot-swappable buttons. Users can replace the left and right micro-motion switches and enjoy different clicking styles on the mouse. It comes available in four stunning and eye-catching colour options. With a PAW3395 sensor and Nordic chipset, the HPC01M Pro offers a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI and a maximum return rate of 4000Hz. Both combined offer excellent performance for the users. Its unique hot-swappable function makes the HPC01M Pro a different and one of the best offerings with a 4K return rate!! The HPC01M Pro supports dual-mode connectivity for easy connection with different devices. It’s a mouse that fits every system perfectly!!


Final Words:-

This completes our list of top seven mouse with 4000hz return rate support. Not only for mouse but also for keyboards, 4K is the future of the technology in wireless connectivity. With exclusive 4000Hz return rate, the performance of the said gear show immense improvements. They not only offer faster trigger response, but also have stable and lag-free connectivity with the computers. We hope this guide helps you in understanding the concept of 4000Hz return rate, for any further assistance, you can write to us at support@mechkeys.com.

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