Upgrade Your Setup with New Magnetic Switches Keyboard: 2023 Top Six Keyboards with Magnetic Switches

Are you a keyboard enthusiast? Do you love exploring different types of mechanical switches out there? or simply upgrade your setup once in a while with different mechanical switches, or simply love exploring the different kinds of switches that are available in the market today? Well, for you especially, the latest trend in the industry is Magnetic Switches. Yes, the Mechanical Switches are getting evolved into something new, something impressive, and something unique. Magnetic Switches can be considered as an evolved version of the traditional mechanical switches. Instead of a physical mechanism to register a keystroke like in normal mechanical switches, the new-generation magnetic switches use a magnet that is suspended in a coil to register our keystrokes. When a key is pressed, the magnet moves closer to the coil, inducing a current and hence registering a keystroke. Since there is no physical triggering movement, Magnetic Switches can be super silent, silky smooth, and impressive in terms of linear feedback.

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There are many benefits of using a magnetic switch in your keyboard, for starters, the movement of Magnetic Switches is smoother, they can be super quiet, and they offer faster response time as well. If you are a gamer, you are going to love the blazing fast response time of magnetic switches, if you are a writer, you are going to love the silky smooth feel of the magnetic switches, and if you are someone who is just looking for a upgrade to match the current technology, you definitely should look forward for the magnetic switches. Another key feature of these new magnetic switches is their multiple operation modes. Mainly, Users can adjust the trigger point of these switches between a given range(that can be anywhere between the shaft movement). We should also not forget about the Rapid Trigger function that allows for multiple functions to be assigned on a single keystroke. All these functions are easily accessible using the driver software associated with your respective magnetic switch manufacturer or keyboard manufacturer. Not many options are available for aftermarket magnetic switches only, but with this guide today, we are going to share our list of the top six keyboards in the market that come with these new Magnetic Switches as stock.

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Magnetic Switches are the future of the Keyboard Industry, their customizability allows different users to adapt to them easily and get their own personalized experience with their keyboards. Their silky smooth movement also makes them a fantastic choice for everyday setup. Let’s move ahead and discuss the top six keyboards that you can get today and enjoy typing with the all-new Magnetic Switches!!

AKKO MOD007B-HE PC: When Tech Meets Elegance!!

Price: $149.99

The recently launched AKKO MOD007B-HE PC mechanical keyboard is available with the all-new Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches. They offer a silky-smooth typing experience for the users with dynamic keystroke function. The customized magnetic switches available on the MOD007B-HE PC can be programmed into four operations with a single keystroke depending upon how long you press it. Lightly pressing the key will trigger function 1, pressing deeper triggers function 2, and lifting the key up will also have two-stage button settings. Their trigger point can be adjusted from anywhere between 0.1mm to 4.0mm, allowing you full control of the feedback while typing. The key features for the MOD007B HE PC keyboard include convenient three-mode connectivity, RGB backlight, a multi-function knob, and not to mention two stunning design options. Get the AKKO MOD007B-HE PC for just $149.99.

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REDRAGON M61: Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Precise!!

Price: $89.99

Up next in our list is an ultra-compact keyboard with wired connectivity, the REDRAGON M61. This is probably the fastest keyboard with a maximum return rate of 8000Hz providing an astonishing response time of just 0.125ms. Combined with the goodness of newly developed Hall Magnetic Switches, the REDRAGON M61 offers an adjustable and an amazing typing feedback. The custom magnetic switches here on the M61 has a silky-smooth linear actuation and an adjustable trigger window of 0.1mm to 4.0mm. REDRAGON M61 keyboard is designed especially for faster performance and ultra-compact builds.

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VXE ATK68: Neat Build, Excellent Performer!!

Price: $115.99

The ATK68 from VXE(a sister brand to VGN), is a compact 65% keyboard with Gateron Premium Magnetic Switches. The keyboard actually adopts second gen Gateron switches with a transparent top-cover, POM material axis core offering a silky-smooth typing feedback. The trigger point on the Gateron second-gen magnetic switches is also adjustable between 0.1mm to 4.0mm range. Users can precisely adjust their performance with a 40-level adjustable sensitivity setup on these switches on the VXE ATK68. They also have global Rapid Trigger support. VXE has crafted the ATK68 as an excellent product. It adopts aluminum alloy top-cover, OEM height PBT keycaps, RGB backlight, Super-Speed Low-Latency wired connectivity, etc. VXE ATK68 is one of our favorite recommendations from this list, do check it out!!

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AKKO MOD007B-HE: Dynamic Keystrokes with New-Gen Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $249.99

Another model from AKKO, the MOD007B-HE is a compact 75% keyboard with versatile Magnetic switches. The MOD007B-HE supports adjustable trigger response with customized Yellow Magnetic Mechanical Switches. Users can adjust the trigger response with rapid trigger and Dynamic keystroke modes, Rapid trigger provides a fast trigger by light trigger force while the DKS mode enables four different functions on a single keystroke. It’s highly useful and greatly enhances your experience when used properly. Rapid Trigger enables you to have a faster trigger response by just lifting your finger a bit and then pressing the button again and you can repeat the process. DKS mode enables a maximum of four functions on a single keystroke. Users can program two different functions upon pressing the keys, one function on light pressing, and another on hard pressing. Similarly releasing the button also has two stages for programming. A fully versatile typing experience awaits you with the AKKO MOD007B-HE keyboard!!

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Monsgeek M1 HE: Side-Engraved PBT Keycaps, Silky Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $189.99

The Monsgeek M1 HE brings magnetic switches to the highly acclaimed Monsgeek M1 series of keyboards. It is a compact 75% keyboard with 82-key arrangement. It has been crafted using high-quality 6-series aluminum alloy material. The M1 HE adopts Cream Yellow Magnetic switches. They offer silky smooth typing with linear actuation, soft rebound, and full customizability like the other models. Another key attraction of the Monsgeek M1 HE is its exquisite looks and premium finish. We get an amazing metallic chassis and side engraved PBT material keycaps on the M1 HE. Explore full freedom of customizability of magnetic switches with the Monsgeek M1 HE!!

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Keydous NJ98-CP: Rapid Triggering, Smooth Typing!!

Price: $139.99

Keydous NJ98-CP is a fully equipped compact 96% keyboard with new-gen magnetic switches that are developed in collaboration with Kailh. The Magnetic switches here offer quick-trigger, Rapid-Trigger, and dynamic key-travel adjustment features. Hey, we have the trust of Kailh, a well-recognized name in the switches market as well. The Magnetic switches here offer quick-trigger response, Rapid-Trigger, and dynamic key-travel adjustment features, etc. as well. Keydous NJ98-CP packs tremendous performance in a neat package, we also have a multi-layered internal padding for comfortable feedback and a colorful display screen as well. Keydous NJ98-CP is an amazing keyboard.

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Final Words:-

So, are you ready to experience the future of typing with these newly launched keyboards? Each one of the above mentioned model has been handpicked by us to offer complete magnetic switch functionality. It’s not just about a new tech experience, Magnetic Switches enhance your typing experience with consistent typing, dynamic triggering, and many more features. We hope this guide helps you understand the basic concept of Magnetic switches, and also helps you find your next keyboard. We would suggest you to celebrate the festivities and enter into the New Year with an all-new keyboard on your setup!! For any futher assistance or queries feel free to write to us at support@mechkeys.com.

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