Unboxing The Lofree EH112S Keyboard: The Lipstick Palette Keyboard

Lofree products have always had a great design appeal to them. They have got an extremely unique design and ultimate beautiful looks. We are going to take a look at one of their well-known keyboard today, let’s unbox the Lofree EH112S mechanical keyboard, or as most people know it the Lofree Lipstick Design Mechanical Keyboard. This is one of the most unique-looking keyboards we have ever come across. On one hand, the keyboard has a retro design with its rounded keycaps, and on the other, it matches the modern looks with its unique lipstick palette design. Lofree EH112S is a 79-key keyboard and each of the 79 keys has a unique color to them matching the lipstick palette. It is priced at 169$, let’s start with its unboxing without any further ado.You can also check out the unboxing of Lofree EH112S on our YouTube channel here.

Lofree EH112S-1

Unboxing Lofree EH112S:-

Getting the designer Lofree EH112S keyboard, we all expect to have a similar designer-looking packaging with the keyboard. And Lofree delivers on that front. We get a simple black cardboard box with a slip-on cover. The slip-on cover has an image of the keyboard printed on the front along with other makeup elements. On the back, we get some basic technical information about the keyboard. The cardboard box underneath this slip-on cover is simple and has a minimalistic design with a transparent keyboard image printed on the front. Other than that there are only the Lofree and 2 square meters branding logos on this box. Again we have the basic technical details of the keyboard and some brand information at the back of this black box too. The entire package looks pretty and elegant.

Lofree EH112S-2

Opening up this box we get a zipper keyboard carry case with a shiny black finish wrapped in paper packaging. The user manual and a USB connector cable is inside this carry case don’t forget to pull them out. Now we get to see our beautiful keyboard along with some leaf decorations. Well, that’s all about the unboxing of the Lofree EH112S Lipstick Keyboard.

Package Contents:-

>Lofree EH112S Lipstick Keyboard.

>Zipper carry case.

>One USB Connector cable(Micro USB).

>User manual.

Lofree EH112S-3

Design & Build Quality:-

Simply gorgeous, WOW, Lofree has designed a really beautiful keyboard here. The lipstick keyboard has a unique design to itself. At a far glance, it would look identical to a collection of lipstick palettes with each key having a color of its own. It has a glossy brown frame and a frame matching shiny spacebar. Lofree Lipstick keyboard has a 79-key 75% compact layout. The keycaps here have retro-styled rounded keycaps. Larger buttons like the Enter Key or the Backspace key are made by merging two rounded keycaps. The keyboard with its routed keycaps gives a nostalgic type-writer type look. As for the switches, Lofree has designed the keyboard with Brown switches. They are tactile in nature and produce a slight bump and a soft sound upon key press. The keyboard has a white backlight design. Since the keycaps here are rounded, it feels like each key here has its own white backlight. The legends on the keycaps are see-through, they emit the White light through them making it easier to use them in dark conditions.

Lofree EH112S-4

Lofree EH112S-5

On one side, we have two switches, one for Bluetooth On/Off and the second knob for Windows/macOS switching. Close to these switches we also have a micro-USB port for wired connectivity and charging. We would say, the Lofree EH112S Lipstick Keyboard has a very beautiful design and a compact form factor. In terms of design, the EH112S is one of its kind.

Connectivity & Sources:-

With Wireless Bluetooth connectivity we can connect the Lofree EH112S with multiple devices including Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices. The pairing is quite simple, we just turn the Bluetooth on from the switch at the side. The keyboard goes into Bluetooth pairing mode, we can connect it with our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices very easily. For connecting it with a PC or Laptop, we can also use the included micro-USB cable.

Lofree EH112S-6

Using the Lofree EH112S Keyboard For Typing:-

Typing on the Lofree Lipstick keyboard is quite fun. With its rounded keycaps, there are no conflict issues even when typing with both hands. The keyboard registers each key precisely with low error chances. Lofree EH112S Lipstick keyboard uses Brown switches underneath its keycaps. They offer tactile feedback with a slight bump and a soft sound. The typing experience on the Lofree EH112S is simply wonderful. It gives clicky feedback that feels wonderful.

Lofree EH112S-7          

Final Words:-

Lofree is a name we all trust with its design approach and unique concept for changing everything around the 2 square meters area in a new retro-modern style. The EH112S Lipstick Keyboard has got an appeal in itself with its beautiful design and a rich glossy finish. It actually resembles the way a lipstick palette looks. Lofree has done a great job in bringing that palette design in the form of keyboards. We sincerely hope our friends and followers are going to enjoy the unique approach of the Lofree EH112S Lipstick Keyboard. The keyboard is priced at 169$, you can check out more details here. 

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