1st Player Unveils Monet T98: Latest 98-Key RGB Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

1st Player is a premium PC peripheral brand from China. Established back in 2010, 1st Player has developed itself as a reputed name in the PC peripheral industry. Today, 1st Player has released a brand new 98-key mechanical keyboard, meet the all-new 1st Player Monet T98. The keyboard gets its name from the famous French painter Claude Monet. 1st Player has treated the keyboard with an elegant design theme with double-shot precision molded ABS keycaps. It has a compact 96% layout, about 20% compact than a full-sized layout while retaining most of the segments from a full-sized layout!!

1st Player Monet T98-1

1st Player Monet T98 keyboard is available in two beautiful color options and two different variants, one only wired and the other triple-connection modes. It starts at 109.99$. Refer here for more information.

1st Player Monet T98 mechanical keyboard supports triple connection modes. It supports easy connectivity with a variety of devices with its high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, Wired USB Type-C, and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Monet T98 offers super fast response with its 1000hz polling rate. With its triple connection modes, you can connect it easily to various devices including PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. It is designed to provide a smooth typing experience with its professionally designed internal components. Monet T98 consists of a high-quality CNC machined AL-Aluminum alloy positioning plate. The aluminum plate is embedded into the keyboard with sandwich cotton foam layers for a stable sandwich structure. The top function row keys are slightly elevated and have a magnetic top cover that can be replaced easily.

1st Player Monet T98-2

1st Player Monet T98 keyboard is available with Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches. Users get an option to choose between Silver, Yellow, Red, and White mechanical switch options. Monet T98 keyboard also has a full-key hot-swappable PCB design that allows the users to easily replace the switches without any soldering or desoldering. It also has full-backlit RGB design with multiple pre-built effects. It’s Fn function key is fully programmable which users can adjust with the Magic Nest 3.0 software.

1st Player Monet T98-3

1st Player Monet T98 brings a premium experience to your desktop. Right from the elegant design to the smooth typing experience, Monet T98 delivers impressive performance!! It's available in two stunning color options with two different variants and starts at 109.99$, be sure to check it out here.

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