AJAZZ Launches "AJ199" Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse With PAW3395 Professional Optical Sensor

Wireless mice are convenient, what’s even more convenient is to get a dual-mode mouse that will support both wireless and wired connectivity options. Today, we have launched one such amazing mouse from a reputed name in the industry, presenting the all-nee AJAZZ AJ199. AJ199 is a versatile high-performance dual-mode mouse that supports both wired and wireless connectivity options. AJAZZ has equipped the mouse with a professional-grade PAW3395 optical sensor that supports precise accuracy and high-speed tracking. AJ199 is the perfect mouse that is suitable for both personal as well as office systems.


Ajazz has launched the AJ199 in two color options, Black and White. It is priced at 55.99$. You can check out more details on the AJ199 here.

AJAZZ AJ199 comes loaded with PAW3395 high-performance flagship-grade gaming optical sensor. It provides you with the perfect accuracy and quick aiming with its high-speed 26000 DPI adjustable resolution. With proper driver software developed by AJAZZ, users can precisely adjust the dpi with a range of 100 dpi between 800-26000DPI range. One can set six different levels on the mouse for easy DPI switching on the go. It has 650 IPS and 50G acceleration. PAW3395 is a trusted optical sensor that is featured in most high-end gaming mice and is usually associated with trusted performance. With this premium optical sensor, you can rely on the AJ199 for its performance.


AJAZZ AJ199 supports high-speed wireless and wired dual-mode connectivity. It supports wired connectivity with a detachable USB Type-C connection option and wireless 2.4GHz connectivity using an included 2.4GHz receiver. Even when we use the AJ199 in its wireless mode, it works flawlessly with the driver software and is properly integrated with it. It has a high-speed 1000Hz polling rate which doesn’t let you skip any trigger and registers your clicks perfectly.


Coming towards its build quality, AJAZZ has built the AJ199 with a super lightweight design. The mouse weighs just 60 grams which are evenly balanced throughout the mouse body. It adopts teflon foot stickers that give perfect speed with proper accuracy and smoothens sliding on your desktop mat. It adopts a swappable back cover, which even enhances its body weight distribution. AJAZZ has designed it in such a compact form factor that it provides a comfortable grip for most users. It adopts customized micro switches that have long durability of over 80 million clicks.

AJAZZ AJ199 is an excellent mouse with great functions and features. It treats its users with the perfect grip and quick trigger. With the help of a built-in rechargeable battery, the AJ199 provides an excellent battery life of up to 40 hours as well. It’s priced attractively at just 55.99$, available in White and Black color variants. Know more information here.

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