AULA Introduces M75 Three-Mode 75% CNC Aluminum Alloy Keyboard

AULA has introduced a brand new compact 75% three-mode mechanical keyboard, presenting the all-new AULA M75. The M75 is a premium quality high-end keyboard that features a solid, robust build housing a CNC-machined 6063 aluminum alloy material chassis and a metallic decorative block as well. AULA has designed this stunning keyboard with a comfortable leaf-spring gasket structure design with five-layered internal padding for soft acoustics. With three-mode connectivity, users can easily connect the M75 with a variety of source devices. AULA M75 is available in three exotic color options with price starting at just $99.99, you can check out more information and details here.

AULA M75-1

AULA M75 keyboard is built using CNC machined 6063 aluminum alloy material. The keyboard has a solid and robust build structure all thanks to the metallic decorative block as well. The M75 keyboard is treated with an anodized/electrophoresis finish for a premium in-hand feel. AULA has further enhanced the build with OEM height dual-tone PBT material keycaps. On the internal side, we have a soft elastic gasket-mounted structure design with five-layered padding. This ensures comfortable typing feedback and soft acoustics upon keypress.

AULA M75-3

The AULA M75 keyboard adopts a high-quality single-key slotted FR4/PC material positioning board. It ensures consistent typing feedback improving your typing comfort and experience.

AULA M75 keyboard houses high-quality mechanical switches from TTC. It is available in TTC Flaming Purple V2 and TTC New Moon switch options. They offer silky smooth typing with their self-lubricating nature. The M75 keyboard has a dynamic RGB backlight as well. It has 16 million color RGB backlight and offers 16 different lighting effects for customization.

AULA M75-2

AULA M75 keyboard supports three-mode connections including wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. With 3ms ultra-low latency connections, the M75 packs a quick response time. It houses a large 8000mAh battery promising long hours of usage without worrying about the battery running out. AULA M75 is an amazing keyboard. It hits the right spot with premium build quality, advanced internal arrangement, and quality TTC mechanical switches. The M75 fits different usage scenarios perfectly. AULA M75 starts at $99.99, you can get yours here.

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