CHERRY XTRFY Introduces New Pro E-Sports Products: Gaming Mice With Wireless 8K Return Rate

Cherry, one of the largest PC peripherals and mechanical keyboard switch manufacturers has started 2024 with a big release. Last year, Cherry acquired the Swedish Gaming Peripheral brand XTRFY. Ever since the acquisition, the brands collectively worked. ahead to design some amazing products for the users. They have brought us a big launch featuring an amazing RGB mechanical keyboard, two amazing E-sports mice with 8K return rate support, and also a new series of wired and wireless gaming mice. All these products are designed in collaboration with experts from the e-sports world, to achieve products that match the requirements of the professionals. Let’s dive deeper and experience what’s new Cherry XTRFY has brought us.

Cherry XTRFY M64 & M68: Premium E-sports Gaming Mice With 8K Return Rate!!

As the flagship gaming mice series in their lineup, CHERRY XTRFY M64 and M68 bring major technological innovation to the industry. These two are going to be the first-ever wireless gaming mice to support an 8K Polling Rate. Yes, there have been 8K return rates supporting mice before but they all supported them in wired mode only. The M64 and M68 bring you an astonishingly fast 8K return rate support. This enables the mice to provide a response time of 0.125 milliseconds, promising faster data transfer, lower click latency, smoother cursor movement, and accurate & and precise control. This instantly brings noticeable improvements in the performance of E-Sports enthusiasts. With the wireless design, they can move freely across their mousepad as well.

CHERRY M64 & M68-1

The M64 and M68 series includes two models for each of the variants, the M64 and M64 Pro, and the M68 and M68 Pro. The M68 series here is said to have a symmetrical case for better grip and control. CHERRY XTRFY has featured lightweight ergonomics and a standard 8K wireless receiver with the Pro models. Both the M64 and M68 gaming mice come equipped with a Pixart PAW3395 sensor and have a battery life rating of up to 90 hours. Are you excited to experience a lightning-fast 8K return rate in a wireless mouse? Because we surely are!!

CHERRY XTRYFY MX3.1 RGB Keyboard: Classic Design, Redefined Performance!!

CHERRY has been a key player in the field of mechanical keyboards. They are the largest manufacturers of premium MX series of mechanical switches and their MX lineup of keyboards is also well-recognized among the users. The second launch today features the latest in the MX series, introducing the Cherry XTRFY MX3.1 premium RGB mechanical keyboard. Based on the classic design frame, the MX3.1 adopts a high-quality aluminum alloy chassis and features a redesigned internal structure for comfortable typing feedback. Based on the experiences shared by users worldwide on their keyboards, Cherry has incorporated multi-layered internal padding including a silicone dampening padding layer, EVA sound-absorbing foam at the top and bottom of the PCB, etc. These two when combined with the newly-launched Cherry MX2A mechanical switch, offer amazing and super comfortable typing feedback on the Cherry MX3.1.

CHERRY MX3.1 Keyboard

The keyboard has a full 104-key layout and features a crazy solid RGB backlight. It is an e-sports-inspired keyboard designed for gamers who want perfect performance with no lag whatsoever.

CHERRY XTRFY M50: High-Performance Gaming Mice!!

Next up, we have a high-performance Gaming mice series for everyday use, introducing the CHERRY M50 series. The series includes two products, a standard wired mouse and a wireless M50 Wireless version. The M50 features a symmetrical shape suitable for right-hand users. They are crafted using high-quality housing materials and premium-quality internal components to ensure great comfort and accurate performance. CHERRY XTRFY M50 series will be an all-rounder choice for gamers worldwide.

CHERRY M50 Mice-1

The Wireless version features adjustable RGB taillights and supports wired Wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity options. The 2.4GHz mode supports a low-latency mode for high-speed performance. More information on these will be available shortly.

Apart from all these amazing products, CHERRY XTRFY has also announced an e-sports professional gaming mic and a premium e-sports gaming mousepad. CHERRY XTRFY has worked closely with the professionals in the industry to design these amazing products that offer excellent performance in everyday use. We will be bringing these products out for you all soon, stay tuned with us for more information.

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