COOLKILLER Launches CK108 Magnetic Switch Keyboard: Compatible with Magnetic and Mechanical Switches

Discover the new COOLKILLER CK108, a versatile RGB magnetic switch keyboard featuring a dual-structure design (TOP/GASKET) and full layout HI-FI compatibility. This keyboard also offers compatibility with both magnetic and mechanical switches, you can check out more information here.

The CK108 is equipped with custom magnetic switches and DKS dynamic key travel, providing rapid triggering and reset (RT). The key travel is adjustable in multiple stages from 0.2mm to 3.7mm, offering a tailored experience to suit individual preferences. The keyboard supports tri-mode connectivity, 16 million RGB backlighting, and compatibility with multiple devices and systems. Its hot-swappable three-pin and five-pin switch compatibility, metal knob (WLS/TPC/OFF), and proprietary driver software (DKSRT) for macro settings and RGB adjustments make it a comprehensive solution for all your keyboard needs.

The CK108's dual-structure design enhances its functionality, offering both top-mounted and gasket-mounted options. The inclusion of a metal knob further elevates its usability, with options for wireless, type-C, and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. The keyboard is designed for a full layout HI-FI experience, providing high-fidelity sound and performance.

Design collaborations with renowned designers bring vibrant options to the table, including Western Legend, Platinum, Supercoder, and Maya Dynasty. Each design adds a unique touch to your workspace, allowing you to express your individuality.

Each key's actuation point can be individually adjusted between 0.2mm and 3.7mm with a precision of 0.2mm, catering to various user preferences and gaming needs. The CK custom spring magnetic switches offer a satisfying click sound, with an actuation force of 45±10gf and a minimum actuation force of 35gf, covering a total travel distance of 3.7mm. Additionally, the CK custom spring black axis (similar to red switches) offers an actuation force of 40±5gf and a minimum actuation force of 35gf, with a total travel distance of 4.2mm.

The hot-swappable switch seats support the replacement of five-pin mechanical switches, requiring calibration after switch replacement for optimal performance. The powerful driver software allows for extensive keyboard settings adjustments, including key travel, RGB backlighting customization, and macro recording and deletion for gaming shortcuts.

The CK108 boasts a large battery capacity of 8000mAh, providing impressive endurance with 28 hours of use with all lights on, 100 hours without lights, and 180 hours in standby mode. Internal components include PO cotton, IXPE pads under the switches, PET acoustic mats, switch seat cotton, and a silent silicone bottom pad, ensuring a premium typing experience.

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