DAREU A104 Pro Latest 104-key Mechanical Keyboard With 8K Return Rate Support

DAREU is a known name in the PC peripheral market. They offer a range of products designed to enhance the gaming experience, including gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets, and other gaming-related accessories. DAREU focuses on developing high-quality products that enhance your gaming experience on an everyday basis. Today, we are excited to bring you their latest full-sized mechanical keyboard, the DAREU A104 Pro. The A104 Pro is a wired keyboard, but it is designed keeping in mind the primary requirement of gamers, i.e. ultra-fast response time. DAREU A104 Pro supports a maximum return rate of 8KHz, offering a lightning-fast response time of 0.125ms. The A104 Pro brings us a classy, elegant 104-key full-sized layout, a design that will fit perfectly into any setup. DAREU A104 Pro is released officially for just $159.99, you can check out more details here.

DAREU A104 Pro-1

DAREU A104 Pro features a PC material single-key slotted positioning board. Combined with the precisely adjusted satellite stabilizers, and customized Skiing speed linear mechanical switches, the A104 Pro promises comfortable typing feedback. DAREU has designed these custom mechanical switches with a POM material shaft core, and POK material custom shell, offering a silky-smooth typing feedback. The keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets for easy switch replacement. With a super-speed 8K return rate, the A104 Pro offers an amazing typing experience with a fast and responsive experience. Its 8K return rate makes it the perfect choice for gamers as there is no noticeable delay or lag in the input, enhancing your gaming experience.

DAREU A104 Pro-2

DAREU A104 Pro houses high-quality PBT material keycaps. They are designed in OEM height profile for a comfortable typing experience. It has full-key conflict-free typing. The keyboard also has a multi-function knob that allows full control of media playback, volume, etc. We also have a TFT colorful display screen with vivid colors and a customizable experience. Users can put custom static images, GIFs animations, etc. on this display screen.

DAREU A104 Pro-3

DAREU A104 Pro is an amazing keyboard. Its 8K return rate, TFT display screen, and custom switches make your experience an enjoyable one. It fits perfectly into any setup and provides amazing performance. Get the DAREU A104 Pro today for just 159.99$, know more details here.

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