Dukharo VN80 Pro: Brand New 75% TKL Keyboard With TFT Colorful Display Screen & Multimedia Volume Knob

DuThe world of mechanical keyboards is very fascinating. The category and the industry are huge and have a lot of offerings available with advanced features and functions. In 2023, most of the new premium keyboards come either with a volume knob or with a multimedia volume knob. But what we have here for you today brings you both the features in a single package and that too at a very affordable price, presenting you the all-new Dukharo VN80 Pro. It’s a compact TKL 75% mechanical keyboard that houses every latest feature that you can imagine in a mechanical keyboard. It supports three-mode connectivity, hot-swappable sockets, RGB Backlighting, Musical rhythmic effects, etc. The VN80 Pro instantly takes your keyboard experience to all-new heights with its superb features and build!!

Dukharo VN80 Pro-1

Dukharo VN80 Pro keyboard is launched officially for 109.99$. Feel free to check out more information here.

VN80 Pro features a unique built-in TFT display screen. It shows different functions and can be customized with different animations that will greatly enhance your experience with the keyboard. The display screen by default shows regularly used functions of the keyboard such as date/time display, battery level, connectivity mode, etc. You can obviously put on different gifs and create an animated look on the keyboard. Right above this display screen, we have a multimedia knob that allows for easy volume adjustment on the go. It also supports a single-tap mute function on the knob. The keyboard adopts a gasket-mounted structure design. It offers easy, comfortable typing with this gasket design as the keyboard plate is simply suspended between the top and bottom covers using gasket mounts. Dunkharo has also featured multi-layer silicone padding that greatly reduces resonance sounds upon keystrokes.

Dukharo VN80 Pro-2

Dukharo VN80 Pro comes in a variety of mechanical switch options featuring custom-developed switches as well as TTC’s newly-launched Gold Pink mechanical switches. VN80 Pro also supports full-key hot-swappable sockets that will allow the users to replace the switches in a simple and easy manner. The keyboard supports dynamic RGB backlighting that can be easily customized using the driver software. It also supports musical rhythmic lights for a groovy atmosphere.

Dukharo VN80 Pro-3

Dukharo VN80 Pro mechanical keyboard supports multi-device connectivity with its three-mode connection options. It supports high-speed low-latency wireless 2.4Ghz, multi-device wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. It supports different devices including Windows and macOS devices. Dukharo VN80 Pro comes equipped with a large 8000mAh battery pack that provides up to 70-80 hours of usage. The VN80 Pro is an amazing keyboard, it’s an ideal choice for gamers and personal entertainment usage. You can get the Dunkharo VN80 Pro for just 109.99$, check out more information here.

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