Gateron Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New-Generation Magnetic & Mechanical Switch Release

Gateron recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a grand product launch conference in Shenzhen. With 10 years of persistence performance, and consistent involvement in the mechanical switch market, Gateron has gained a reputation of being a prominent brand in the industry. Today, Gateron is one of the largest brands in the world. They have the largest manufacturing and market share of mechanical switches available across the globe. Gateron has proudly launched seven brand-new switches at this grand event. Firstly, Gateron has introduced three brand new magnetic switches, Double Track Magnetic Orange Switches, 37B Double Track Magnetic White Switches, and Magnetic Jade Switches followed by the release of four mechanical switches, the Gateron Melodic Switches, the 0° Silent Switches, Lunar Exploration Switches, and the full POM Milk Shake Switches.

Gateron 10th Anniversary-1

The new Dual-Track magnetic Orange and 37B Dual-Track Magnetic White switches adopt a newly developed dual-track structure design. They offer more consistent, more reliable, and more stable typing feedback than previous-generation magnetic switches. There is basically no wobbling, no shaking issues on the keycaps. Both of these switches offer a highly sensitive trigger response with a quick and precise trigger response. They have a smooth and precise triggering for every single keystroke.

Gateron 10th Anniversary-2

Gateron has brought a noticeable upgrade in the Magnetic switch department. Magnetic Switches are the talk of the town nowadays, we have many new models, and the primary reason for their fame in a short span is the dual-trigger and rapid-trigger technologies. Magnetic Switches offer adjustable trigger response where users can easily adjust the trigger style and trigger distance. Both the 37B and the Double Track Orange switches adopt a POM material switch core, the Orange one has a traditional style cylindrical magnet while the 37B adopts a new-generation square-shaped magnet enabling a better bottoming-out experience for the users.

Gateron 10th Anniversary-3

The third Magnetic switch, the Magnetic Jade switch is the first magnetic switch with a Mahjong-style soft acoustic presentation. The bottom of these switches has been sealed to achieve a pure sound with every single keystroke. About the other released switches, the 0° Silent, the Lunar, and the Melodic switches, all adopt the latest dual-track structure developed by Gateron. They offer amazing stability and smoothness while typing. The 0° Silent has a silent approach, the Lunar Exploration has Linear HiFi feedback, and the Melodic switches have a clicky feedback.

Coming towards the seventh model, the Milk Shake switches are full POM material switches. The upper and lower shells are made up of high-quality POM material. They offer extremely smooth typing feedback with enhanced durability. The more you use these, the smoother they get offering a completely silky smooth typing feedback!! The Full POM Milk Shake Switches have a detachable light guide column, users can adjust the light guide column as per their preferences to create a personalized RGB effect.

Gateron 10th Anniversary-4

Gateron completes its 10th Anniversary with a grand launch introducing the new generation of Magnetic switches, and some outstanding models in the Mechanical switch department as well. We are super excited about all of these new releases and can’t wait for them to be released in the international market. For further information on the new releases by Gateron, Stay tuned with us.

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