GITOPER G2 Brand-New Lightweight Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse With PAW3395 Sensor

GITOPER is a fairly new yet highly-regarded brand in the PC peripheral industry. The brand specializes in a variety of products ranging from high-quality mechanical keyboards to gaming mice and premium-quality mousepads. The main idea with every product of GITOPER is to enhance the user’s experience with high-quality peripherals that are not only durable and high-performing, but are also comfortable and easy on the pocket as well. Today, GITOPER has come up with its brand new dual-mode gaming mouse, the GITOPER G2. 


GITOPER G2 is a premium gaming mouse designed with top-quality components like the flagship PAW3395 sensor, silky smooth keys, etc. The mouse is officially launched for 69.99$, you can check out more information on our store page here.

GITOPER G2 gaming mouse brings you the goodness of a flagship-grade PAW3395 sensor from Pixart. It ensures precise accuracy and smooth tracking with great precision. G2 supports a maximum DPI of 26000DPI easily adjustable and showcased using a multicolor light indicator present on the mouse. With a great sensor and superb ergonomics, the GITOPER G2 is an ideal mouse for gaming and casual usage. It is also suitable for office usage since the design is simple and elegant.


GITOPER G2 gaming mouse has lightweight aesthetics. The mouse weighs only 57±3 grams which is actually super light and helps the user to glide across easily. The mouse also has a symmetrical design which makes it comfortable for both left and right-hand users. GITOPER G2 with its lightweight aesthetics and symmetrical design enables swift tracking and smooth glide. To make the experience even better, we have high-quality PTFE feet stickers on the GITOER G2.


GITOPER G2 mouse has dual-mode connectivity. Users can connect the mouse using wireless 2.4GHz and Wired USB connections with detachable USB Type-C connection cables. It has high-speed lag-free stable connectivity with the source device. GITOPER has designed the G2 with a low-power consumption design that provides an incredible battery life of up to 70 hours with the mouse. Simply use it for hours without worrying about the battery running out. GITOPER G2 is a perfect mouse suitable for different scenarios. It comes easy on the pocket as well priced at just 69.99$, feel free to check out more information over here.

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