Heavy Shell X zFrontier Kira96 "Catch The Sea" 99-Key Mechanical Keyboard & Moon Sea Tactile Mechanical Switches

Heavy Shell, a premium computer peripheral brand that deals in customized peripherals have collaborated with zFrontier, a well-known customized keyboard and lifestyle sharing platform for a brand new mechanical keyboard, meet the all-new Kira96 Catch the Sea mechanical keyboard. It’s the first ever three-mode upgraded version of Kira 96 a highly successful keyboard for zFrontier. Both the brands have collectively designed the new “Catch The Sea” edition for the Kira96 keyboard with multiple advanced features such as newly-developed custom mechanical switches, EVA Axis sound-absorbing foam layer, Semi-transparent Blue colored keycaps and keyboard’s chassis, and many more features.

Heavy Shell x zFrontier Kira96 Catch The Sea-1

The Heavy Shell x zFrontier Kira96 Catch the Sea keyboard is officially launched for 279.99$, refer here for more information.

Kira96 Catch The Sea keyboard has a compact form factor with a 99-key layout. The keyboard drops down the Home Cluster keys while retaining the other sections like the Numeric Keypad, Function row keys, Arrow keys, etc from a full-sized layout. It’s a three-mode keyboard with high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth V5.0, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity support. Kira96 Catch The Sea with its triple connection mode can be connected to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, PCs, Tablets, etc.

Heavy Shell x zFrontier Kira96 Catch The Sea-2

Kira96 Catch The Sea keyboard comes with an EVA sound-absorbing foam layer between eh PCB and the positioning plate. It is thick and fills the gap between them. There's also a silencing silicone pad at the bottom section right between the keyboard plate toad the bottom case. All this is done to get a smooth mechanical typing experience with soft acoustics.

The keyboard has a beautiful Sea Blue colored theme. The keycaps and chassis have got a semi-transparent design that allows for RGB to shine right through the keys. They are made using dual-tone color molding technology using ABS material and have standard SA profile height. Kira96 Catch The Sea keyboard also comes with a bunch of exclusively designed additional keycaps with marine designs like Fish Fins, Waves, Submarines, Etc.

Heavy Shell x zFrontier Kira96 Catch The Sea-3

Along with the amazing Kira96 Catch The Sea keyboard, Heavy Shell and zFrontier have also announced the new Moon Sea mechanical switches. They have the same light Blue color as the beautiful Kira96 Catch The Sea Keyboard and house a white-colored POM stem. Moon Sea mechanical switches have got a quick rebound with a long spring structure, have got PC top casing Nylon bottom casing, and a POM material stem. They have a lifespan of about 60 million keystrokes and at the same time provide you with a smooth tactile feel upon each keypress!! These Moon Sea switches are not only durable but also offer smooth operation, easy typing, and quick trigger. They have a trigger force of 52gf, trigger at 2.0mm, and a complete travel of just 3.4mm.

Heavy Shell x zFrontier Kira 96 “Catch The Sea” is an ideal mechanical keyboard, actually a piece of art with its stunning color combination, unique semi-transparent keycaps, and body, not to mention the newly-released Moon Sea mechanical switches. The official launch price of Kira 96 “Catch The Sea” is set at 1379 Yuans!!

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