Incott Ghero 8K Wireless 32000DPI Mouse

We are excited for a brand new release, presenting the all-new Incott Ghero wireless gaming mouse. The mouse has two different variants, the normal one and Pro one the Pro one has a bigger battery reserve and more efficient performance while other features are identical on both options. Incott has equipped the Ghero mouse with a customized PAW3395 sensor that supports a maximum sensitivity of 32000DPI. We have ultra-fast 8000Hz(8K) return rate on both the models. Incott Ghero is priced at $49.99 for the standard variant and $59.99 for the Pro variant. You can check out more details here.

Incott Ghero-1

With its customized PAW3395 flagship sensor, the Incott Ghero mouse supports a maximum sensitivity of 32000DPI. It enables fast 650IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration. It provides pixel-precise accuracy and smooth tracking suitable for different scenarios including gaming or casual. Not only this, users also get to customize their experience with precise 50DPI adjustments in sensitivity. Combine the performance of the PAW3395 sensor with the lightning-fast 8K return rate of the Incott Ghero mouse and you have the perfect one for gaming with great accuracy and precision. Do note that the 8K receiver has to be bought separately and the retail package includes a 1K receiver.

Incott has designed the Ghero mouse with perfect shape. It has a natural ergonomic shape that is comfortable to use for different users with different grip styles. Both the mouse variants are extremely lightweight, the standard variant weighs just 60 grams while the Pro variant weighs 64 grams only. They feature dual-mode connectivity straight out of the box supporting Wireless 2.4GHz and wired USB modes, but you can upgrade the firmware and get a three-mode connection with additional Bluetooth connectivity. Incott has featured high-quality Huano transparent blue shell pink-dot micro-movement switches on the Ghero. They have a stable, smooth clicking experience with quick and satisfying rebound.

Incott Ghero-2

Incott Ghero mouse is available in six eye-catching color options including Orange, Red, White, Black, etc. Both variants promise an amazing battery life. The standard variant has a battery durability rating of up to 95 hours while the Pro variant with its efficient power management has a battery life of up to 143 hours. If you are a gamer or an enthusiast who wants to experience class-leading accuracy and silky-smooth mouse tracking, Incott Ghero 8K mouse could easily be a great choice!!

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