IROK Releases HE3 Series PAW3395 Mice Replaceable Battery

IROK has just dropped its latest three-mode wireless gaming mice series, the IROK HE3. The series consists of three different models including the HE3 SE, the HE3, and the HE3 Pro. Out of these, the HE3 Se is the base model priced at just $29.99 and the HE3 Pro is the flagship one priced at $46.99. All three mice models in the HE3 Series feature an identical ergonomic shape with lightweight aesthetics. They have an ultra-lightweight design, each mouse weighs just 54 grams. Another key feature of the HE3 series is that the battery has quick release function. Users can easily replace the battery whenever it is required. They come equipped with high-quality components including PixArt sensor, high-performance main control chips, etc. You can check out more details and features here.


As mentioned above, the HE3 series has an easy-to-replace battery design. The battery is placed underneath a panel at the bottom of the mouse. It is a 300mAh rechargeable battery. With an efficient circuit design, the HE3 series has an outstanding battery life of up to 48 hours with a full charge. Users can charge the battery when it is placed inside the mouse. User replaceable battery is a great feature to have.


As the base model, the HE3 SE houses PixArt PAW3325 gaming-grade sensor. It has a maximum sensitivity of 10000DPI with 100IPS tracking speed and 20g acceleration. The HE3 and HE3 Pro models come equipped with flagship-level PAW3395 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. IROK has equipped the flagship HE3 Pro model with the NORDIC 52840 chipset that provides an exceptionally solid 4000Hz polling rate support, do note that the 4K receiver has to be bought separately. It also provides better power management and smoother connectivity.

All three models in the HE3 series support three-mode connectivity. They support wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB connection modes. They have an ergonomic shape and feature lightweight build weighing in at just 54 grams. They come equipped with high-performance micro-movement switches. The clicking experience is smooth and crisp with precise triggering.


IROK HE3 Pro features Huanuo Micro-movement switches with 100 million clicks durability. IROK HE3 series starts at an attractive price point of just $29.99, and the top-model is priced at $46.99, get yours here.

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