Keydous NJ81: Hot-Swappable Compact TKL Keyboard With Unique Display Screen!!

Mechanical keyboards have become an inseparable part of our day-to-day life. Every day, we need to have a good mechanical keyboard by our side to complete our office work or to just spend some time gaming with our friends. Today, we bring you a brand new mechanical keyboard with a unique innovative display screen, let’s welcome the Keydous NJ81. It’s a compact TKL mechanical keyboard with an 80-key arrangement and houses a unique personalized TFT display screen at the top corner. The display UI can be customized, it shows different information such as connectivity mode, battery, etc!!

Keydous NJ81-1

Keydous NJ81 keyboard is available in two color options, Black and White. The base color in both the options is white, but with a contrasting color combination for the keycaps. The official release price of NJ81 is set at 135.99$, check out more information here.

Keydous has come forward with Kalih Box in designing a brand new mechanical switch, they have both collaborated for the all-new Kalih Box Strawberry Cream Pro POM mechanical switches. These are self-lubricating linear axis mechanical switches with a quick trigger response, low operating force, and improved durability(about 50 million keystrokes). NJ81 is made available in a variety of switch options from TTC, Gateron Pro, and Kalih Box including the all-new Strawberry Cream Pro POM mechanical switches. Users can also replace the switches easily as the keyboard has got full-key hot-swappable PCB sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Keydous NJ81-2

Keydous NJ81 has got a compact TKL(Ten Key Less) form factor with an 80-key arrangement. It has fully programmable top-layer and Fn layer keys. Keydous has treated the keyboard with narrow bezels and an ergonomic inclined shape for a comfortable typing experience. All this contributes to achieving a super compact layout with the keyboard. It looks beautiful while kept on your desk making it look clutter-free.

NJ81 has got a large 4000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. It provides up to 450 hours of continuous usage after a full charge(with the backlight off), and up to 15 hours with the backlight on. Keydous has featured a full RGB multi-color backlight on the NJ81 keyboard. The keyboard has got in-built backlight effects, allowing the users to personalize their experience with the keyboard. Keydous adopts premium dye-sublimed PBT keycaps for the NJ81. PBT as we all know has got a rich, matte finish, and offers high durability with oil and wear resistance.

Keydous NJ81-3

When you go into the market looking for a compact TKL mechanical keyboard, the latest NJ81 stands apart from the crowd with its unique display screen, and new Strawberry Cream Pro POM switches. The keyboard starts at just 135.99$, feel free to drop by here for more details.

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