KZZI Releases All-New K75 Dazzling 75% Hot-Swappable, Three-Mode Keyboard

KZZI K75 is a premium 75% mechanical keyboard that is pretty famous among enthusiasts for its compact form factor and rich features. K75 brings you a variety of features including a Gasket-Mounted/top-mounted dual-structure design, triple connection modes, and more. Adding a new keyboard to their ever-growing catalog, KZZI has released the K75 in an all-new variant today, the KZZI K75 Dazzling. K75 Dazzling is the first keyboard to feature a Gasket/Top-Mounted Dual-Structure design to switch arbitrarily, It now features all-new five-sided dye-sublimed PBT keycaps and a new custom-developed mechanical switch option. Not to mention the amazing new color themes available for the K75 Dazzling. The keyboard will be available in Elegant Pink, Sweet Purple, and Cute Green color options.

KZZI K75 Dazzling-1

K75 Dazzling features new-customized PBT keycaps. These are crafted using five-sided dye-sublimation technology. They not only look exquisite but also have high durability. The new PBT keycaps are warm and delicate to touch and feel. The RGB backlight also glows out vividly through these PBT keycaps. KZZI has developed three new customized switches for the new K75 Dazzling. Cherry Pink switches have a gentle, smooth keystroke with 37gf trigger force, 2.0mm pre-travel, and 3.7mm total travel. The Purple switches have a shorter key travel with 1.2mm pre-travel, and 3.4mm total travel, and a moderate 42gf trigger force. The lemon switches take 42gf trigger force and have 2.0mm pre-travel+3.7mm total travel. The Purple switches are good for gaming with short-travel offering quick trigger, while the other two are suitable for typing and regular usage. All three of these new switches have a high durability of 80 million keystrokes.

KZZI K75 Dazzling-2

Similar to the OG K75, the new K75 Dazzling features a Gasket-Mounted structure design. The first 10,000 units will come with a Top-Structure accessory package. Users can DIY for TOP-mounted structure design, and experience a new typing feel with their keyboard. The K75 Dazzling has built-in 4-layers of sound-absorbing pads. These are placed underneath the PCB plate, Sandwich pads, switch base pads, and bottom pads. The entire cavity is filled with sound and shock-absorbing pads for smooth and comfortable typing with soft acoustics.

KZZI K75 Dazzling-3

KZZI K75 Dazzling features award-winning Finely-tuned satellite stabilizers. They are perfectly tuned for a comfortable and stable typing experience. Full-keyboard supports hot-swappable sockets for both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. KZZI K75 Dazzling also houses a small display that shows the active battery level. With a built-in 3750mAh battery, the keyboard provides extended battery life. The K75 Dazzling like other K75 models supports versatile three-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4Ghz, and wired USB connectivity.

KZZI K75 Dazzling will be launched today worldwide. The price will be revealed upon launch.

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