Lofree Introduces Land of Mystery Elegant Designer Mechanical Keyboard Combo

Lofree is a premium brand that deals in exclusive designer peripherals mainly specializing in keyboards and mice. They have an exquisite range of products where they offer exclusive custom designs to create high-performance top-quality peripherals. We are super excited to announce their latest product on our store, introducing the Lofree x Banana Design Land of Mystery Combo. This is a collaboration project between Lofree and Banana Design, a combo of products including a keyboard, mouse, desktop mat, and a notebook in a completely unique designer theme forming the perfect gift package for your loved ones. Lofree has priced this combo for 259.99$, which is pretty attractive considering we get a bunch of exclusively designer products in the package. It’s a unique experience that the Lofree Land of Mystery Package will bring with itself!! You can check out more details on the combo here.

Lofree Land of Mystery Combo-1

The design of the Land of Mystery combo is probably the most unique part of the deal here. Each and every single product in the combo has a mysterious design precisely curated by the designer to achieve an elegant and designer look. The design takes you into the French retro theme with a snake leopard design with deep and tranquil blue drawings creating a perfectly clean look. The elements are nicely incorporated into all the products giving the combo an exclusive feel for everyone.

Lofree Land of Mystery Combo-2

The primary product in the combo is a 96% three-mode mechanical keyboard. We can notice the design being implemented in a classy manner on the entire keyboard. Main keys such as the Enter key, and Shift have got main elements from the theme. It supports multi-device connectivity supporting connection with up to 3 devices using Bluetooth mode. The keyboard adopts specially customized Tofu mechanical switches. They offer a comfortable typing experience with smooth movement and quick rebound. The keyboard features durable PBT keycaps offering a smooth matte in-hand feel and long durability. The keyboard itself has a 965 layout with a 100-key arrangement, it’s a beautiful keyboard, pretty sure people are going to love this one.

Lofree Land of Mystery Combo-3

The second main product in the combo is a wireless three-mode mouse. This mouse has a maximum DPI of 3600 and features a dynamic OLED display screen to showcase the active DPI level. This mouse incorporates the Land of Mystery design theme in a beautiful manner giving the mouse a one-of-its-kind look. We have smooth glide with comfortable ergonomics, making this mouse a great part of the deal. Both the keyboard and mouse here support three-mode connections(2.4GHz/Bluetooth/USB).

Lofree Land of Mystery Combo-4

We also have a design-matching desktop mat along with a notebook and a complete giftbox-type package. Each and every single component including the gift box has the same matching design theme giving unique vibes all around.

It’s the perfect combo you can gift to your families and friends, the Lofree Land of Mystery combo is priced quite attractively at 259.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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