Lofree Introduces Three New Mechanical Keyboards: Wanderfree Moment, 1% Mechanical, & Gift Box Wireless

In today's times when most brands are moving towards digitalization, there is a brand that still believes in retro-themed designs for products that come into use in our day-to-day activities. We are talking about the brand called Lofree here. Lofree is a well-known brand that has got all the praises for having a unique design approach for modern products. They specialize in designing products such as mechanical keyboards, Bluetooth table speakers, table fans, etc. Today, Lofree took it to the internet and released three new products at a launch event. The launch event was also streamed online on their official WeChat channel. Lofree has added three new products to their Mechanical Keyboard catalog, the Wanderfree Moment, the 1% Mechanical Keyboard, and the Gift Box Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

Lofree Wanderfree Moment:-

Have you ever thought of taking your mechanical keyboard along with you where ever you go? The latest Lofree Wanderfree keyboards are designed in such a manner that they are extremely easy to carry around. They come with their own carry case. The latest Wanderfree Moment is a high-end premium keyboard designed with a retro feel and modern features. It has a compact 84-key Ten-Key Less layout with a solid aluminum alloy chassis. The keyboard uses high-quality Cherry MX switches for an exquisite typing experience. Lofree Wanderfree Moment is a dual-mode keyboard that supports Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 and USB Type-C wired connectivity. It comes with an exquisite aluminum alloy case that will allow its users to carry the keyboard around with ease. The Wanderfree Moment is launched officially for 369$, check out more details here.

Lofree Wanderfree Moment-1


>Wanderfree theme with a premium luggage-style keyboard case.

>Compact 84-key layout.

>High-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy housing.

>Dual connection modes(Wireless Bluetooth 5.0/Wired USB Type-C).

>Premium Cherry MX switches.

>One-click device switching.

>Specially designed wooden retail packaging.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard:-

Don’t get distracted by the name of this keyboard, the Lofree 1% keyboard is actually an ultra-compact 68-key 65% keyboard that has got a unique and one of its kind design. What makes the Lofree 1% mechanical keyboard a special one? Well, it is a fully transparent keyboard where Lofree has carefully chosen each and every single component on the keyboard. The chassis here has a photo-plated bottom case, a transparent PC cover, transparent Cherry MX Jelly Fish switches, and in-house developed patented transparent PBT keycaps. The Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard is something you will see nowhere else!! Lofree has also featured a white LED backlight to the keyboard that has seven different effects in-built into the keyboard memory. Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard is announced for 199$, check out more details here.

Lofree 1% Mechanical Keyboard


>Unique fully transparent design.

>Pure transparent chassis.

>Patented transparent keycaps.

>Transparent Cherry MX Jellyfish mechanical keys.

>68-key ultra-compact 65% layout.

>Rich White LED backlight design with 7 in-built lighting effects.

>Full-key non-conflict design.

>Dual connection modes.

>Wireless Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity.

>USB Type-C wired connectivity.

>Multiple system support(Windows/macOS/iOS/Android).

>Seamless switching between devices.

>Extended battery life with in-built battery.

Lofree Gift Box Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:-

The Gift Box is actually a collaborative project between Lofree and Accidental design. This package consists of a high-quality wireless mechanical keyboard and a high-quality fountain pen. Since it’s a gift box, the packaging is top-notch, you get a solid walnut and brass wood chassis on the keyboard and a similar matching keyboard carry case. This case also houses the fountain pen. Users can use this case to keep their laptops, and tablets while using them with the keyboard. This is actually an ideal gift designed for your loved ones. The keyboard here is a fully mechanical 68-key keyboard with Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It is launched officially for 369$, you can check out more details here.

Lofree Gift Box Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


>Designed in collaboration with Accidental design.

>A special gift box containing a 68-key compact wireless mechanical keyboard and a fountain pen.

>High-quality Walnut and Brass wood carry case.

>Finely crafted keyboard.

>High-quality solid-wood shell.

>Retro-styled PBT keycaps.

>Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

>Ergonomic and comfortable while typing.

>Long battery life.

>Multiple device support(Android/iOS/Windows/macOS).

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