MACHENIKE GK80 Gasket-Mounted 97-Key Three-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard

MACHENIKE has released a brand-new 97-key customized mechanical keyboard, they have named it the MACHENIKE GK80. It’s an advanced keyboard with an elegant and classy build. Loaded with advanced features such as Three-mode connectivity, 5-layered noise-reduction design, gasket-mounted structure, TTC’s latest Rail-like Venus mechanical switches, and more, the GK80 promises a quality typing experience for its users. MACHENIKE has featured high-quality dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps that give a premium in-hand feel to the users. GK80 with its neat and compact form factor helps you create a clean desktop with a compact mechanical keyboard!!


MACHENIKE GK80 mechanical keyboard is launched in two colorful variants, priced at 119.99$. Check out more details here.

With a professionally-designed gasket-mounted structure design, the GK80 ensures comfortable, smooth typing. Different from regular Gasket structures, GK80 has a trampoline-like Gasket structure design. The positioning plate is connected to the top and bottom cover using 11 points like a trampoline,  creating an elastic-like quick-rebound design. GK80 has a 5-layered noise-reducing design. The internal structure of the keyboard consists of 5 layers of sound-absorbing silicone pads ensuring soft, smooth sound upon keystrokes.


Paired with TTC’s current flagship Venus mechanical switches, with a high-speed train-structure design, the GK80 offers crisp, smooth, seamless typing with full-key conflict-free typing. The keystrokes are silky smooth, stable, and feel great with a quick rebound. GK80 features multi-colour RGB backlight. It has over 17 pre-built backlighting effects. You can choose between different static, dynamic, and musical effects for the backlight. MACHENIKE has featured a large 4000mAh battery on the GK80. It provides extended battery life to the keyboard. Once fully charged, GK80 can be used for up to 500 hours with the backlight turned off. GK80 supports versatile three-mode connectivity supporting most sources straight out of the box. It features Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity.


MACHENIKE GK80 is an elegantly-designed mechanical keyboard that hits the sweet spot between compact structure and advanced features that make your typing experience easy and smooth. Check out more details about the GK80 over here.

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