Monka Introduces M3 Three-Mode Wireless 4K Gaming Mouse Series

Monka has come up with a brand new lightweight wireless gaming mouse series, introducing the all-new Monka M3. Designed for ultimate performance, the Monka M3 series has two variants, the base Monka M3 and the premium Monka M3 Pro variant. Both these variants are ideal gaming mice offering excellent performance with PAW3395 sensor, Transparent Blue micro-movement switches, Broadcom/Nordic main control chipset, 1K/4K polling rate, etc. Monka M3 starts with the base model at just $49.99. The Pro model is priced at just $59.99. Both variants are available in White and Black color options. You can check out more details and information here.

Monka M3-1

At the heart of the Monka M3, we have a flagship-level PAW3395 sensor. Both variants, the M3 and the M3 Pro feature the PAW3395 sensor. It provides smooth tracking with pixel-precise accurate movement and smooth tracking. Monka M3 series features an ergonomic shape for the mouse. Both variants have a compact build structure, they promise a comfortable grip for different users. The mouse weighs just 53 grams, allowing for a smooth and controlled glide.

Monka M3-2

Monka M3 series supports a maximum polling rate of up to 4K. The base variant Monka M3 houses a Broadcom main control chipset and supports a maximum polling rate of 1K while the M3 Pro mouse houses the NORDIC52840 main control chipset. It enables a 4K Polling rate support rate on the M3 Pro. Monka M3 Pro provides a lightning-fast performance with a response time of just 0.250ms, making it an ideal choice for our competitive gamer friends.

Another key feature of the Monka M3 series is the removable battery design. The battery is easily replaceable. Once fully charged the mouse gets a battery life of up to 65 hours. You don’t have to have low-battery anxiety, simply use the mouse for days before the need for charge again arises. The Monka M3 series of gaming mice supports convenient three-mode connectivity. We have wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connection modes.

Monka M3-3

Monka M3 series is ready and is available in two color options, Black and White. Which models excite you the more? Normal one or Pro one??  Check out more details on the Monka M3 here.

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