Rinko Touch High-Quality PBT Material Keycaps

We are proudly launching a brand new set of keycaps designed in collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews and UTyping, Meet the all-new Z Reviews Rinko Touch Keycaps. These are designed matching with the latest Rinko IEMs launched by Z Reviews. Rinko actually refers to a beautiful Waifu design that is featured on the keycaps as well as the packaging. She is a anime character. The Rinko Touch keycap set features a set of 156 keys covering all the major layouts including 60% to a full-sized form factor. Our Rinko Keycaps are compatible with MX and MX-Style clone switches and work perfectly with ANSI layout. We have designed the Rinko keycaps using high-quality PBT material. The printing process is done using a dye-sublimation process for long durability and no fading issues even after long usage. Treat your keyboards with the Rinko Touch Keycaps and give them an all-new look!!

Rinko Touch Keycaps-1

Rinko Touch Keycaps are launched officially for 69.99$ and it comes with a Waifu stander as a gift with the set. These are available exclusively on Mechkeys. Check out more details and information over here. We also have the Rinko Touch Keycaps and Rinko IEMs in a bundle which you can buy at a bundle price of 159.98$.

Rinko IEMs-2

Rinko Touch Keycaps are designed with high-quality PBT material, which gives them a superior build with fewer wearing issues. The keycaps are not prone to wearing off anytime soon, they are highly durable and won’t fade away anytime soon. The keycaps are made in a beautiful cherry profile design making them fully compatible with MX and MX-Style Clone switches. You get a total of 156 switches that will allow for easy build with different layout keyboards. TKL and full-sized keyboards will match the Rinko character artisan design completely, other layouts like 60%, 65%, 96%, 75% will still help you build the entire layout although the Rinko character image might not be complete properly. It matches with ANSI layout.

Rinko Touch Keycaps-2

We have designed the Rinko Keycaps using a high-quality dye sublimation process. This makes the printing perfect on the keycaps. Not to mention the unique and beautiful design theme of the set that looks outstandingly beautiful. The set includes a combination of colors including white, Yellow, and Blue colors. Blue and Yellow here match the logo of Z Reviews. There are some artistic keys as well, that feature Rinko's character in different emotions!!!

Rinko Touch Keycaps-3

Rinko IEMs feature amazing sound performance with a combination of a 6mm micro planar driver and a high-power dynamic driver unit. The pair produces powerful sound with deep-hitting bass response, crisp vocals and excellent details.

Rinko IEMs-1

Z Reviews Rinko Keycaps match perfectly with Rinko IEMs designed with a planar and dynamic driver combination. The IEM is priced at 99.99$, and the Rinko Touch Keycaps are launched for 69.99$. You can check out more information here


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