ThundeRobot K75 Three-Mode Gasket-Mounted Transparent RGB Keyboard

ThundeRobot is back again with a brand new 75% compact mechanical keyboard, the ThundeRobot K75. ThundeRobot has released several models in the mechanical keyboard category recently, and almost all of them have got the attention of keyboard enthusiasts with their premium features and attractive price tags. The latest K75 is an outstanding keyboard designed with top-quality components and features including three-mode connections, gasket-mounted structure design, Silicone-padded internals, PC Chassis, OEM height keycaps, etc. Its compact 75% layout will enable the users to create a tidy setup!!

ThundeRobot K75-1

ThundeRobot K75 is available with us in three color options, White, Blue, and Purple Transparent. The K75 is priced attractively at just 75.99$ for White and Blue colors and 79.99$ for the purple transparent one. Check out more information here.

ThundeRobot K75 mechanical keyboard is available in a bunch of color options, one of which offers a completely transparent look. The Purple transparent color option has got a clean, transparent, crystal-like finish. The entire keyboard chassis and the keycaps are made up of high-quality PC material. It even features completely transparent mechanical switches specially designed for this color option.

ThundeRobot K75-2

In order to deliver super comfortable typing with soft keystrokes and silent operation of the K75 keyboard, ThundeRobot has treated the keyboard with a gasket-mounted structure and silicone-padded internal design. The keyboard adopts a high-quality PC positioning board which is supported by gasket mounts on the top and bottom covers. Each key press goes smoothly and comes back with a quick rebound. ThundeRobot has featured high-quality T Pro mechanical switches for comfortable typing. On the Transparent Purple variant, we get completely transparent Moon Linear custom mechanical switches. These switches offer comfortable typing, quick trigger response, and long durability. For DIY enthusiasts, the K75 also has full-key hot-swappable sockets giving them full opportunity to replace the switches at their will.

ThundeRobot K75-3

The ThundeRobot K75 mechanical keyboard has versatile connectivity options. It supports Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connections. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the K75 can be connected to four devices simultaneously. The K75 brings the goodness of dynamic 16.8 million color RGB backlighting with multiple lighting effects. The keyboard has 16 pre-built lighting effects, and supports custom and musical rhythmic lighting using the exclusive driver software application. The RGB looks extraordinary on the completely transparent variant. The keyboard comes equipped with a large 3000mAh battery that provides up to 40 days of usage.

ThundeRobot K75-4

ThundeRobot K75 is a highly-versatile mechanical keyboard that is loaded with advanced features. It’s an ideal keyboard for both official as well as entertainment systems. Know more detail on the ThundeRobot K75 over here!!

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