Varmilo Announces Green Dragon & Golden Phoenix 520 Limited Edition Mechanical Keyboards

Today marks the date 20th May, or 5,20 that in the Chinese language has the same pronunciation as “我爱你” which means I Love You. In China, the 20th of May is celebrated by lovers who shower each other with gifts. It's a day of love, a day of celebration. Varmilo, an exquisite computer peripheral brand has a history of designing some of the best-looking mechanical keyboards and accessories. How can they miss such a big event, so they have released two brand new designer keyboards, the Varmilo 520 Green Dragon and Golden Phoenix Limited Edition Keyboards.

Varmilo 520 Limited Edition-1

Both the Varmilo Green Dragon and Golden Phoenix have a high-end finish with a premium Copper plated CNC machined aluminum alloy chassis. This technique is not common in keyboards, it is usually used in cultural relics, museums, high-end home decoration accessories, etc. This makes the chassis of the keyboards have a bronze and brass-like refined texture while keeping the weight of the chassis low. In order to reflect the toughness of the copper chassis, the keyboards have got a high-quality 304 stainless steel positioning plate. Both the Green Dragon and Golden Phoenix keyboards have got artistic designer keycaps where they have used Draong and Phoenix as main elements on primary keys like the Enter Key, Esc Key, etc. Since ancient times in China, Dragons and Phoenix have had an inseparable relationship. The keyboards here have a beautiful looking themed design, the Copper-plated chassis along with designer keycaps match precisely with each other. The beautiful themes bring a sense of historical importance to the keyboards. If you or your loving one is a fan of mechanical keyboards, these two seem to be an ideal choice of gift for your loved ones.

Varmilo 520 Limited Edition-2

Varmilo 520 Limited Edition-3

The limited-edition 520 Varmilo keyboard adopts silent TTC switches with smooth and soft feedback. Varmilo has released both the Green Dragon and Golden Phoenix Limited Edition mechanical keyboards in two layout options, 87-Key TKL and 108-key full-sized. Both of these keyboards are made in limited numbers. There will only be 200 keyboards for each made available worldwide. The 87-Key TKL limited edition Varmilo 520 keyboard is priced at 2699 Yuan while the 108-key full-sized one costs 2899 Yuan.

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