VXE Dragonfly R1 Series High-Performance Wireless Gaming Mice

VXE sounds like a new name, they are a sub-brand to the widely-recognized brand known as VGN. VGN as a brand is known for its exceptional range of products, especially for exceptionally built mechanical keyboards, high-performance gaming mice, etc VGN has a good reputation. Today, We are super excited to bring an all-new series of high-performance wireless gaming mice from VXE, the VXE Dragonfly R1 series. The Dragonfly R1 series features four products starting with the R1 SE, R1, R1 Pro, and the R1 Pro Max. All four of these are designed with high-quality core components including flagship-level PAW3395/PAW3395 SE sensor, Nordic master control chipset, etc. They offer excellent performance with high sensitivity and ultra-low latency return rate support. VXE Dragonfly R1 series starts at 33.99$ for the R1 SE and it goes as high as 55.99$ for the flagship R1 Pro Max model. You can check out more details here.

VXE Dragonfly R1-1

VXE Dragonfly R1 series houses high-performance gaming-grade PixArt PAW3395 and PAW3395 SE sensors. The basic R1 SE houses the sub-flagship PAW3395SE while the other three models adopt flagship-grade PAW3395 sensors. Both these sensors are proven to offer excellent performance with high-sensitivity support, faster tracking speed, and fast acceleration as well. The R1 SE and R1 models have a maximum return rate of 2KHz. With the help of the NORDIC 52840 master control chipset on the R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max, we get ultra-low latency 4K return rate support on the premium models in the series. Do note that the 2K and 4K receivers have to be bought separately. By default, all four models come with a standard 1K receiver.

VXE Dragonfly R1-2

VXE Dragonfly R1 series offers versatile connectivity options to its users. The R1 SE and R1 models offer convenient three-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. The R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max models support dual-mode connections including high-speed wireless 2.4GHz and USB connection modes. All four of these can be connected to various devices with ease. We have Low-Delay SmartSpeed X wireless 2.4GHz connectivity supported by the Dragonfly R1 series mice. This enables silky smooth tracking and fast trigger response with low lag during wireless 2.4 GHz connections.

VXE Dragonfly R1-3

VXE has featured high-quality Kailh and Iceberry powder micro-motion switches on the Dragonfly R1 series. The R1 SE adopts Huano micro-motion switches with 20 million click durability, the R1 and R1 Pro adopt Huano IceBerry Power switches with a rated lifespan of over 80 million clicks. The flagship R1 Pro Max uses premium Kailh Blade micro-motion switches, these are extremely smooth in clicks and have a rated durability of over 100 million clicks. All four DragonFly R1 series mice offer comfortable ergonomics and lightweight design. The R1 Pro is the lightest of the lot at just 48 grams and the R1 Pro Max is the heaviest one at just 54 grams. See even the heaviest one is close to 50 grams only, this lightweight ergonomic design ensures smooth glide and enhanced control with a solid grip on the mice.

One of the key differences between the different models of Dragonfly R1 series here are the battery efficiency. The base R1 SE and R1 models offer a 250mAh battery that provides a battery life of up to 35 hours(R1 SE) and 40 hours(R1). The R1 Pro also adopts a 250mAh battery but it uses an efficient Nordic chipset providing an improved battery life of up to 75 hours. At the top, we have a 500mAh battery on the R1 Pro Max offering an outstanding battery life of approximately 150 hours.

VXE Dragonfly R1-4

VXE Dragonfly R1 series has something for everyone, for casual users we have the R1 SE and R1 models while the R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max are designed specially for gamers who want unmatched performance. The series starts at just 33.99$ with the base R1 SE model, you can check out more details here.

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