Weekly New Arrivals Brief: Fourth Week of June!!

With the beginning of July, we mark the beginning to the second half of 2024. In this past week, the fourth week of June, we have got some solid new releases. Probably the busiest week of the year so far with so many new releases. We welcome you guys to another weekly new arrival brief introducing you some exciting new launches from the last week. From Gitoper G2 Pro high-performance gaming mouse pad to MCHOSE G3 Ultra dual 8K wireless+wired gaming mice, and a lot more, last week was full of new and exciting product launches. In today’s brief, we are going to cover them all and discuss them with you in short detail. Let’s begin.=

Gitoper G2 Pro Esports Gaming Mousepad:-

Price: $39.99.

First, we have this amazing new mousepad from GITOPER, the G2 Pro. It is a gaming-series Esports level mousepad with high-speed(Black color) and Control(Orange color) surface options. The mousepad has polyester fabric tightly-woven top-surface with low-profile side edging. Both the color options have speed type build and provide smooth gliding surface for easy control and quick flicks in your video games. Both the color options of the G2 Pro offer great performance, the Black one offering faster surface and the Orange one offering better control. You can choose whatever suits your boat and upgrade your Esports gaming performance. Grab this beautiful mousepad from our MechKeys store or our AliExpress store.

Weekly New Arrivals-1

Darmoshark M3 Micro:-

Price: $69.99.

Darmoshark has come up with their latest compact, handy gaming mice designed specially for people with small or medium hands, presenting the Darmoshark M3 Micro. Equipped with flagship PAW3395 sensor and NORDIC main control chipset, the mouse offers fantastic performance with 26000DPI maximum sensitivity, up to 8K polling rate, and efficient battery life. It is available in two color options. Darmoshark has designed the M3 Micro in a compact and handy package with the mouse weighing just 42 grams. Yes, it is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse. You also get versatile three-mode connectivity on the M3 Micro. If you are planning to upgrade your gaming experience, the Darmoshark M3 Micro could offer a fantastic performance upgrade with its enhanced tracking accuracy and 8K ultra-fast response time. Get the Darmoshark M3 Micro today!!

Weekly New Arrivals-2

Darmoshark M5:-

Price: $89.99.

Another new release from Darmoshark this week, the Darmoshark M5. It is a super-compact mouse suitable for fingertip-style grip users. Weighing in at just 38grams, the M5 is probably the lightest 8K wireless gaming mouse in the market today. The M5 has an optimized shape and design for a comfortable use for users that use Fingertip-style grip. The mouse comes equipped with flagship PAW3395 sensor with 26000DPI. It supports convenient three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4G, wireless Bluetooth, and wired connectivity. Darmoshark M5 takes your gaming performance to new heights with its tremendous accuracy, 0.125ms response time, and amazing battery performance. You can get the Darmoshark M5 here.

Weekly New Arrivals-3

MCHOSE G3 Series of Gaming Mice:-

Price: starts $39.99.

MCHOSE has released the all-new G3 series of three-mode wireless gaming mice. The series has six different mouse options starting with the base model at G3 SE and at the top we have the ultimate G3 Ultra. They come equipped with high-performance sensor options from the PixArt PAW series offering great accuracy and smooth tracking performance. The top models in the series including the G3 Max and the G3 Ultra, they both support 8K response rate as well. Elevate your game with the all-new MCHOSE G3 series of three-mode wireless gaming mice. Whether you are a budget gamer who needs a casual mouse or a professional requiring high-end mouse with top-quality components and features, the MCHOSE G3 series has something built for you!!

Weekly New Arrivals-4

WAIZOWL OGM PRO V2 High-End Gaming Mouse:-

Price: $99.99.

WAIZOWL has introduced a high-end gaming mouse this past week, the OGM Pro V2. It packs ultimate performance featuring the latest flagship PAW3950 sensor that promises excellent performance for tracking accuracy and movement. The PAW3950 provides a sensitivity range of 50-30000DPI. It also has high-end NORDIC 52840 chipset that provides improved efficiency and enables 8K wireless response rate support as well. With just 49 grams of weight and comfortable right-hand ergonomics, the OGM Pro V2 provides excellent comfort and fast glide as well. Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level with the supreme accuracy and control of the WAIZOWL OGM Pro V2 gaming mouse?? Get yours here.

Weekly New Arrivals-5

AJAZZ MP05 Glass Mousepad:-

Price: $79.99.

Next, we have this amazing new glass surface gaming mouse pad from AJAZZ, the MP05. Designed with a complete glass surface, the mousepad offers silky smooth tracking surface. It is specially designed for gamers who demand pixel-precise performance and silky-smooth mouse movement as well. The mousepad has a specially developed tracking surface, it features protective nano-etched patterns for precise glide control and better tracking accuracy. AJAZZ MP05 is fully compatible with the newly launched PAW3950 sensors as well. You can get the MP05 for yourself from here.

Weekly New Arrivals-6

ESPTIGER Tang Dao Chi Yu Gaming Mousepad:-

Price: $39.99.

ESPTIGER is also here with a new gaming mousepad, the Tang Dao Chi Yu. It is a high-performance balance control type gaming mousepad made up of densely woven high-quality blended fabric material. It has a quick and stabilised control surface and also features a beautiful design on the top surface.  ESPTIGER has used optimized printing technology for better colour reproduction on the mousepad. They have also optimized the base softness giving a soft-cushiony feel while retaining the non-slippery nature. ESPTIGER Tang Dao Chi Yu is a fantastic mousepad designed for gamers. You can check out more details here on our website.

Weekly New Arrivals-7

SIKAKEYB Castle CK75US Magnetic Switch Keyboard:-

Price: $189.99.

SIKAKEYB has released the Castle CK75US magnetic switch high-quality Esports gaming keyboard. This 75% keyboard has wired connectivity and supports 8K response time. The SIKAKEYB CK75 US keyboard features a US-style layout. The keyboard features Gateron Jade Magnetic Switches, they offer dynamic keystrokes, rapid trigger response, and also adjustable trigger functions(0.1mm~4.0mm). With native 8K response time, experience instantaneous trigger input and lightning-fast response. Magnetic switches are now the future of gaming keyboards, the SIKAKEYB Castle CK75US brings you a perfect implementation of the same.

Weekly New Arrivals-8

AJAZZ M259 Magnalium PAW3395 Mouse:-

Price: $59.99.

AJAZZ has released this brand new mouse with this iconic design, meet the AJAZZ M259. It is a three-mode high-performance magnesium-aluminium alloy gaming mouse with a specialized design. The design of the M259 is inspired by the iconic Ferrari Testarossa. The main body of the mouse has its design inspired by the Air Intake Grille of that legendary car. Equipped with a high-end PAW3395 sensor, the mouse offers excellent accuracy with silky smooth movement. You can grab this stunning mouse in three color options, Red, White, and Black.

Weekly New Arrivals-9

WEIKAV Record Alice V2 Three-Mode RGB Keyboard Kit:-

Price: $99.99.

Last but not the least, we have this amazing new three-mode keyboard kit from WEIKAV, the Alice V2. As you might guess from the name, this keyboard kit has a 67% Alice Split layout. It has CNC machined aluminum alloy chassis giving the kit a rich and premium finish. It has a one-piece molded design and offers beautiful color options as well. The keyboard kit is programmable using VIA software. As for typing experience, the Record Alice V2 offers great comfort with a Leaf-Spring gasket structure, beryllium copper shrapnels, single-key slotted PCB, etc. Create the perfect keyboard of your dreams with the new WEIKAV Alice V2 keyboard kit today!!

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