YUNZII VN66 65% Three-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Talking about mechanical keyboards, 65% form factor keyboards have got a charm of their own. They look sweet, compact, and at the same time serve well with the directional arrow keys. Today, Yunzii has added a new 65% mechanical keyboard to its wide range of products, presenting you with the all-new Yunzii VN66. VN66 adopts a 66-key arrangement with a CNC machined Aluminum alloy multi-function knob. VN66 is available in three variants, just the kit without keycaps and switches, a fully-assembled keyboard, and a fully assembled keyboard with a mouse pad. It starts at 75$ for the Kit, 85$ for the assembled version, and 100$ for the Keyboard plus Mousepad. You can check out more details here.

Yunzii VN66-1

Yunzii VN66 features triple-connection modes supporting Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. With its triple connection modes, the keyboard can be connected to different devices including Windows/Mac systems. It features a gasket-like mounted structure with 2 EVA foams placed at the bottom plate for a smooth typing experience.

Yunzii has featured pre-lubed stabilizers on the VN66. No large keys wobble or vibrate while typing. Yunzii VN66 has got premium-looking Otter-themed PBT material keycaps. They are highly durable and show high resistance to wear and oil. The colors don’t fade away with time and provide the users with long durability. The multi-function knob on the keyboard can be adjusted for different functions. By default, the knob serves to adjust the volume on the go. Using the stock software, it can be adjusted with different functions like adjusting brightness, adjusting RGB brightness, etc.

Yunzii VN66-2

Yunzii VN66 has got a fully-backlit RGB backlight. It supports a 16.8million color combination producing a bright multi-color RGB backlight. VN66 supports different effects for the backlight including classic effects like breathing, color cycle, etc. It also supports musical Rhythm effects for backlight. Users can easily adjust this using the stock software.

Yunzii VN66-3

Yunzii VN66 adopts a customizable PCB plate with a full-key hot-swappable design. All the switches can be replaced. It supports both 3 and 5-pin switches making the keyboard compatible with most switches on the market. Yunzii VN66 offers a stunning design, compact form factor, and high-quality components, in a single package. The keyboard is available for pre-order. Shipments will begin from August-end.  Pre-order yours here.

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