ZAOPIN Z2 Hot-swappable 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse Review Roundup

ZAOPIN recently launched the “Z2” lightweight wireless gaming mouse with 4000Hz polling rate support. Equipped with Nordic flagship chipset including NORDIC 52840 main control chip and NORDIC 52810 chipset for wireless 2.4GHz receiver, the ZAOPIN Z2 promises extraordinary efficiency and low-latency connectivity with the source devices. It houses flagship PixArt PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor that offers unmatched precision and silky smooth tracking accuracy. ZAOPIN Z2 came out a few months ago in March 2024, ever since the launch, the mouse has been getting some solid feedbacks from the users worldwide. It is one of our top-selling models in all of our collection. Our customers have shared solid feedback for the Z2, they liked the mouse for its colorful build, smooth 4000Hz Polling Rate connection, and ssome appericiated its lightweight design as well. Today in this blog, we are going to share some of the feedbacks on the ZAOPIN Z2 that we our friends have shared on their respective channels. At the time of this writeup, the ZAOPIN Z2 starts at $49.99, you can check out more details on the mouse on our product website here.

A Short Disclaimer:-

Before we begin, we would like to assure that all the impressions about thpin Z2 in this blog are completely based on the content created by the respected reviewers. We have summarised the video reviews to text format in simpler language for better understanding. We suggest you check out their complete in-depth reviews for better understanding.


Boardzy is one of the biggest YT Channel for Mouse enthusiasts. He has shared an insightful take on the ZAOPIN Z2 in his Video Review on his YouTube Channel. As per him, the Z2 is a good option for the given price point, especially for those who are looking for a budget-friendly mouse with hot-swappable switches. He liked the hot-swappable switches on the mouse, simple replacement of the right and left click switches without any soldering required. He also appreciates the 4000Hz Polling rate low-latency connectivity, the super build quality and also the accurate positioning of the side buttons. Although he says that the ergonomics are not very comfortable, but the lightweight design makes it up for that. You should definitely check out his complete review to watch his take on the ZAOPIN Z2.

Olicheck Gaming Tech:-

This is another great take on the ZAOPIN Z2 by Oie from Olicheck Gaming Tech. Just like Boardzy, he also appericiates the Z2 for its hot-swappable switch design and colorful build options. He likes the stock TTC Gold switches for their lightweight and spammable clicking feedback with a slight pre-travel and post-travel that was not noticeable in gaming. According to Oie, the mouse has identical coating to the Logitech G Pro X Superlight mice. As per him, the mouse is comfortable for claw grip, aggressive claw grip, and normal palm grip for small and medium-sized hands. He also appericiates the mouse for its flawless performance with 4000Hz polling rate. Overall, Oie finds the ZAOPIN Z2 to be a great value for the price, check out him take on the ZAOPIN Z2 from the link below.


Liam from AimAdapt loved the Zaopin Z2, he liked the mouse a lot especially for its build quality, smooth tracking accuracy, and 4000Hz Polling Rate. Liam has done a highly detailed review of the Z2, from what’s inside the box to the actual performance, he has covered it all in his review. This video review by AimAdapt also demonstrates on how to replace the switches on the mouse. He has explained all features and settings of the mouse in details, and that’s why we recommend you should definitely check out the complete review on YouTube from the link below.


Next up, we have JAKEU checking out the ZAOPIN Z2. He finds the mouse to be quite competent and considers it to be a good alternative to other mice costing way above the Z2. According the Jakeu, the Zaopin Z2 is designed for right-handed users and has anm asymmetrical shape. Jakeu appericiates the Zaopin Z2 for the hot-swappable feature. He likes the performance of the mouse in low-latency mode, offering fast trigger response with 4000Hz polling rate. Although he finds the mouse to be a bit heavy at 65 grams. Overall, he finds the Z2 to be great value-for-the-money product, check out his complete review on the link below.

Fresh Reviews:-

Fresh Reviews channel also has a review for the ZAOPIN Z2. The reviewer praised the ZAOPIN Z2 for its solid performance, and comfortable design, and also states that he found the Z2 to be identical to Logitech G Pro Superlight. He also liked the hot-swappable sockets and also shared good words for the 4000Hz Polling rate low-latency connectivity. He likes the ZAOPIN Z2, primarily due to the pocket-friendly price tag. To check actual performance, Fresh Reviews have tested the mouse playing Apex Legends with the ZAOPIN Z2 at 3200DPI and 0.4mm sensitivity. Check out his complete review to check comparison with other mice as well.

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