A Comprehensive Guide on Kailh Ice Cream Full POM Material Mechanical Switches!!

Kailh is a famous brand that specializes in the production and development of high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. Kailh is a very-well reputed brand in the PC peripheral industry. The brand is operational for many years founded back in 1990, they have become one of the key players in the mechanical keyboard market. Almost every other brand has incorporated its components into its keyboards. Their switches are widely appreciated for their satisfying typing feedback and durability. Kailh’s switches are favored by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and gamers for their outstanding performance. For a premium typing experience, Kailh is among the suggested brands worldwide.

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Over the years, Kailh has developed several different series of mechanical switches. They offer different types of actuations such as smooth Linear feedback, Tactile feedback, and clicky switches. Back in 2021, Kailh introduced a brand-new innovative mechanical switch in the market known as Kailh Box Cream Switches or Kailh Box Ice Cream Switches. The Ice Cream series from Kailh became an instant favorite for keyboard enthusiasts because they offered buttery smooth, like literally silky smooth typing feedback for the users. Kailh developed these Ice Cream switches using POM Material. POM refers to Polyoxymethylene, a high-quality plastic polymer material that took the development of mechanical switches to another level of awesomeness. Actually, POM Material has several unique characteristics that made it an ideal choice for mechanical switches. Primarily, the material is self-lubricating, it is highly durable and offers great rigidity as well, three things that serve as a base to design premium mechanical switches.

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So using this POM material, Kailh designed the Ice Cream switches back in 2021. The switches got instant attention and were widely appreciated. They offered silky-smooth typing feedback, and soft acoustics, and paired with the outstanding craftsmanship of Kailh, the Ice Cream switches also offered a satisfying typing experience. Quite recently, Kailh also introduced Ice Cream Pro switches made using the latest composite POM material. In today’s blog, we are going to cover everything we know so far about the Kailh Ice Cream Switches including the new-generation Kailh Ice Cream Pro switches. We have shared a brief intro about the Kailh Ice Cream Pro switches, now let’s move ahead in today’s guide with the pros of Kailh Ice Cream Switches.

Pros of Kailh Ice Cream Switches:-

Kailh Ice Cream switches have all the benefits that POM material brings for mechanical switches including smooth keystrokes, silent operation, long durability, lubrication-free design, etc. Kailh further improved the durability and overall performance with the new-generation Ice Cream Pro switches that are made using a composite POM material. A short list of benefits that the Kailh Ice Cream switches bring for us.

Silky Smooth Typing Feedback:-

As mentioned above, Kailh Ice Cream Switches are made using high-quality POM material which has smooth characteristics with low-friction design. The Kailh Ice Cream switches benefit from this and provides great typing comfort and reduces finger fatigue even after prolonged usage.

Quick Rebound:-

Kailh has featured long and tight springs inside its Ice Cream Switches. They offer a quick and solid rebound effect upon typing. Kailh has tuned them to operate on light trigger force, matched with a quick rebound and we have got ourselves an amazing set of switches in the form of Kailh Ice Cream.

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Another key feature of Ice Cream switches from Kailh is their enhanced durability. The entire switches are made up of high-quality POM material, that is widely known for its great resilience and resistance to wear and tear. Kailh Ice Cream switches can withstand extensive use and offer great durability to users.

Lubrication-Free Design:-

Another key feature of the Kailh Ice Cream series of mechanical switches is their lubrication-free design. Moreover, it’s not just lubrication-free, Kailh Ice Cream switches have a self-lubricating design. This means, the more you type, the smoother the Kailh Ice Cream switches become.

Soft Acoustics:-

Another key benefit of using Ice Cream Switches from Kailh is the soft acoustics. Again this can be linked to the Full POM material build. The Ice Cream switches have quieter, softer acoustics upon typing. This makes the Kailh Ice Cream switches a great choice for everyday use.

Cons of Kailh Ice Cream Switches:-

We have read about the benefits now, they are silky smooth, they offer great durability, and they offer soft acoustics, now let’s see some of the cons of Kailh Ice Cream Switches.

Only Linear Actuation Available:-

Kailh Ice Cream Switches have a wide range of options including Strawberry, BlackBerry, Taro, etc, but all these are available only in Linear Actuation type options. There are no tactile or clicky variants for the Kailh Ice Cream switches.

Well, apart from the lack of actuation options, there is nothing much to worry about while using Kailh Ice Cream Switches, heck they are currently our top favorites for smooth linear switches in the market. Now let’s move ahead and we will showcase some information about different Kailh Ice Cream Switch models.

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Kailh Strawberry Ice Cream Switches:-

Strawberry Ice Cream Switches are among the first-launched products in the Ice Cream series. With a strawberry theme build with a pink core and white body, the Kailh Strawberry Ice Cream Switches offer supreme build quality. They offer smooth typing with quiet acoustics and have a light trigger force of 37gf and a pre-travel of just 1.7mm. These come factory-lubed and offer silky smooth feedback. Overall, a solid performer for people who want a taste of the silk smooth typing by Ice Cream switches. Kailh Strawberry Ice Cream switches are easy on the pocket priced at just 22.99$ for a set of 30 units.

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Kailh x Monsgeek Pink/Purple Ice Cream Switches:-

Jointly developed with Monsgeek, the Pink and Purple Ice Cream switches from Kailh offer great typing feedback. They have a solid trigger force of 40 and 50gf respectively. With the Full-POM material build, we get silky smooth linear actuation, crisp bottoming, and fast trigger response with both switches. These have a premium finish with a full single-color build, the Pink one looks completely pink and the purple one has a completely pink-colored body and core. Kailh x Monsgeek Pink/Purple switches are available for 36.55$ for a set of 50 units.

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Kailh BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Switches:-

Identical to the Strawberry Ice Cream Switches, the Blueberry switches just have a slight difference in performance. These have an actuation force of 40gf with a shorter pre-travel of 1.0mm and a total key-travel of 3.5mm. Compared to Strawberry switches we get a faster trigger response with a slightly heavier trigger force here. The Blueberry switches have a white top and bottom cover and a light blue shaft core, the build is very much identical to Strawberry switches. Kailh Blueberry switches come in a set of 10 pieces priced at 8.99$.

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Kailh Box Berry Ice Cream Pro Switches:-

Kailh in collaboration with VGN has designed the all-new Kailh Box Berry Ice Cream Pro Full POM Material mechanical switches. These offer sulky smooth typing with a factory-lubed build and full POM material structure. They are super comfortable to type on and offer great durability in the long run as well. The Ice Cream Pro switches have silver-like silky smooth linear actuation with a short pre-travel of just 1.0mm. With an extended 20mm spring, the rebound is quick and satisfying, a premium typing experience awaits with the Kailh Berry Ice Cream Pro Switches. These start at just 6$ for a set of 4 units and are available in different set options. The maximum available is the 108 switches set priced at 90.99$.

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Kailh Box Blackberry Ice Cream Pro Switches:-

Blackberry Ice Cream Pro switches are the latest addition to the Ice Cream Pro switches by Kailh. The entire switch structure is made up of newly-developed highly smooth composite POK material. It is a composite material custom developed by Kailh. The characteristics are similar to that of POM material just more smoother and better rigidity. Users will get satisfying typing feedback with the Kailh Blackberry Ice Cream Pro switches as they have a short pre-travel of 1.7mm, a total key travel of 3.5mm, and a trigger force of 45±10gf. These are available in different sets with the biggest set comprising 108 switches priced at 79.99$.

There are many more options in the Ice Cream Pro series by Kailh. They all differentiate from each other with slight bit of differences in trigger force, key-travel, etc. Overall, you get a silky smooth and quiet typing feedback with all the switches in the Ice Cream and Ice Cream Pro series by Kailh.

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Final Words:-

This completes our guide on Kailh Ice Cream switches. Kailh has a wide range of switches, probably the widest among different brands. But the Ice Cream and Ice Cream Pro series of switches by them stand out from the crowd with their buttery typing feel and self-lubricating structure design. For people who prefer using smooth typing, Ice Cream series is a must try from our side. We have plenty of other products from Kailh available on our webstore as well, make sure you check them all out. We hope this guide helps you find the required information about Kailh Ice Cream switches. For any further assistance or query, you can contact us at support@mechkeys.com.

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