Let's Understand TKL Keyboards: Compact, Highly-Versatile Mechanical Keyboard Layout!!

Mechanical Keyboards are a one-way ticket, once you use a mechanical keyboard it becomes super hard to get used to normal ones again. The world of Mechanical Keyboards is super huge, we get a lot of layout options, we get a lot of switch options, multiple connection profiles, and many more features. Today, we are going to discuss one of the most famous layouts that is widely used and is suitable for most users. We are talking about TenKeyLess, TKL form factor. A TKL Keyboard or a TenKeyLess keyboard refers mainly to 80% or 75% layout, basically a keyboard with 81-87 key arrangement. It majorly omits the numeric pad section from a full-sized layout and has a compact footprint, about 20-25% smaller than a full-sized arrangement. TKL keyboards are common in the gaming space and are usually preferred by many players and content creators as they require compact keyboards that don't take up a lot of space. The TKL keyboard layout is quite popular these days, let's understand together why TKL keyboards are trending!!

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Benefits of Using TKL Keyboards:-

TKL keyboards are highly portable and ergonomic. They have a space-saving design and are widely preferred by gamers and content creators who like to use compact keyboards. There are a variety of benefits of using a TKL Keyboard, let’s discuss them first.


Compact design allows for easy portability of TKL keyboards. Users can easily carry their TKL keyboards around, and gamers who usually travel to tournaments can easily carry TKL keyboards in their backpacks. Full-sized keyboards are not easy to carry around.

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Space-Saving Design:-

A standard full-sized keyboard has a 104-108 key arrangement. TKL Keyboards usually have a compact layout with an 81 to 87 key arrangement. They have a compact structure about 20-25% smaller than a full-sized setup. TKL keyboards are suitable for compact systems where you need a sleek keyboard for a sleek setup.

Wide-Customization & Wide Variety:-

TKL keyboards are often more customizable than full-sized keyboards. Also since the demand is also high for TKL keyboards, we also have a wide variety of options to choose from. Customization means we get additional keys and features such as volume scroll wheels, etc. Additional keys are also a great way to personalize your experience, gamers can assign different macro functions to these keys.

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Mainly the compact design, and the presence of all necessary keys, make a TKL keyboard a great choice. They are widely appreciated for their compact and versatile nature. Now let’s move ahead and have some short comparisons with other layout options.

TKL Layout Compared to Other Layout Options:-

TKL vs Full-Sized Layout:-

80% TKL keyboards offer the complete setup of a full-sized layout just minus the numeric keypad. This saves a lot of space and provides the perfect layout for everyday usage. Here are the points to notice when you come from a full-sized keyboard to a TKL keyboard.

>Apart from the numeric keypad, everything else is there including the function row keys, home key cluster, arrow keys, etc.

>TKL keyboards are more suitable for compact setups and gaming setups where a numeric keypad is not required.

>TKL Keyboards are more portable, they are easier to carry.

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TKL Layout Vs 65-60% Ultra-Compact Layout:-

If you want something even more compact then we also have 65 and 60% ultra compact layout options. Here we see some more deductions in the layout mainly dropping down on the home-cluster keys, function row keys, and more.

>65 and 60% layout options are even more portable.

>65% layout can be used for gaming as it has arrow keys but 60% no longer has arrow keys so not suitable for gaming.

> TKL keyboards are a more ideal choice for everyday tasks with function row keys, home cluster keys, and arrow keys.

60% and 65% layouts are suitable for people who want ultra-compact keyboards that can fit easily into the backpack and can be carried around easily. TKL keyboards offer more versatility with ideal usage for different scenarios.

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There are other layout options as well such as 40%, etc. but they are not ideal for everyday tasks. So we are not including them in the comparison today. TKL layout suits most scenarios, whether you need your next keyboard for office or gaming, it is an ideal choice in most scenarios. As long as you are good without a numeric keypad, TKL offers everything else a full-sized keyboard can but in a compact form. Let’s explore some of our favourite models in the TKL category.

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AULA F87: Versatile Three-Mode Keyboard WIth RGB Backlight:-

Price: 75.99$.

AULA F87 is a compact 80% TKL keyboard launched in three stunning colour options and supports three-mode connectivity options. The keyboard has dynamic looks with strong RGB/Monochrome backlight options and side strips. It comes with a PC material positioning plate with a single-slotting design coupled with gasket gasket-mounted structure design, We have comfortable, soft-elastic typing feedback with the F87. The keyboard also has a 5-layer sound-absorbing padded design that promises soft acoustics by effectively reducing resonance sound produced by empty cavities in basic keyboards. AULA F87 keyboard is precisely designed to provide a comfy and delicate typing feedback, an ideal choice if you are looking for a TKL keyboard. AULA F87 is priced attractively at just 75.99$, You can check out more details here.

JamesDonkey RS4: Premium TKL Keyboard With Industrial-Grade Design!!

Price: 65.99$.

JamesDonkey RS4 is a premium-quality three-mode wireless keyboard designed in an industrial-grade mechanical design. The keyboard has precisely cut edges and is available in a stunning Black-Red colour combination. RS4 supports easy connectivity to a wide range of devices with its three connection modes featuring wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connections. JamesDonkey has crafted the RS4 with an 87-key TKL layout and also featured a multi-media volume knob. It features an exclusive RGB backlight with multi-colour lighting effects. JamesDonkey RS4 serves you with exceptional performance with a beautiful design and a compact 87-Key TKL Layout!! The RS4 retails for 65.99$, Feel free to check the complete list of features over here.

DAREU A87 Pro: Colorful, Funky Design With Comfortable Gasket Structure!!

Price: 119.99$.

DAREU is one of the biggest manufacturers of designer keyboards from China. Their A87 Pro is an advanced three-mode mechanical keyboard with an 87-key TKL form factor and a comfortable gasket-mounted structure design. It features their latest launched purple gold mechanical switches promising satisfying typing feedback on every keystroke. With a gasket-mounted Structure, the A87 Pro provides super smooth typing with stabilized operation and soft acoustics upon key press. A87 Pro also packs features such as an RGB Keyboard, Dual-Tone PBT keycaps, Full-key hot-swappable sockets, etc. that make it an ideal choice for every desktop setup. DAREU A87 Pro is priced attractively for just 119.99$, You can check more information here.

DAREU A84 Pro: Dynamic RGB Keyboard!!

Price: 255$.

DAREU A84 Pro is a brand new 84-key 75% compact TKL mechanical keyboard designed with versatile three-mode connectivity, an all-aluminium chassis, Gasket mounted structure, and a unique pickup light control technology. DAREU has equipped the keyboard with an integrated microphone that picks up the surrounding sound and adjusts the light effects following the frequencies and rhythm of the sound. It’s a well-built keyboard that not only has a solid build but also brings a unique experience with its Pickup Light Control Technology!! Definitely worth a try and a highly-versatile keyboard as well. DAREU A84 Pro is a premium keyboard launched for 255$, check out more details here.

Final Words:-

Ten-Key Less Keyboards, commonly known as TKL keyboards are ultimate in terms of comfortable ergonomics, compact layout, and other features that make these an ideal choice for everyday scenarios. You can use the TKL keyboards for Gaming, Office, or any other scenario that you might require. There are plenty of keyboard options available with different mechanical switches, and different color themes, you get a complete range to choose the perfect one for yourself. Well, this completes our guide on TKL keyboards. We hope this guide helps you understand TKL or Ten Key Less keyboards in a better way. If you have any requirements for further assistance or any related queries, you can mail us anytime at support@mechkeys.com.

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