How To Choose Your Next Keycaps: Ultimate Keycaps Guide!!

Mechanical Keyboards have found a place in the hearts of many gadget lovers all around the globe. Whether you are a typist, general computer user, or a gamer, You will swear by the charms of a mechanical keyboard. That tactile feel while typing, that mechanical clicking feedback is too hard to avoid. We only get an option to choose the preferred Keyboard Switches while purchasing a Mechanical Keyboard. Though the entire look and feel of the keyboard highly depend on the keycaps used on the keyboard. Most brands include mass-produced average-looking keycaps with their keyboards(except a few top-tier models). The good thing here is one can easily purchase a new set of Keycaps for their liking and can customize the entire look and feel of their keyboards. A simple set of Keycaps can change the entire look and feel of a mechanical keyboard.

But if you are new in the market or a new keyboard hobbyist, you might get overwhelmed by the huge collection of Keycaps available worldwide. You might get confused with all the different types of materials and other simple things to consider while buying new Keycaps. After all, you have to consider even the basic things like Keycap material, their style, their profile, and a lot of other things. To ease your trouble in choosing the perfect Key Caps for yourself, we have compiled this guide with all the things you should look for in your next purchase. So without any further ado, let’s begin.


Keyboard Size:-

Before pulling the cord on a new set of Keycaps, you need to know the size of your keyboard. There are different sized keyboards available in the market, Full-size(104 Keys), TKL(Ten-Key Less), 60%(Compact keyboards), and even Numpad only keyboards. You have to choose an appropriate Keycaps set that has all the keys you need. For example, if you have a full-size keyboard, a TKL keycap set won’t have enough keys for your need. So choose accordingly.

RGB Or Non-RGB Design:-

Keycaps are available in different designs and patterns, available separately for RGB and Non-RGB Keyboards. If you have a non-RGB Keyboard, you can choose any Keycap design but if your keyboard has an RGB backlit design, you need to choose between Double-Shot or Pudding Keycaps. Both these designs allow the backlight to shine through the Keycaps serving their purpose. Double Shot keycaps have a closed design where the backlight shines only through the legends(letters and symbols on the Keycaps). Pudding Keycaps have a more attractive look, the backlight not only glows through the Legends but also from the sides of the Keycaps. Using Double-Shot or Pudding Keycaps actually brings our RGB Mechanical Keyboards a new life with an exciting new look.


Keycap Material:-

A simple keycap set change can bring drastic changes to the feel of a mechanical keyboard. It’s not Keycap per say, it’s actually the material of the Keycaps that affects the actual feel of the set. There are two different types of material that are widely used in the industry for making Keycaps, ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT(Polybutylene Terephthalate). Both the ABS and PBT are different types of Plastic materials with different properties of their own. ABS on one hand has a glossy and shiny finish, the PBT Keycaps have a matte and rich finish to them. PBT ones are actually the premium of the two but they are also more durable and thicker. Check out all the differences between them in the table below.


ABS Keycaps

PBT Keycaps



Pricier than ABS keycaps


Glossy, Shiny Finish

Rich Matte Finish


Wears off quickly

Are more durable



Brittle and hard in finish


Quieter when typing

Louder when typing

ABS Keycaps are easily available and usually, most of the Keycaps have ABS plastic build. PBT Keycaps are also not very rare but they are more expensive than the ABS Keycaps. You can choose between those two based on your own personal preferences. Some people like the smooth and glossy feel of ABS material while some like the matte textured finish with the PBT Keycaps. For some extra bucks with PBT Keycaps, you get better durability too. Do note that there are some custom Keycaps available in other materials too like Wood, Metal, and even Rubber. But they are not available widely, only available with custom makers.

Choosing Your Keycap Profile:-

Keycaps are available in different shapes and build structures that are referred to as Keycap profiles. There are different profiles available in the market such as Cubic profile, ADA, DSA, DOM, DO, OEM, Cherry, SA, and more. These words might feel confusing but they actually refer to different shapes and build structures for the Keycaps. For example, SA keycaps are tall and have a slightly spherical structure at the top. OEM keycaps are most widely used. They mostly have an angled surface at the top. Most manufacturers ship their products with OEM keycaps as standard. Other profiles such as Cherry have a short length, uniform flat surface at the top, these are considered good for gaming due to their short length. Similarly, XDA and DSA caps have medium to slightly shorter height and spherical top profiles.

Keycap profiles don’t affect the performance much, but they are the core thing that develops the look and feel of the keyboard. Though if you ask us, Spherical or angled top Keycaps are great for typing as your fingers will rest easily on the keys. For an improved gaming experience, flat and uniform keycaps are preferred by enthusiasts. Do note that your preferences for both might vary and differ.

Final Words:-

A new set of Keycaps brings a new life to your already amazing Mechanical Keyboards. With a simple Keycap upgrade, you can get an entirely new feel, entirely new look with your current Mechanical Keyboards. In short, you can upgrade or just get a new experience with your current keyboard without investing too much in a different keyboard. We at MechKeys have brought a huge collection of Keycaps available in different profiles, materials, and brands. Do check out our collection of Keycaps here.

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