Your Personal Guide For Understanding Mechanical Keyboards!!

At first keyboard were only seen as a mean of input for any computer system but now, they are used by gamers, Typists, Hobbyists, and obviously by any PC/Laptop users. Keyboards are a main peripheral for any computer system. They are the primary source of input that allows us to type or give different commands to the system. Keyboards actually make the process easy, we have got shortcuts, we can just copy an entire selection with just a key, and paste it too. Today in 2022, there are several different types of keyboards available in the market, but Rubber Membrane and Mechanical Keyboards are the most widely used ones. Today, we are going to discuss about the Mechanical Keyboards. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin.

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What is Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboards are the type of keyboards which have a mechanical switch underneath every single key. Once you press any key on them, it presses the switch below it and the user get a tactile feedback or a tactile feel based on the type of the switches that Keyboard has.  These can be customised too as per one’s requirements. Users can choose any preferred type of switch type when buying a mechanical keyboard, later on they can change the look of the complete keyboard by just switching the keycaps that is very easy to do. Mechanical Keyboards allow the users to change the keycaps very easily, just pull them out using a Keycap Puller, or simply by hands and just place the new one at its place. Today, Mechanical Keyboards are widely used by Gamers and Keyboard hobbyists.

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How mechanical keyboards differs from Membrane keyboards?

Membrane keyboards have a rubber layer underneath its keys. One rubber membrane is spread across the entire keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards as we stated earlier, has a mechanical switch underneath every single key. Rubber Keyboards are just regular ones, they won’t give any tactile feedback or make any mechanical clicking sound when keys are being pressed. These are usually silent while a mechanical keyboard makes a clicking sound with every single keypress. This sound depends on the type of switches used in the Keyboard. There are silent mechanical switches too, they will just give you a tactile feedback with a silent profile.

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Mechanical Keyboards are more precise for keypresses as every single key has its own mechanical switch underneath itself. These are preferred by gamers as the latency is very low and key ghosting chances are also very low with a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards make typing so much fun too, when you can feel every single key press, it just feels phenomenal. These are more efficient for productivity, with precise keypresses the speed and response is heavily improved for the users. The best part with a Mechanical Keyboard is that, these are fully customisable. As we stated earlier in this blog, users can change the Keycaps in a Mechanical Keyboard very easily, while doing the same in a rubber membrane keyboard is not possible.

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Benefits of using Mechanical Keyboard:-

Mechanical Keyboards usually have a better life span. They last longer in comparison to other keyboard types. They are fast and accurate. The response time with a Mechanical Keyboard is much better than other Keyboards. They are reliable too, if you get any issue with any single or more keys you can simply check them, identify the problem, and get them rectified. These are more responsive to Key strokes. Mechanical Keyboards with their tactile feel and clicky sound serves the enthusiasts well.

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Each different Switch Type gives a different feeling with Mechanical Keyboards. Rubber Membrane Keyboards, all gives the same feel upon keypress. Mechanical Keyboards provide you with full customisation, got bored with current looks of your keyboard, simply change the set of Keycaps you currently have and add a new life to your keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards are also easier to clean, simply pull the keycaps and then put them back after cleaning.

Different Types Of Keyboard Switches:-

As we all know, Mechanical Keyboards are available with different types of switches. Switch is the heart and core for any mechanical keyboard, after all when you press any key, it presses the mechanical switch underneath that key. They completely decide the feel and nature of the mechanical keyboard. If we choose clicky switches, we get a clicky sound with every single key press. Similarly you can choose keyboards with Linear, Tactile, or even Silent switches. It depends completely on your liking and preferences. We personally prefer clicky switches, simply love that high-pitched clicky sound. Here are different types of Keyboard Switches that are widely used today.

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Tactile Switches:-

Tactile Keyboard switches give you a tactile feedback upon each key press. Whenever you press any key on the keyboard, halfway through you will feel a very slight vibration or as we say tactile feedback signifying the key press. These types of switches are suitable for typist as they give accuracy while typing.

Linear Switches:-

As the name says Linear switches are the ones where the keypress goes smooth without any tactile feedback. These provide smooth and faster response time in comparison to the other Keyboard switches. Linear Switches are ideal for gaming for their fast response.

Clicky Switches:-

Both the Linear and Tactile switches can be Clicky switch too but usually these are found in Tactile ones. These switches make a high-pitched clicking sound whenever each key is pressed.

Silent Switches:-

As the name says here itself, Switches that doesn’t make any sound upon any key press. Mostly these are found in Linear switches.

Different Sizes In Mechanical Keyboard:-

Mechanical Keyboards are also classified based on their size. They are available in different sizes ranging from full-sized 104 keys keyboards to just the Numeric pad. Mostly used Mechanical Keyboards would be full-sized, TKL, and 65% compact ones. We have categorised them based on size too, you can check our wide collection on Mechanical Keyboards from here.

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RGB Backlit design:-

Well, Backlit design is also possible in Rubber Membrane keyboards, but you really have to see the beauty of a backlit Mechanical Keyboard. These are available in single-colour backlit design or even full RGB backlit design glowing every single color out there in the world underneath every single dead. If you are a fan of Backlit keyboards there are plenty of options with mechanical Keyboards with backlit design, there are even different Keycaps designed specifically for RGB or Backlit keyboards.

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Final Words:-

It’s 2022, Mechanical Keyboards have taken the place even in basic computer systems now. It’s just that the feel of every single keypress with a mechanical keyboard is simply exceptional. We get a tactile feel, a clicky sound with every key being registered. These offer just an outstanding experience, easy usability, everything with drastic improvements over the regular Rubber Membrane. If you have any other questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us at

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