JamesDonkey RS6 96-Key Transparent Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing!!

JamesDonkey RS6 is a brand-new 96-key compact mechanical keyboard with a colorful transparent chassis, a metallic backplate, and a volume knob. It uses high-quality Gateron G Pro switches and dual-colored PBT material keycaps. It’s a beautifully made keyboard with a solid build and elegant looks. We have recently unboxed a unit of RS6 for ourselves, and today we are sharing our unboxing and initial impressions of the keyboard. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!!

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JamesDonkey is a well-recognized brand today. They have been in the PC peripheral business for a long time now mainly dealing in mechanical keyboards, gaming Mice, etc. RS6 is their newly-launched three-mode mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with the latest-generation features such as premium mechanical switches, hot-swappable sockets, three-connection modes, multimedia volume knob, etc. The main attraction of the RS6 is its brand new transparent colorful shell design and metallic backplate. It retails for 99.99$, you can check more features and functions on the product page over here. Let’s begin with the Unboxing. You can also check our unboxing on our Youtube Channel below.

Unboxing & Accessories:-

RS6 comes in a black cardboard box that has an image of the keyboard on the front. There’s an outlined image of the keyboard at the center along with RS6 printed in a corner in big fonts. The tagline of the keyboard, “Future Soldier Wireless Gaming Keyboard” is printed at the bottom on the front. The packaging also reads two features, Mac/Win Dual System, and Wireless Three-Mode Technology at the front too. The design of the package is nicely sorted, it doesn’t feel cluttered or messy with so much printed on the front maybe because the Keyboard is printed in a nice outline manner. The entire print has a shiny RGB effect, that glows in different colors based on the light angle.

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-2

Inside the keyboard sits firmly in foam cutouts. It has a protective top cover and a soft poly cover too for dust protection. You get a coiled USB Type-C connector cable and a Keycap/Switch Puller in the package. The Wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver is kept securely inside its compartment on the keyboard. You also get a user guide inside the package.


>JamesDonkey RS6 keyboard.

>Coiled USB Type-C connector cable.

>Keycap/Switch puller.

>2.4GHz Wireless receiver.

>User guide.

Design & Build Quality:-

RS6 has a premium treatment, the keyboard looks simply elegant with its colorful transparent chassis. The one we have here is the midnight black color that has to complement the cyan color dual-tone treatment. The color theme of the keyboard is simply beautiful consisting of three colors, Black, Cyan, and Grey. It is also available in Bright Red color option that has a Red, Dark Red, and Cream color theme. At the top right corner, we have our multimedia volume knob. It allows users to adjust the volume on the go.

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-3

On the left side, we have the three-mode selection slider and the Mac/Win dual system switching slider. The keyboard has a 96-key customized compact arrangement. It occupies about 20-25% less desk space compared to a full-sized 104-key keyboard while providing us with a user-friendly easy typing experience. The Num lock, Caps lock, and indicator lights are placed vertically right above the arrow keys. On the back side, we have a cyan-colored metallic backplate. The keyboard has two-level feet. One can see the keyboard plate inside the shell from the transparent bottom panel.

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-4

The transparent shell of the RS6 gives a premium finish to the keyboard. Keycaps are crafted using the double-shot technique, they are black on the top and cyan at the bottom. They are made up of high-quality PBT material and are matte in finish. One can easily pull the keycaps using the keycap/switch puller included in the package. Underneath we have the Gateron G Pro Red switches. The keyboard is also available in Cater G Pro Brown switches. The keyboard also has Hot-Swappable Sockets that allow for easy switch replacement.

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-5

RS6 looks and feels premium. It has got a solid build, a compact layout, a multimedia knob, and high-quality keycaps. The in-hand feel of the keyboard is pretty good, keycaps feel comfortable and ergonomic to type on.


JamesDonkey RS6 supports triple connection modes including high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Connecting the keyboard is easy, you can select the mode through the slider at the side. We have connected it with a variety of devices from Tablets to smartphones and Laptops, the RS6 connects via Bluetooth instantly and give no issues in performance. There’s no noticeable lag in connecting the RS6 via Bluetooth, but obviously, the Wired USB connection feels a bit faster. RS6 supports Mac and Windows systems with quick switching between them via a switch on the side. 

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-6

Initial Typing Impressions:-

RS6 has got a multi-color RGB backlight that glows bright and has multiple pre-built effects. The keyboard has a great in-hand feel, the PBT keycaps have a rich matte finish. They are super cool to type on. With the new generation, Gateron G Pro switches the typing experience is buttery smooth. As we stated earlier, we have the Gateron G Pro Red switches on our keyboard, they offer a smooth linear actuation. The keystroke movement is smooth and produces a soft sound upon clicking. The volume wheel is placed nicely, it allows you to easily adjust the volume while watching movies or playing games. The entire layout is not only compact but also user-friendly. The keys are placed close to each other, so the typing is easy and quick once you get used to the keyboard.

JamesDonkey RS6 Unboxing-7

Final Words:-

JamesDonkey has thoughtfully put together the RS6. It’s a premium keyboard that is good for gaming and office/home usage. The Gateron G Pro switches offer a smooth and easy typing experience. It brings a transparent shell design with color-matched keycaps. PBT material keycaps have a good in-hand feel and the keyboard includes a keycap/switch puller for easy replacement of switches and keycaps. If you are looking for a premium keyboard with beautiful looks, easy typing, and versatile three-mode connectivity, the JamesDonkey RS6 offers crazy value for your money!!

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