What Are Artisan Keycaps?

The best part of any mechanical keyboard is its easy customizability. One can customize their entire experience with them. Whether it be the typing experience or their design. For design, the first and foremost thing to change in any keyboard is Keycaps. Keycaps refer to the keys that we type on. If you are familiar with a mechanical keyboard, then you must be aware of the fact that the Keycaps on any given mechanical keyboard can be replaced easily. These come in different shapes, sizes, profiles, designs, and many more options. They are easy to replace and come in a variety of options with different materials, different color themes, different designs, etc. This also includes replacing a few keycaps with some artistic, designer keycaps, commonly known as Artisan Keycaps in the mechanical keyboard world. Artisan Keycaps, it’s all in their name, artistically designed keycaps purely customized by professional artists. This allows the users to deeply customize the looks of their keyboards to their liking. Artisan Keycaps are crafted to give you a personal touch.

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You can also get these customized by professional artists. Artisan keycaps are an exciting way to make a keyboard unique and showcase your personal style. There is a wide range of artisan keycaps from 3D- printed, solid-colour caps to painstakingly hand–sculpted and hand-printed resin keycaps, artisan keycaps come in a vast variety of shapes, styles, colors, and textures. There are various themes like pop culture, video game culture, plant terrarium, food design, anatomy, rainbow theme, kitty cats, panda, and many more artisan keycap options available to make their setup exclusive and special. Today, with this blog, we will get to know a little about Artisan Keycaps. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

One thing is clear now, Artisan Keycaps refer to designer artistic keycaps. People usually add either one or max a set of 4 Artisan Keycaps to their keyboards. These are basically available in a variety of design options that let you connect to your keyboard in a more emotional way. Let’s start with how these Artisan Keycaps are made.

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How Artisan Keycaps are made?

As we stated earlier, Artisan Keycaps are usually designer 3D-printed keycaps. The most common way to craft these cute designer keycaps is to use casting resin and a mold. It is also a cost-efficient method that is easy on the pocket while fulfilling our requirements. Resin is basically a high-quality skin-friendly plastic material that can be customized in a custom mold structure. It has a thick, sticky consistency between the solid and liquid forms. As a mold is prepared, you can mix different colors, glitters, and other elements into the casting resin. There is no necessity that artisan keycaps must be made up of Resin material. Some premium Artisan keycaps are also made using high-quality ceramic or metallic materials. These types of keycaps can only be made in factories with appropriate equipment.

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Artisan Keycaps are mainly available in different designer themes in the market. This includes gaming-related themes, Anime related themes, etc. Users can basically choose either one or a few artisan keycaps to give their keyboard a highly personalized touch. These are premium accessories that are specially designed to take the looks and designs of your mechanical keyboards to all-new heights.

Where are Artisan Keycaps Used?

Artisan keycaps are basically used to replace either a single or only a few keys on a mechanical keyboard. These are mostly used to replace the Fn key, the Esc key, the Arrow Keys, the Shift key, or the Enter key. Simply replacing a few of these or all of these keys can help you greatly customize the look of your mechanical keyboard. Since these are designer, artistic keys, their shape and profile might be different than the other keys on the keyboards. This is the sole reason these are not used to replace the alphabet keys. But there’s no one stopping you either from changing your alphabet keys with Artistic keycaps.

What's The Benefit Of Using Artisan Keycaps?

The primary benefit of using an Artisan Keycap is that it allows you to completely customize your keyboard's design. You can replace any key with artistic keycaps based on your personal liking. You get gaming-themed, artistic nature-themed, modern-tech themed, and many more themes for Artisan Keycaps.

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If you are customizing your current mechanical keyboard or creating a new one, adding a single or a bunch of these beautifully designed themed keycaps will greatly enhance the look of your keyboard. The way to put the new Artisan keycaps to your mechanical keyboard is simple. It’s no different than changing your keycaps to regular ones. Simply pull out the older ones and push in the new ones. Make sure you check out our collection of Artisan Keycaps while upgrading your current keyboard or creating a new one!!

We hope this guide helps you in understanding Artisan Keycaps better. For any further questions or assistance feel free to write to us at support@mechkeys.com.

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