Let's Unbox The James Donkey RS4 87-Key TKl Keyboard With Rotary Volume Wheel

In the world of high-quality computer peripherals and accessories, James Donkey is a well-recognized name. They offer a huge collection of gaming accessories too primarily including Gaming Keyboards and Mice. A few weeks back, James Donkey came up with a brand new TKL gaming keyboard, the James Donkey RS4. The keyboard created a huge demand in the market for its beautiful looks and premium Gateron Pro Switches at a pocket-friendly price. Just like the hype all-around, we were also quite hyped to try out the RS4 mechanical keyboard from James Donkey, so we got a unit, and today, we will share its unboxing and some short impressions.

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James Donkey RS4-1

Unboxing & Contents:-

RS4 comes in an elegant rectangular package that is black in color. The package has an image of the keyboard printed at the front along with the brandings for James Donkey, its model name RS4. Inside we get the RS4 sitting firmly into layers of foams wrapped in a safe bag. The package also includes a USB Type-C to Standard USB Type-A connector cable, a USB Type-C to Female USB Type-A connector, a keycap puller, a Wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver, and a user guide. It looks like a complete package to straightly get you going without worrying about any cable or any other connector.

James Donkey RS4-2

Package Contents:-

>James Donkey RS4 wireless mechanical keyboard.

>Detachable USB Type-C Connector Cable.

>USB Type-C to Standard USB Type-A adapter.

>Wireless USB 2.4GHz adapter.

>Keycap puller.

>User Guide.

Design & Build Quality:-

James Donkey RS4 has an 87-key TKL form factor with a narrow frame. It houses a rotary volume wheel in bright red color available on the side. The keyboard looks Class apart, It has simply exceptional looks with its bare-bone styled mechanical shafts and narrow bezel frame. James Donkey RS4’s chassis has thin bezels on three sides(both sides and top), and the bottom side has a slightly extended design that will allow the users to connect it with different types of palm rests. The keyboard has a Red and Black colored theme with rich matte-finished keycaps. The keycaps here on the James Donkey RS4 not only look but also feels premium to touch. We read in the specifications that these are high-quality PBT keycaps. And the frame is said to be an aluminum alloy, we would say the keyboard has a smoothly polished chassis. 

James Donkey RS4-3

James Donkey RS4 has Gateron Yellow V2 Pro mechanical switches. They are designed and placed in a naked manner, you can see through the mechanism on each keypress through the bare shaft frame. At the bottom, we have four small sliders to choose the active source device. The whole design of the keyboard is modern and industrial-grade with edgy looks. We also get adjustable height with feet at the bottom. Overall, we would say, the James Donkey RS4 has a modern, classy design with a solid yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame and matte-finished PBT keycaps.

James Donkey RS4-4

Once we turn the keyboard on, or simply connect it with USB connections, a bright full-RGB backlight glows up on the keyboard. There’s also an RGB strip on all four sides of the keyboard. It makes the keyboard lighten up your entire desk. The legends printed on the keycaps are also transparent, the RGB backlight peeps through them.

Connection Support:-

James Donkey RS4 supports three connection modes, Wireless 2.4GHz(for which the receiver is included), Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired Type-C. We connected the RS4 using the Type-C cable connected to our laptop. Didn’t find any issues in connecting it with Bluetooth to our Tablet as well. RS4 works flawlessly.

James Donkey RS4-5

Keyboard Usage Impressions:-

The Gateron Yellow switches feel very smooth upon key press, they have a linear actuation. They feel like red switches but with a crispier and slightly louder sound. We tried the keyboard for about a day or something, during our work testing, we find the keyboard to be quite accurate. There was never a time when we get any kind of lag or ghosting issues, the entire keyboard works flawlessly with conflict-free performance. The keyboard is fully compatible with the James Donkey software, it supports macro definitions, and adjusting backlight effects.

James Donkey RS4-6

Final Words:-

We loved the RS4. It is quite a versatile TKL keyboard with beautiful RGB spread across the chassis frame and the keycaps. James Donkey has crafted a beautiful keyboard using high-quality components like Gateron Pro 2.0 switches, PBT keycaps, and Aluminum alloy chassis. Feel free to check out our unboxing video on Youtube from here, you can check out more details about the RS4 on its product page here.

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