Lofree EH112S Milk Tea Keyboard Unboxing: a Soft & Mellow Designed 79-Key Retro-Styled Keyboard

Lofree has got a pretty solid brand name in the industry. They are very well-known among enthusiasts and art lovers not only for their premium mechanical keyboards but also for their designer catalog of products. Lofree as a brand has an aim to cover everything on our work desk with designer retro-styled accessories including keyboards, table fans, etc. We happen to deal in their mechanical keyboard range bringing you their famous models like the EH112S Lipstick Keyboard, Loflick Keyboard, EH112S Milk Tea keyboard, etc. Today, we are bringing you unboxing and short impressions on the amazing EH112S Milk Tea keyboard.

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Lofree EH112S Milk Tea is a retro-themed 79-key mechanical keyboard designed with high-quality Blue mechanical switches and a white-colored backlight design. The keyboard is the second design offering in the famous EH112S series after the amazing Lipstick keyboard(which we unboxed before, check its unboxing here). Priced at just 139$, the Lofree EH112S Milk Tea checks all boxes for a premium designer keyboard such as a unique retro-themed design, high-quality switches, exquisite design, etc. Let’s start with the unboxing of the Milk Tea Keyboard, you can also check our unboxing video on Youtube here.

Unboxing The Lofree EH112S Milk Tea:-

EH112S Milk Tea from Lofree comes in a simple rectangular box. The outer cover has a very minimalistic design. The beige-coloured outer slip-on cover has a transparent image of the keyboard along with the Lofree logo and the Fun 2m square branding logo at the front. One has to pull out the actual black colored packaging from this outer cover. The entire contents of the package are placed firmly into this plain black box which we just pulled out. The contents include the keyboard itself along with a USB connector cable and a user guide.

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea-2

Package Content:-

>Lofree EH112S Milk Tea Keyboard.

>USB Micro-USB Connector Cable.

>User Guide.

Design & Build Quality:-

Since the model number of the Milk Tea and the Lipstick keyboard from Lofree is the same, so is their design. The EH112S has got a 79-key layout with retro-styled type-writer type rounded keycaps. Larger buttons like the Enter Key or the Backspace key are made by merging two rounded keycaps. While the lipstick variant of the EH112S is bright and showcases energy through its colorful design theme, the Milk Tea here has a rather soft design approach with a mellow color combination. The keyboard has a milky white color theme with a shiny golden complementing tone on the Enter key. The color theme of this beautiful keyboard shows the resemblance to a cup of milk tea. Lofree’s designs are always appreciable and the latest EH112S Milk Tea continues that legacy with their retro-themed milky white color theme. 

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea-3

In terms of build quality, the keyboard is very well-built. It looks and feels durable. The keyboard has a small hub of keys and ports at the right corner where we get the active connection mode switcher, Windows/macOS switches, and the micro-USB connection port. Lofree has featured high-quality Blue mechanical switches on the EH112S Milk Tea. The Lipstick variant features Linear red switches, the Milk Tea variant comes with Clicky Blue switches.

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Lofree EH112S Milk Tea keyboard is fully compatible with both macOS and Windows systems. The keyboard supports Wireless Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity and Wired micro-USB connection support. It can also be connected to Android and iOS devices like smartphones and tablets. EH112S Milk Tea can be connected to up to three devices at the same time. We connected the keyboard with our tablets, smartphones, and Laptops, the keyboard works perfectly fine.

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea-5

Initial User Experience:-

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard has got blue mechanical switches. It is an amazing typing experience with the keyboard, each keystroke has a bump and a clicky sound. You can check out the sound of the keystrokes when we press the keys on the unboxing video on Youtube(check it out here). Using the EH112S Milk Tea is phenomenal. The clicky feeling asks the users for more every single time they use the keyboard. Its wireless connectivity is very quick and offers seamless switching between the devices too. In our short usage time(approx 4-4:30 hours), we didn’t notice any kind of lag or ghosting issues with the keyboard. There was no lag in typing in wireless connections too. Just like its name, the keys are soft to touch and are  Simply a wonderful experience to use the EH112S Milk Tea!!

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea-6

Final Words:-

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea is a wonderful keyboard. It offers us an identical build to the EH112S Lipstick keyboard but the design is soft with an elegant milky white color combination. The keyboard works flawlessly with different devices and also offers a smooth operation. Blue switches give the keyboard a clicky feel. Feel free to watch our video unboxing of the Lofree Milk Tea keyboard on our Youtube, check it out here.

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