MONKA AE98 Three-Mode Compact 98% Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing

MONKA is a new name in the international PC Peripheral industry. They are a leading brand in the industry with a growing collection of mechanical keyboards. The latest AE98 is an amazingly designed beautiful keyboard with advanced features such as gasket mounted structure, three-mode connectivity, hot-swappable sockets, PBT keycaps, and more. We are pretty interested to check out the MONKA AE98 for ourselves, so we have brought you an unboxing video for the same. Let’s begin with the unboxing, But first a little bit of information about the AE98.

MONKA AE98 Unboxing-1

Introduction To MONKA AE98:-

MONKA AE98 is a brand new 98% compact Three-mode mechanical keyboard. As we all know 98% is a new compact layout, this arrangement packs the Numeric keypad and still manages to create an approximately 20% smaller form factor compared to a full-sized keyboard. The AE98 adopts high-quality dual-tone PBT keycaps and a solid PC material positioning plate. Together with a Gasket-mounted structure and a silicone-padded structure design, AE98 is said to have smooth and comfortable typing. MONKA has equipped the AE98 with customized mechanical switch options featuring Sakura Pink(Linear) and Sea Salt(Tactile) switches but currently, it is available with Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0 switches. The keyboard also features hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of switches. It also features a customizable logo that can be easily customized to give the keyboard a DIY custom unique touch. MONKA AE98 is priced at 89.99$, it is available in a variety of color options. You can check out more details about the AE98 over here. We have also posted an unboxing video of the MONKA AE98 on our Youtube Channel, you can check it out from the link below.

Unboxing the MONKA AE98:-

AE98 comes in a beautiful cardboard package which is designed with a combination of White and Lavender colors. The front of the package has got the Monka logo printed on the center area. The model number is printed on the corner at the front along with an RGB logo on the other corner. MONKA has treated the AE98 with a simple, elegant package. Inside we have the keyboard safely protected by a transparent plastic cover. The keyboard and the contents are safely kept in a precisely made plastic case inside the package. Apart from the beautiful keyboard here, we also have a keycap puller, a detachable Type-C connector cable, and some additional keycaps and switches. We would say, the package is pretty elegant, just like the keyboard itself!!

MONKA AE98 Unboxing-2

Package Contents:-

>MONKA AE98 mechanical keyboard.

>Detachable USB Connector Cable.

>Additional Keycaps and Switches(Pg up, Ins, and Pg Down).

>Keycap Puller.

>User guide.

Design & Build Quality:-

MONKA AE98 has got a super amazing build. The keyboard looks elegant with its soothing colors and has a stunning premium in-hand finish. It has a transparent logo that comes with the MONKA logo in stock. You can replace this with custom DIY designs and give the keyboard a unique touch. AE98, as the name suggests, features a 98% compact layout that enhances your desk space. The keyboard looks simply amazing. Its color scheme is a treat to look at and the overall build is pretty amazing. The Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock indicator lights have been placed nicely near the Numeric Keypad to give a compact look to the keyboard. On the back side, we have a metal plate in the center along with a storage compartment for the safekeeping of the 2.4GHz receiver. There are two sliders at the back, one for Win/Mac system switching and the other for selecting between the three modes(Wireless 2.4GHz/Bluetooth/Wired). The keyboard has two level feet that will help in adjusting the height of the keyboard. AE98 also features a full-key RGB backlight. It has multiple pre-built effects including musical rhythmic effects.

MONKA AE98 Unboxing-3

MONKA AE98 is a very well-built keyboard. It’s the compact form factor, sweet color schemes, DIY logo, and PBT keycaps that create just the right premium experience we want from our keyboard. AE98 has a brushed metallic finish, that gives the keyboard a nice textured look.

Connection Options:-

MONKA AE98 supports three different connection options. This includes high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth, and Detachable Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Switching between these different connection options is simple and easy. You have a physical slider available at the back of the device for quick switching. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the AE98 can be connected to different sources including PC, Laptops, Smartphones, and even Tablets.

MONKA AE98 Unboxing-4

Initial Typing Experience:-

AE98 uses all-new Gateron G Pro Yellow mechanical switches, Along with the gasket structure and silicone padded structure, the typing feedback on the AE98 is super comfortable. It offers quick, smooth rebound with a buttery smooth motion. With every keystroke, we get a soft, smooth feedback that is pleasantly felt on the fingers. The compact 98% layout brings a packed layout where every key is comfortable to reach. It’s not just compact, but also user-friendly. Since the layout is not familiar, you won’t have any trouble getting used to the keyboard. The silicone padding effectively reduces the sound resonance of each keypress and presents soft acoustics with the keyboard. Overall, super-smooth typing with quick trigger response and soft keystroke sound, is what the AE98 packs under its elegantly designed hood.

MONKA AE98 Unboxing-5

Final Words:-

MONKA AE98 is a brilliantly built keyboard with a compact form factor. It houses all features one might look for in a new-generation keyboard, whether it be a compact form factor, gasket structure, or three-mode connectivity, AE98 packs everything in a well-finished chassis. The Dual-Tone PBT keycaps just add an extra touch of premium finish to the AE98. MONKA AE98 is available for 99.99$, which is a pretty amazing price for such a feature-rich keyboard. Make sure you check out our unboxing on our Youtube channel here. You can check out more information about Monka AE98 here.

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