Unboxing CIDOOO V65: An Ultra-Compact 65% Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards are a part of every other desktop system now. Be it an office system or a personal entertainment system, Keyboard Enthusiasts have grown a profound love for Mechanical Keyboards. The best part is that users can choose their appropriate form factor and layout for mechanical keyboards. Today, we are bringing you an unboxing of an ultra-compact 65% mechanical keyboard. Presenting to you all the amazing CIDOOO V65.

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CIDOOO V65 is a premium dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard that features an ultra-compact 65% layout with a multimedia volume knob. It adopts high-quality CNC machined all-aluminum chassis and dye-sublimed PBT keycaps. The V65 comes equipped with the latest-generation Frosted Grey Mechanical switches that have a Self-Lubricating POM Core and feature linear feedback. It’s a well-built keyboard that looks and feels premium and offers a rich typing experience as well. At the time of this unboxing, CIDOOO V65 is priced at 125.99$, you can check out more details here. We have also posted our unboxing video on YouTube, you can check it out from the link below.

Unboxing the CIDOOO V65 Mechanical Keyboard:-

V65 comes packed in an elegant Grey colored cardboard box. Inside our beautiful V65 is sitting firmly into a foam cutout layer wrapped in a semi-transparent cover. We also have two small cardboard boxes that contain the remaining contents of the package including a keycap/switch puller, an L-shaped key, some foot pads, and a detachable USB Type-C cable. The contents are absolutely what we need to get started with the Keyboard and the package design is quite elegant. It has a smooth grey finish with a minimalistic design consisting of a V65 written on the front of the package.

CIDOOO V65 Unboxing-2

Package Contents:-

>CIDOOO V65 Keyboard.

>Detachable USB Cable.

>Keycap/Switch puller.

>Some additional feet pads.

>L-Shaped Allen Key.

Design & Build Quality:-

CIDOOO V65 has got a very interesting retro color theme. It looks neat with its ultra-compact 65% layout and the keys are placed nicely. The one we have here has a Grey case. It actually looks slightly cream-ish in shade and has a few complementing keys like orange for ‘Esc’ and ‘Right Shift’ keys and Dark Grey for the ‘spacebar’. The arrangement is laid down beautifully, it looks very clean. There’s a shiny silver multimedia volume knob as well. We have seen several different 65% keyboards in the past, this one looks super amazing with its retro color theme design. The outer chassis of the V65 is made up of high-quality Aluminum Alloy material. It has got a smooth, textured finish.

CIDOOO V65 Unboxing-3

The V65 features high-quality dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps. They have crisp legends printed on them. The legends are printed in big bold letters. V65 is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows devices, it has both Alt/Option and Ctrl/Command as legends. Right underneath these crisp PBT keycaps, we have a multicolor RGB backlight that glows bright and creates excitement while using the keyboard. This backlight can be customized with different effects. As mentioned earlier in this blog, V65 adopts in-house developed Frosted Grey mechanical switches. They are fitted nicely into hot-swappable sockets. Yes, the V65 supports full-key hot-swappable sockets that will allow us to easily change the switches whenever the need arises or whenever we plan to replace them for our preferences.

CIDOOO V65 Unboxing-4

The keyboard is very nicely built, It feels rich and premium. The PBT keycaps have got crisp, bold legends printed on to them. Overall, pretty impressed with this super compact keyboard. It serves us well on our official desktop system.

Connectivity Options:-

V65 supports dual-mode connections. It can be connected to source devices using Wireless Bluetooth or Wired USB connectivity. We get a detachable USB cable in the package that can be used here. The Bluetooth connectivity is quite stable and works as intended. There are no lag or ghosting issues with the keyboard in either of the usage modes.

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Initial Typing Experience:-

CIDOOO V65 adopts custom-developed mechanical switches. The initial typing experience on the keyboard has been quite good. Its elegant build is a treat for the eyes and its high-quality PBT keycaps feel super good to touch. Fingers sit firmly on top of them and get a firm grip. The stock switches have very smooth feedback. They have a linear actuation, the keystrokes go down smoothly and get registered quickly. We don’t see any ghosting issues with the keyboard. Every keystroke is getting registered precisely.

V65 is actually a solid keyboard to type on. Each keystroke is smooth, the keyboard doesn’t wobble in its place. The acoustics are also quite soft with the keyboard. Every keystroke has a soft keypress sound. It isn’t completely silent, you actually get a smooth movement and a soft keypress sound that makes it quite enjoyable to type upon. We tried typing some emails and a few blogs on the V65, and the experience was sublime.

CIDOOO V65 Unboxing-6

Final Words:-

V65 is an amazing keyboard. It has got a premium build with CNC machined aluminum alloy chassis and high-quality dye-sublimed PBT keycaps which give the keyboard a rich, textured finish. The keyboard allows you to connect it to different devices with its dual-mode connectivity. While the unboxing experience is quite simple, it’s elegant and has a minimalistic design to it. We enjoyed our typing test on the keyboard, it provides quite an experience with buttery smooth POM shaft mechanical switches. CIDOOO V65 is a neat keyboard that will help you create your perfect desktop setup with a neat build. You can check out our unboxing on our Youtube as well, we have posted a video over there with a sound test included. You should check that out here.

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