Six Best Mechanical Numeric Keypads: Which One Is the Top Numpad?

Mechanical Keyboards come in all sizes and varieties. We have a lot of options starting from a full-sized keyboard to compact TKL, ultra-compact 60%, and even mere numeric keypads only. When you get a compact keyboard for your everyday setup, the first thing that gets cut down from a full-sized layout would be the Numeric Keypad. But for some people like data Analyst, Accountants, or anyone who does a lot of data entry jobs, a Numeric Keypad may be more than just some keys. So they can get a compact keyboard but whenever they have any requirement, they always tend to miss the numeric keypads on their compact ones. For such people, we have a wide variety of Numeric Keypads, which are simply not just numeric keypads, these have programmable keys and functions just like other mechanical keyboards in the market.

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In today’s blog, we will take a deep dive into the world of these Numeric Keyboards, exploring the top six models that we currently have with us. Join us in this journey today because we believe, that whether you are looking to enhance your productivity, or simply want to upgrade your workspace, these Numeric Keypads will definitely help you make an informed choice. Let’s discover how these ultra-compact keypads will make a difference to your setup!!

CoolKiller CK Numpad/Calculator: More Than Just A Numeric Pad!!

Price: $69.99.

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Will you believe us if we tell you that you can have a numeric keypad that can also be used as a calculator?? Well, whether you believe it or not, the CoolKiller CK Numpad is right about just that. This completely transparent Numeric Pad has a built-in display screen that allows it to be used as an independent calculator. This ultra-compact keypad promises comfortable keystrokes with a built-in gasket structure design and premium Ice Blade Linear Mechanical switches. We have dual-layered sound-absorbing silicone padding as well. This is an ultra-premium keypad providing top-quality mechanical keyboard-like features in a numeric keypad. It has full-key conflict-free typing, hot-swappable sockets, and a rich, elegant white-coloured backlight as well. The CoolKiller CK Numpad is built just like a fully transparent keyboard with transparent chassis, transparent switches, and transparent keycaps. Get amazing Numeric input and also use the CK Numpad as a calculator whenever you like. This one is available at an attractive price tag of just 69.99$.

CIDOO V21 Numpad: Premium Quality RGB Numpad with VIA Programming!!

Price: $65.99.

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CIDOO V21 is a premium numeric keypad with a versatile three-mode connection option and a built-in RGB Backlight. The V21 has an exquisite finish with a high-quality Aluminum Alloy chassis and a soft-elastic gasket internal structure. It supports convenient three-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connections. The entire numeric keypad has VIA programming support allowing you to easily program different keys and also assign macro functions to them. We also have a multimedia knob, with all these features it’s like we are showcasing a premium-quality mechanical keyboard. Believe us the typing feedback on this ultra-compact numeric keypad is just like typing on a premium keyboard with top-quality features and components. This one is priced at 65.99$, you can check out more details here.

Darmoshark K3Pro Numpad: Full-Key Programmable Wireless Numeric Keypad!!

Price: $49.99.

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Darmoshark is one of our favourite brands because they offer high-quality products at affordable prices. This one, the Darmoshark K3 Pro is a premium 19-key programmable numeric keypad where you can adjust the function of every single key using Darmoshark software. It has a dynamic RGB backlight with 12 built-in lighting effects. Darmoshark equipped these with premium Huano mechanical switches, but users can also customize them with a full-key hot-swappable design. The keypad has an ergonomic 15° angled design for comfortable ergonomics. It also has a metallic knob for RGB backlight effects switching. This 19-key keypad is optimized to work flawlessly on any given setup. We have three-mode connectivity as well(Bluetooth/2.4GHz/Wired). Improve your productivity with the Darmoshark K3 Pro at your workspace!! The K3 Pro is priced at just 49.99$, you can check more details here.

DAREU Z19 Numpad: Sweet SugarCube Styled Keypad!!

Price: $39.99.

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Another one of our top favourites, the DAREU Z19 is also a special keypad. This one has a cute design with SugarCube-shaped keycaps. We can also use DAREU Z19 independently as a calculator as well. DAREU has featured a dual-mode connection option featuring Wireless Bluetooth and a Wired USB connection on the Z19 keypad. It adopts Kailh MX Light linear mechanical switches for comfortable typing feedback. The sugar cube-shaped keycaps are made up of durable PBT material. The keypad itself has a 19-key layout with a display screen for calculator purposes. THE DAREU Z19 Numeric Keypad is our favorite because it matches perfectly with the Z68 a 65% compact mechanical keyboard!! A matching keyboard for the stunning numeric keypad!! The DAREU Z19 is available for just 39.99$, you can check out more information here.

DELL MK7982D: Transparent Green Keypad!!

Price: $89.99.

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Dell is among the top players worldwide when it comes to the PC peripheral industry. Their MK7982D mechanical keypad comes out to be a premium device with a transparent crystal-like finish. The keypad has a high-transparency polished PC material shell with a gasket-mounted internal structure. It adopts high-quality customized Gateron mechanical switches and also has a full-key hot-swappable design. The Dell MK7982D keypad supports a versatile three-mode connectivity feature. It even has a matching TKL keyboard that matches perfectly in terms of performance and visible ergonomics. DELL MK7982D Numeric Keypad offers an interesting set of features and comes at a price of 89.99$, Learn more information here.

CoolKiller Spring Numpad: Super-Cute Numpad With Advanced Features!!

Price: $89.99.

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This one is our absolute favourite, meet the CoolKiller Spring Numeric Keypad. This 19-key numpad has one of the most dynamic looks among all the above-mentioned models. The numpad itself has an eye-catching cute design with its cat-themed design. Even the back cover has this stunning print that makes the CoolKiller Spring numpad stand out among the competition. It has a built-in customizable display screen, vivid RGB backlight, easy three-mode connectivity, soft-elastic gasket structure, and many other features that are usually found in premium mechanical keyboards only. The CoolKiller Spring keypad promises comfortable typing with its full-key conflict-free feature. By default, it comes equipped with customized linear mechanical switches, and full-key hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy replacement of the switches whenever required. The CoolKiller Spring Numeric Keypad has a matching Spring series mechanical keyboard as well. The CoolKiller Spring Numpad is available for 89.99$, you can check out more details here.

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Final Words:-

Choosing the appropriate Numeric Keypad is a must. You need to have the perfect set of features that will make your experience better. You must have noticed that some keypads mentioned above have matching compact keyboards, but they are highly-equipped on their own as well. With features that can put any high-quality mechanical keyboard to shame, these six Numeric Keypads are our absolute recommendations. Most of these features all different functions including gasket design, three-mode connectivity, hot-swappable sockets, etc. We hope this guide finds you well and helps you make an informed choice on the Numeric Keypad purchase. For any further assistance, you can always write to us at

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