Top Six Transparent Mechanical Keyboards

The world of tech and gaming peripherals is big and amazing. Mechanical Keyboards are a key product in any system whether it be a gaming setup or a simple entertainment setup. They are cherished by enthusiasts worldwide, especially for their satisfying typing feedback and durability. The world of mechanical keyboards is huge in its own way. There are countless layouts and countless features that make them stand out from the other parts of the tech industry. A new trend in the mechanical keyboard category has been getting a lot of attention from enthusiasts worldwide, we are talking about transparent mechanical keyboards. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about mechanical keyboards that have transparent chassis. You must have seen plenty of designer, colourful, custom mechanical keyboards, but Transparent keyboards have a charm of their own. They look futuristic while retaining the classic feel of a mechanical keyboard.

Today with this guide, we’ll explore the top six transparent mechanical keyboards that are available in the market today. We will leave no stone unturned and discuss their entire feature list, performance capabilities, and more. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin with our today’s guide.

Lofree 1% Dual-Mode Mechanical keyboard

Lofree 1% Dual Mode Transparent Mechanical keyboard:-

Price: 219.99$.

First on the list is the ultra-premium Lofree 1% Dual-Mode Transparent mechanical keyboard. This is not just a keyboard but a piece of art. Lofree knows how to craft outstanding products and the 1% Dual-Mode Transparent Keyboard is the perfect example of it. This compact 65% keyboard has a unique completely transparent design with a purely transparent body, transparent keycaps, and even specially developed transparent Kailh Clione Limocina mechanical switches. It boasts a rich white LED backlight with seven built-in lighting effects. The Lofree 1% Transparent keyboard supports dual-mode connectivity wireless Bluetooth V5.1 and Wired USB Type-C Connectivity. Lofree 1% Transparent Dual-Mode Keyboard is well-appreciated for its beauty and its class-leading performance. It retails for 219.99$, you should definitely check this one out.

CoolKiller CK68

CoolKiller CK68 Transparent Three-Mode Keyboard:-

Price: 219.99$.

CoolKiller CK68 is a brand new fully transparent compact mechanical keyboard with a 69-key compact design. The keyboard has a completely transparent look, it adopts high-quality PC material fully transparent Chassis, custom-developed completely transparent mechanical switches, and crystal-like transparent keycaps. Moreover, you also get to replace the switches if you like as the keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable sockets. The keyboard adopts a gasket-mounted structure for soft-elastic typing making every single keypress as smooth as ever. The CK68 has a compact 68% layout with a 69-key arrangement and a built-in display screen. This display screen here is fully customizable bringing more customization options to the users. Definitely, a classy keyboard is here!!

FirstBlood B81

FirstBlood B81 Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 229.99$.

FirstBlood B81 is again an excellent choice with a TKL layout. You get a 75% arrangement with an 81+1 key arrangement. The best part is that the B81 has got transparent 3D crystal-like finish with custom-developed FCSA profile keycaps, customized Jellyfish transparent mechanical switches, and a personalized diamond-cut back surface. The FirstBlood B81 keyboard comes equipped with advanced functions and features supporting versatile three-mode connectivity, dynamic RGB that peeps through the crystal-like transparent keycaps nicely, hot-swappable sockets, and more. Using all these advanced features, it’s an amazing experience to use the FirstBlood B81 keyboard!!

FL-Esports Q75

FL-Esports Q75 Black Transparent Hot-Swappable Keyboard:-

Price: 169.99$.

FL-Esports Q75 Black Transparent Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard is right up the alley with a fully transparent Black glossy finish. This premium 75% keyboard comes with a high-gloss transparent PC shell in a classy black colour. With an advanced gasket-mounted solid PC material keyboard plate, typing on the Q75 Black is simply exquisite. It’s comfortable, it’s satisfying, and it’s buttery smooth. We have premium MX Ice Mint and MX Clione Limocina switch options while making the purchase. Furthermore, enthusiasts get a chance to fulfil their DIY hunger with hot-swappable sockets available on the keyboard. We also have versatile three-mode connectivity, finely tuned stabilizers, and dynamic RGB backlight, features that make the experience better for the users. Unlike other keyboards that have a transparent clear finish, the Q75 Black Transparent has a clear black tinted finish that makes it classy and elegant in a unique way. It is also available in a clear transparent finish as well.


XINMENG X75 Transparent Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: Starts at 69.99$.

Coming on to a transparent keyboard with the most affordable price in the category, the XINMENG X75. This beautifully crafted 75% mechanical keyboard is available in both wired as well as three-mode connectivity options and comes in a variety of colour options from clear white to tinted blue, pink, etc. It also adopts a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure design that promises comfortable typing feedback. We have a high-quality PC material transparent build with completely transparent top and bottom covers, PC UV printed keycaps, customized transparent keycaps, etc. It supports all the latest-gen features such as hot-swappable sockets, convenient three-mode connectivity, RGB backlight, and more. XINMENG has also featured pre-lubed stabilizers for comfortable typing feedback with no wobbling issues at all. XINMENG X75 offers a great user experience, it has a full transparent build with a rich PC material finish and the best part is that it goes easy on the pocket as well starting at just 69.99$!!

Anne Pro 2D

Anne Pro 2D Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 89.99$.

The Anne Pro 2D is the first 60% mechanical keyboard on the list. This stunning keyboard is available in two striking colour options, White and Black. The keyboard boasts a clear transparent finish with customized PC material keycaps. The keycaps are developed in two stages with a glossy, transparent outer shell and a matte-finished transparent inner portion. They give a magnificent look to the keyboard and also a premium in-hand feeling. Anne Pro 2D keyboard supports easy-to-use dual-mode connectivity functions supporting USB wired and wireless Bluetooth connections. The keyboard comes with premium Gateron Pro 2.0 mechanical switches. Anne Pro 2D is an interesting keyboard, it looks amazing, feels amazing, and has a unique charm of its own in both the White and Black colour options!!

Transparent Keyboard

Final Words:-

Well, this completes our list of our top six Transparent mechanical keyboards that offer outstanding craftsmanship both in terms of exterior finish and in terms of internal performance. These abovementioned products have top-quality build structures offering exciting typing feedback where every single keystroke leaves a satisfying response. We hope this guide finds you well, and you get an easy picture on the Transparent Mechanical Keyboard category. If you have any questions or further queries, you can reach us at and we will try our best to assist you!! Stay tuned with us for more informative articles.

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