Understanding Gasket Mounted Structure: Top Keyboards With Gasket Mounted Structure In February 2023

Lately, all the new releases in the Mechanical Keyboard category have a common highlighted feature, Gasket Mounted Structure Design. But do you know what is Gasket Mounted Structure? What does gasket mean? And most importantly why has it become an important feature in the latest-generation Mechanical Keyboards? Well, today we are here to bring you a guide on the topic of Gasket Mounted Structure Design. We will surely answer all the above-mentioned questions related to this feature, and we will also list some of the latest top-selling products that feature a Gasket-Mounted Structure Design!! So what are we waiting for?? Let’s begin with the most common question that goes around.

What is Gasket Mounted Structure Design?

As we all know a mechanical keyboard consists of several different components including a mounting plate, multiple padding foam layers, hot-swappable sockets, etc. Mounting structure design actually refers to the way the keyboard plate or the PCB is placed in the said keyboard. Mainly for Gasket Mounted Structure design, the keyboard plate is fixed between the top cover and bottom plate with the help of a gasket material(Usually soft poron pieces). This structure gives the keyboard a more cushioned feel because the keyboard plate doesn’t come in contact with other metal parts of the keyboard.

How Does a Gasket-Mounted Structure Help?

A Gasket mounted keyboard will have a more cushiony, soft feel upon key press. Since the keyboard plate is practically suspended between the bottom and top covers, every keypress will give a soft feel on the keyboard and also won’t apply much pressure on the plate either. The keypress is more silent, and more comfortable on a Gasket Mounted keyboard compared to a regular screw-mounted design. In regular screw-mounted design, the keyboard plate is screwed on either the bottom or the top cover using metallic screws. This applies pressure on the plate which also reduces its durability. Gasket Mounted design provides a softer, smoother, more comfortable typing experience and at the same time is more durable as well.

Can we have some problems with Gasket Mounted Structures?

In terms of typing feedback, acoustics, and overall typing experience, a Gasket mounted keyboard is always better. The only con or disadvantage of a Gasket Mounted design would be its cost of implementation. Usually, Gasket mounted keyboards are a tad bit pricier than regular keyboards. The difference is not much and is probably worth it when it comes to overall typing experience with the keyboard.

Now that you have understood the meaning behind “Gasket Mounted Structure”, let’s go ahead and we will showcase some of the top-selling keyboards with Gasket Mounted Structure as one of the main features.

MONKA AE98 Gasket-Mounted Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: Starts 89.99$.


MONKA AE98 is a recently launched 98% compact mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with gasket mounted structure design and high-quality Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0 mechanical switches. AE98 has a unique customizable logo pattern, which users can DIY and give a completely unique touch to the keyboard. It supports all the features you might look for in an advanced keyboard such as dual-tone PBT keycaps, silicone padding layers, Three-mode connectivity, etc. With its gasket-mounted structure design and silicone padded design, MONKA AE98 offers smooth typing with delicate feedback and soft acoustics. It’s priced quite attractively as it starts at just 89.99$.

KZZI K75 RGB Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: Starts at 119.99$.

KZZI K75-1

Talk about one of the most versatile compact 75% mechanical keyboards, and KZZI K75 comes in among the top recommendations worldwide. It’s a compact 75% TKL keyboard that supports three-mode connectivity and also features a USB expansion hub to connect other devices to your system. KZZI K75 features a LED power indicator display that shows the active battery life on the keyboard. This has a modern touch to its design and looks amazing on your desk. It’s a feature-rich keyboard that is available with a variety of TTC mechanical switches, RGB Backlighting, full-key hot-swappable sockets, gasket mounted structure, and more. KZZI K75 packs an exciting and comfortable typing experience for its users!!

Know more about the K75 here.

DAREU A87 Pro Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Keyboard:-

Price: 119.99$.

DAREU is one of the biggest manufacturers of designer keyboards from China. Their A87 Pro is an advanced three-mode mechanical keyboard with an 87-key TKL form factor. It features their latest launched Violet gold mechanical switches. With Gasket Mounted Structure, A87 Pro provides super smooth typing with stabilized operation and soft acoustics upon key press. A87 Pro also packs features such as RGB Keyboard, Dual-Tone PBT keycaps, Full-key hot-swappable sockets, etc that make it an ideal choice for every desktop setup.

DAREU A87 Pro-1

A87 Pro is available for just 119.99$, which is a pretty attractive price for a beautiful-looking feature-rich keyboard. Know more details here.

AJAZZ AC067 Cheese Gasket Mounted RGB Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 219$.

Here is one of our favorite designer keyboards from the list, the AJAZZ AC067 Cheese. It’s a beautiful keyboard designed on a Cheese theme. It’s a 65% mechanical keyboard with a 67-key layout. The keyboard is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy chassis which has been painted Yellow to match the looks of a brick of cheese. AJAZZ even designed a custom switch with Kailh Box, that offers smooth and linear typing feedback. The AC067 adopts a gasket-mounted structure design that helps in getting a super comfortable typing experience with the keyboard.

AJAZZ AC067 Cheese

AC067 Cheese is a rich and premium keyboard that delivers super impressive typing feedback. It’s priced at 219$, you can know more details here.

AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus 68-Keys Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 139.99$.

AKKO ACR Alice pro Plus

AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus has a unique layout with a 65% ultra-compact layout. The keyboard uses ASA Profile PBT keycaps with Acrylic+CNC machined case and adopts custom CS Crystal switches. The keyboard features a gasket-mounted structure design with a polycarbonate keyboard plate and silicone gasket structure. The typing feedback on the AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus is super smooth, the gasket-mounted structure helps in getting comfortable typing feedback with the keyboard.

It has a unique form factor and is priced quite attractively at just 139.99$.

JamesDonkey A3 Gasket Mounted 75% Keyboard:-

Price: 99.99$.

JamesDonkey A3

JamesDonkey is a famous name in the PC Peripheral industry. Their recently launched A3 is a versatile Three-mode mechanical keyboard that features a compact 75%TKL layout with a custom multimedia volume knob. JamesDonkey has designed it with an advanced Gasket pro design that ensures comfortable typing with shock-proof smooth operation. A3 comes stock with custom-developed Yellow mechanical switches and supports hot-swappable sockets. JamesDonkey A3 is quite a versatile keyboard that brings you Gasket pro design in a compact 75% form factor and also includes a multimedia volume knob. This knob allows for easy adjustment of volume on the go.

You can check out more features and functions here.

JamesDonkey RS2 Three-Mode Gasket Pro Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 99.99$.

James Donkey RS2

JamesDonkey RS2 is another beautiful keyboard from the house of JamesDonkey. It’s a compact 96% keyboard with a 99-key layout and a simple retro-style color theme. JamesDonkey RS2 supports easy and comfortable typing with its shockproof Gasket mounted design. Over the years of designing premium PC peripherals, JamesDonkey has gained expertise in premium mechanical keyboards. Similar to the aforementioned JamesDonkey A3, the Shockproof Gasket Mounted structure design on the RS2 delivers a smooth and stable typing experience. Gasket Mounted structure on the RS2 enables the keyboard to have a shock-proof typing experience with softer acoustics.

JamesDonkey RS2 is suitable for people who want a full-sized type layout. It’s launched officially for 99.99$.

CIDOOO V65 Dual-mode Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 125.99$.

V65 is a high-performance dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with a 65% compact form factor. The keyboard features CNC machined all-aluminum chassis and a sound-absorbing gasket-mounted structure. CIDOOO V65 has a multi-layered sound-absorbing padded structure that consists of Poron sandwich cotton, Boron bottom padding, and socket underpad layer. This helps in giving a comfortable and smooth typing experience with the V65.


CIDOOO V65 is available for just 125.99$, you can check out more information here.

Final Words:-

This completes our list of top amazing mechanical keyboards with a Gasket Mounted Structure Design. Gasket Mounted structure refers to the way the keyboard plate is mounted with the other components. Gasket Mounted design offers a super comfortable typing experience to the users, each keystroke is silky smooth. We hope you gained some knowledge with this blog of ours, for any further questions or queries, you can reach out to us at support@mechkeys.com. Feel free to connect with us.

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