Best Keyboards With Built-In Display Screens Available In January 2023

We have ended 2022 on a great note with a huge collection of mechanical keyboards and their accessories. Our store has grown its catalog many times with an amazing range of keyboards. Mechanical Keyboards in 2022 have improved with many innovative features. Have you ever heard of a built-in display screen in mechanical keyboards? One of the most innovative new features among today’s keyboards is the inclusion of a customizable built-in display screen in keyboards. This display screen is not just something meant for design purposes, it also helps with different functions such as displaying various keyboard and system settings. Brands have designed these screens, embedding them among common layouts as if they are a part of the key structure.

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Display Screens, in our experience greatly enhance the visual appeal of keyboards. These give them a modernized touch at the same time bringing in some great features. By great features here, we mean full customizability on some models. You can actually apply some gifs and other customized elements that help you completely customize the look of your keyboard with some cool elements. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with our list of top Keyboards with built-in display screens that are available as of today in January 2023. Just a heads up before we begin, this list is not in any particular order, we have listed our top-favorite ones which you can grab today!!

CoolKiller CK98 Transparent Crystal Keyboard:-

Price: 279.99$.

Let’s start the list with a super amazing keyboard, the CoolKiller CK98. This 97-key 98% compact mechanical keyboard looks completely unique and one of its kind with its fully transparent crystal-like look. The keyboard is completely transparent, you get transparent keycaps, a transparent frame, and even specially designed transparent keycaps. It houses a custom display screen placed right next to the Function Row keys. This display screen can be customized easily with different patterns and visuals to give the keyboard a unique style and design. Firstly, a fully transparent crystallized look and then this fully customizable display screen, the CK98 is a unique keyboard. Other features of the CK98 include Three-mode connectivity, dynamic RGB backlighting, Gasket Mounted structure with silicone padded design, and many more.

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We are sure that the CK98 will attract you with its unique design theme!! Make sure you check this beauty out over here.

Keydous NJ81 Hot-Swappable Compact 75% Keyboard:-

Price: 119.99$.

Are you a fan of compact keyboards? We have brought the perfect choice for you with the Keydous NJ81. It’s a compact 75% mechanical keyboard that comes in a variety of connection and structure options. The most unique thing about this beauty is the OLED display screen. This display screen showcases different settings on the keyboard including active connection mode(Wireless,  Bluetooth, Wired), Battery life, etc. The three-mode variant also supports custom Gif animations on the display screen as well. Keydous NJ81 keyboard is available in steel and brass plate options. Apart from this beautiful and unique display screen, NJ81 also supports other advanced features such as RGB backlighting, Dye-Sublimed PBT Keycaps, Multiple Connection modes, etc.

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In case you are planning to create a neat desktop with a compact keyboard, the NJ81 hits the sweet spot with perfect functionality and its unique display. Do check it out here before you finalize your next keyboard.

RoyalAxe L75 & L98 Gasket-Mounted RGB Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 205.99$.

The L75 and the L98 from RoyalAxe are among our top-favorite keyboards of 2022. These are new-generation gasket-mounted mechanical keyboards available in 75% and 98% arrangements respectively. The keyboard has an RGB strip along with a dynamic RGB backlight. They come with TTC’s latest Titan Heart RGB mechanical switches. But the most advanced feature on the RoyalAxe L75 and L98 is the 1.14” colorful TFT display screen that can be adjusted and customized with different settings and functions. This display screen is super cool, it can be customized with different settings including active connection type, date-time, battery percentage, connected system type(Win/Mac), etc.

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Both the L75 and L98 are available in a variety of color options each of which looks quite amazing and captivating with their dynamic RGB lighting. Make sure you drop by the RoyalAxe L75 and L98 product page here.

DAREU A98 Pro Compact 98% RGB Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: 179.99$.

Talking about the built-in display screen, DAREU has the A98 Pro on offer. This beautiful 98% mechanical keyboard houses a stunning TFT colorful display screen which brings in a unique experience for the users. A98 Pro actually comes in two different variants, three-mode Elastic Gasket Structure, and another with single-mode connectivity and EC Switches. The Three-mode variant houses this stunning 1/4” colorful display screen that can be configured easily to switch the display between pre-loaded animations that are built into the keyboard’s memory.

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A98 Pro offers buttery smooth typing with its custom-developed Sky v4 mechanical switches. The dynamic RGB backlighting on the A98 Pro is a treat for the eyes!! Do check this outstanding keyboard over here.

Keydous NJ68 Pro:-

Price: 289.99$.

We are here talking about a unique display screen, and Keydous has this super amazing NJ68 Pro on sale which houses a 180° adjustable display. Yes, you read that right, the display screen on this keyboard can be folded with a 180° movement angle. It can actually be folded when it’s not in use. You can obviously customize the experience with adjustable display settings such as battery level, active connection mode, etc. One can even set customized pictures or Gifs on the NJ68 Pro’s display screen. Other features of this amazing keyboard include a super-compact 67-key layout, three-mode connectivity, an option between Steel or Brass Keyboard Plate, and even an adjustable volume knob with a 90° angle.

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It’s one of the most modern keyboards you can grab today with its cyberpunk-styled adjustable volume knob and display screen. Check out the excellent NJ68 Pro over here.

Final Words:-

Well, this concludes our list of top keyboards with built-in display screens that are currently available for the international market. These built-in screens have come way ahead of just being random display screens, they are now displaying full functions of the keyboard like active connection modes, active battery level, and much more. With some models offering customized pictures and Gifs, the level of customizability for mechanical keyboards has greatly improved. We hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog, for any further questions or queries, feel free to connect with us at

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