Understanding the 65% Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboards, specifically Mechanical Keyboards come in multiple form factors and layout options. Commonly used ones are, 60%, 65%, TKL(Ten Key Less), and full-sized 104 Keys keyboards. Even though there are keyboards with a 40% form factor, nothing beats a 60% or 65% layout when it comes to compact form factor. 60 and 65% Keyboard layouts have got all the necessary keys to get one working in a very packed form factor. But there might be some questions in your mind like, what exactly is a 65% Mechanical Keyboard? How practical is a 65% keyboard in our day-to-day usage? What are some of the best 65% keyboards available in the market today? Well, we are gonna answer all these questions today with the help of this written blog. So without any further ado, let’s begin. First, let’s understand some basic information about different keyboard layouts.

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What is a 65% Keyboard Layout?

A 65% keyboard layout fits between the 80% TKL(Ten Key Less) and 60% Compact form factors. These keyboards drop the Numpad and the function keys. Compared to the 60% layout for keyboards, these have the arrow keys present on them. This is the most compact keyboard layout that still has the Arrow keys. The removal of function keys and Numpad here makes the 65% keyboard layouts very compact and saves a lot on desk space. In case you are looking for a single keyboard that you can use for both gaming and typing usage and are limited on desk space, a 65% layout feels perfect. 65% keyboards are very comfortable to use for both gaming and typing purposes. Their form factor is aesthetically pleasing. 65% keyboards are usually lightweight and compact, one can carry these around in a small bag without any trouble. You will find all the necessary keys on a 65% keyboard excluding the function keys and home cluster. And that’s why we consider a 65% keyboard to be an ideal choice for a keyboard layout. 65% keyboards have a 66-68 key count, filling you with all the necessary keys you might need.

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A few examples of 65% Keyboards:-

>Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak.

>Keychron K6.

>Ducky One 3 Yellow SF.

>Motospeed Darmoshark K5.

>Varmilo Miya 68-C.

& many more.

65% Keyboard Layout Vs 60% Layout?

The only difference between a 60% and a 65% layout is the inclusion of Arrow keys on the 65% form factor. We get the four arrow keys that can easily be used to navigate while typing or move around while gaming. In 60% layout, Arrow keys are accessible using the Fn key only. Other than this, both 60% and 65% have more or less a similar layout. They both occupy less space on the desk and are super comfy to use.

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65% Keyboard Vs Other Keyboard Layouts?

Apart from 60 and 65% keyboards, Full-sized and 80% TKL(Ten Key Less) Keyboard layouts are also used widely. Well, as the name suggests, Full-Sized keyboards have a 104 key layout having everything like the Function keys and Numpad keys. TKL, Ten Key Less drops down the Num Pad Keys from a full-sized layout and retains everything else. 65% keyboards in comparison are very much compact and they occupy much less desk space in comparison to the Full-sized or TKL keyboards. Do note that there are also other form factors like 75%, that also removes home cluster keys from TKL keyboards. 40% layout brings you a complete keyboard in the alphabet keys only, although 40% keyboards are not very famous. We would say, 65% keyboards bring you the most compact layout where you can easily access every key easily.

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Issues one might face with the 65% Keyboards?

Coming from a full-sized or TKL keyboard, it will take you some time to adjust to the 65% form factor. The keyboards are very compact, Home cluster keys like the Delete, Page Up, Page Down, and Home keys, have all got removed from their usual place on the TKL Keyboards. Also, if you are someone who uses Function keys a lot, you might need some extra time adjusting to press them using the Fn key. Apart from this, 65% keyboards might not have a standard layout and that will give issues when looking for after-market keycaps. Although users of popular brands 65% keyboards like Ducky, Keychron, IQUNIX, Razer, and more need not worry about this as their keycaps are readily available worldwide.

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Some Famous 65% Keyboards:-

Keychron K6 65% Keyboard:-

Price: 125$.

K6 from Keychron is a compact 65% keyboard that comes with hot-swappable switches. It supports both Wired and Wireless connections with Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity and USB Type-C connection options. It works well off with both Windows and MAC devices. Keychron K6 offers a very comfortable typing experience with fast Red linear switches. The keyboard also has Brown and Blue switch options. Keychron has featured 15+ RGB effects in-built on the keyboard, that are accessible via a dedicated light switch. Care to know more about the Keychron K6?? Check out more details here.

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Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak:-

Price: 129$.

Designed with the QUACK Mechanics by Ducky, the One 3 SF is a premium 65% keyboard that adopts top-quality components such as Double-Shot PBT Keycaps, Dual-Layered PCB, and Stabilized structure, and hot-swappable Cherry MX switches. The keyboard has bright RGB light effects with multiple modes in-built. Ducky One 3 Daybreak SF delivers you an extraordinary experience with every single use!!! Ducky also has a One 3 Yellow SF 65% keyboard that has a charming yellow build. Check out the amazing Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak here.

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KBDfans Tofu65 Hot-swappable Fully Assembled Keyboard:-

Price: Starts at 277$.

KBDfans Tofu keyboards use the best quality aluminum or frosted acrylic cases. They are also compatible with screw-in stabilizers, which are significantly better than normally used plate-mount stabilizers. The Tofu65 fully assembled keyboard comes with a high-quality aluminum case with tray mount structure and DZ65RGB V3 Hot-swappable PCB. The keyboard has ANSI Layout, so you will easily get IN stock form, we can get this keyboard in multiple switch profiles like Gateron Milky Yellow, Gateron Ink V2 Black, Kalih cream linear switches, and more options. You can check out more details about the KBDfans Tofu65 keyboard here.

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The market of 65% keyboards is huge. There are plenty more keyboards from worldwide renowned brands, after all this is the most compact form factor in a keyboard where we get the Arrow keys. 65% of keyboards are highly appreciated among both, gamers as well as typing enthusiasts. Simply a very compact form factor that provides perfect usability among its users. We suggest you should check a 65% keyboard as your next, who knows you will find a comfortable experience with these.

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